NFL Public & Consensus Betting Percentage Trends

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Use our widgets below to compare the public betting percentages and the percent of money bet on each spread, total, and moneyline bet for this week of the NFL season.

NFL Public & Consensus Betting Percentages for This Week

What are Public & Consensus Betting Percentages

Consensus betting percentages show the percentage of bets—regardless of amount—on each side of an NFL market (Bet %) as well as the percentage of money on each side (Money %).

These public betting splits give you an idea of how people are betting the game.

Which side is favored? Where is the sharp money?

You can use these percentages to answer those questions and to help with deciding what to bet on—which we go over below.

How to Use Public Betting Percentages to Make Picks

Here are some popular ways people use public betting percentages to help make NFL picks:

Finding the Sharp Money

Professional bettors and players who wager a lot won't have a dramatic effect on the Bet % number but have a disproportionate effect on the Money % number since they make much larger bets than the average joe.

By looking at the percentage of bets and percentage of the money on a game, you can get an idea of where these big bettors are placing their money.

If you see a side with a large positive differential in the percentage of money on a side and the percentage of bets on a side, it may be a good bet to make. For example, if the Eagles have 75% of the money but only 40% of the bets (+35% differential), this indicates that there are large bets on the Eagles.

People use this betting strategy on spread, total, and moneyline bets—all of which you can see below.

Fading the Public

Another popular betting strategy that the above betting splits can help with is fading the public. This strategy involves fading (betting against) teams that have a higher percent of the total bets on them. For example, if the Ravens have 80%+ of the bets, you would bet the other side. 

If you're going to try fading the public as a strategy, we recommend also paying attention to the percentage of money. In some cases, the sharp money may also be on the public side, in which case you may want to stay away or bet with the public.

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