Cincinnati Bengals To Make Playoffs Odds for the 2023-24 Season

Below you can see the current odds for the Cincinnati Bengals to make the playoffs from BetRivers Sportsbook. You can bet on the Cincinnati Bengals to make the playoffs at every major online sportsbook in the U.S. Updates daily.

Cincinnati Bengals To Make Playoffs Odds for the 2023-24 Season

Event time: 01.07.2024 01:00 PM ET Odds last updated: 09.24.2023 04:59 AM ET


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How the Odds for the Cincinnati Bengals to Make the Playoffs Are Set

Setting odds for the “team to make the playoffs” market is a complex process that involves analyzing several factors to estimate each team's likelihood of securing a playoff berth. Here's an overview of how bookmakers typically determine the odds for this market:

  • Preseason analysis: Just like setting odds for other markets, bookmakers begin by analyzing each team's roster, coaching staff, and schedule before the season starts. They consider factors such as the quality of the players, player transactions, injuries, coaching changes, and strength of schedule.
  • Historical performance: Bookmakers also take into account the historical performance of each team, including their win-loss records, playoff appearances, and performance in recent seasons. This helps them gauge the overall strength and playoff potential of each team.
  • Power rankings and expert opinions: Bookmakers consult power rankings and expert opinions to help assess the overall strength and likelihood of each team making the playoffs. Power rankings are often based on statistical analysis, and they provide an aggregated view of how experts rank the teams.
  • Division and conference dynamics: Since the NFL playoff structure takes division winners and wild-card teams from each conference, bookmakers must consider the competitiveness of each division and conference when setting the odds. Stronger divisions or conferences may make it more difficult for a team to secure a playoff spot.
  • Setting the initial odds: Based on their analysis, bookmakers set the initial odds for each team to make the playoffs (Yes) and not make the playoffs (No). These odds are designed to balance the betting action on both sides and ensure the bookmaker makes a profit regardless of the outcome.
  • Market adjustments: As bets are placed on each team, bookmakers closely monitor the betting patterns and may adjust the odds to encourage or discourage further betting on a particular side. If a lot of money is being wagered on a team to make the playoffs, the bookmakers may shorten the odds (reduce the potential payout) for that team and lengthen the odds (increase the potential payout) for the opposite side.
  • In-season adjustments: Throughout the season, bookmakers continue to adjust the odds based on team performance, injuries, and other factors that could impact a team's chances of making the playoffs. The odds are updated frequently to reflect the latest information and maintain a balanced betting market.

Past Cincinnati Bengals Playoffs

Season Regular Season Record Playoffs? Playoff Performance
2022 12-4 Yes Conference Round
2021 10-7 Yes Super Bowl
2020 4-11-1 No
2019 2-14 No
2018 6-10 No
2017 7-9 No
2016 6-9-1 No
2015 12-4 Yes Wild Card Round
2014 10-5-1 Yes Wild Card Round
2013 11-5 Yes Wild Card Round
2012 10-6 Yes Wild Card Round
2011 9-7 Yes Wild Card Round
2010 4-12 No
2009 10-6 Yes Wild Card Round
2008 4-11-1 No
2007 7-9 No
2006 8-8 No
2005 11-5 Yes Wild Card Round
2004 8-8 No
2003 8-8 No
2002 2-14 No
2001 6-10 No
2000 4-12 No
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