What is a Double Result Bet at FanDuel & Other Sportsbooks?

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A double result in sports betting is a type of bet in which you pick who will be leading at halftime and who will be leading when the game is over.

This type of bet is like a parlay within a game. You are betting which team will be in the lead at halftime—or if it’ll be tied—and who will ultimately win the game.

Since these bets are harder to hit than just betting on who will be leading at halftime or at the end of the game, you receive a higher payout.

You don’t have to choose the same team to be in the lead both at halftime and at the end of the game. You can choose either team to be in the lead or the game to be tied at the half and either team to win the game (or the game to end in a draw/tie in sports that have those).

Sportsbooks typically offer double results betting on football, basketball, and hockey (which often uses the 1st and 3rd periods).

Double Result Betting Example

Let’s say the Chiefs and Chargers are squaring off in an exciting Thursday Night Football matchup.

You want to get in on the action but you want something a little more exciting than a standard straight bet (spread, total, moneyline).

Here are your double result betting options:

  • Chiefs to win first half/Chiefs to win game
  • Chiefs to win first half/Chargers to win game
  • Chiefs to win first half/Game to end in tie
  • Chargers to win first half/Chargers to win game
  • Chargers to win first half/Chiefs to win game
  • Chargers to win first half/Game to end in tie
  • First half to end in tie/Chiefs to win game
  • First half to end in tie/Chargers to win game
  • First half to end in tie/Game to end in tie

Since there are so many possibilities, you’ll typically receive much longer odds (higher payout) on double result bets than you would with straight bets.

Where to Find Double Result Bets in Sportsbooks

Though each sportsbook is different, you’ll typically find the Double Result section in one of the sections in the horizontally scrolling menu that appears once you click into a game.

You’ll most often find FanDuel Double Result bets, for example, in the Popular tab or the Game Props tab.

From there, it should be pretty easy to understand the formatting of the bet. The first team name/tie on that appears first refers to the halftime score and the second half refers to the final score.

Using the same example above, Chiefs/Chargers would mean Chiefs to lead at half and Chargers to win.

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