What is a Push in Sports Betting?

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A push in sports betting happens when the final score ends up being the same as the point spread or total.

When a bet pushes, you don’t win or lose money, you just get your initial wager back. The bet is essentially a wash.

Types of Pushes in Betting

Let’s take a look at a few examples of pushes:

  • Point Spread Push. If the Broncos are -3 against the Raiders and the Broncos end up winning by exactly 3, the bet would be a push.
  • Total Push. If the total of the Sixers and Nets game is set at 220 and the final score ends up being 115 to 105, the total (also called the Over/Under) would be a push.
  • Moneyline Push. Though moneyline pushes are rare, in sports that can end in ties—such as the NFL—moneyline bets can also end as a push if the game ends in a tie.

Note that in some sports like soccer, three-way moneyline bets are common: you choose team A to win, team B to win, or the match to end in a draw. In this case, there can be no push.

What Happens if a Parlay Leg Pushes?

In the case of parlays, the rules regarding pushes vary based on the sportsbook you are using.

Most often, the leg of the parlay that pushes will simply be removed and the odds will be adjusted.

For example, if you have a 3-team parlay consisting of -110 bets and one pushes, the odds would shift from +596 to +264 according to our parlay calculator.

While this is almost always the case with the best sports betting sites in the U.S., operators reserve the right to decide how they handle parlays and teasers in the case of pushes. Check the house rules so you know how your sportsbook(s) handle it.

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