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BetMGM Sportsbook Review: Best & Worst Features

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My Favorite Parts of BetMGM

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Since 2018, sports fans have seen BetMGM advertisements accompanying just about every live sporting event. I almost can’t remember a time when I didn’t see Jamie Foxx using the commercial break to tell me about how many ways are available to bet with the King of Sportsbooks.

While BetMGM isn’t the “king” of the U.S. sports betting industry in terms of market share (that goes to FanDuel), they aren’t completely blowing smoke with that self-appointed title. It really is one of the best sportsbooks I’ve used since sports betting became legal outside of Nevada.

BetMGM offers plenty of features to make it worthy of a spot in my sportsbook rotation. My favorites are the best-in-class loyalty program, regular deposit match offers, and competitive odds on spread and total bets.

That’s not to say everything at BetMGM is perfect. Odds can be subpar on prop bets and app isn’t my favorite in terms of user experience. The customer service also isn’t the greatest, which can be a problem if you run into an issue and need help right away.

This BetMGM review dives into all of that in more detail and much more to help you figure out if it’s the right app for you.

Here are some screenshots of the BetMGM app to help you get an idea of what it looks like (click to expand):

My Quick Take: BetMGM Is Worth Using as a Top Sportsbook

Not only is BetMGM a top option for NFL and MLB betting, but it often has the most generous payouts on golf tournaments and offers a straightforward interface for soccer betting. I’ve used several sportsbooks for soccer betting, and BetMGM makes it by far the easiest to find double chance bets, correct scores, and even a few niche bets such as the time of the first goal.

It’s not our top-rated book because the UX can be a bit unreliable and not all odds are competitive, but it’s a secure site with a top-notch sign-up bonus and all the key features a sportsbook should have, so we recommend using it if you’re in a state where BetMGM operates.

BetMGM Quick Facts


OA Rating



MGM Resorts & Entain Holdings

Launch Date

September 2019

Sign-Up Bonus

Second Chance Bet Up to $1,500



Top Features

Valuable sign-up bonus, competitive spread & total odds

Number of Sports


Payout Speed

Up to 4 business days

Loyalty Program


Online Casino


Ratings by Category

Overall Rating


BetMGM ranks as our fourth-best sportsbook after FanDuel, Caesars, and bet365. If you’re in a state where BetMGM operates, I recommend adding them to your sportsbook rotation.



BetMGM offers some of the best odds for spreads and totals, however, its moneyline and props odds tend to be worse than other top-tier books.  Learn more.

Sign-Up Bonus


The welcome bonus—up to $1,500 bonus back if your first bet loses—is one of the most generous of any of all sportsbooks. The main drawbacks are that you have to deposit $1,500 to max it out (though you can deposit less) and you only have 7 days to use the bonus bets if you receive them. Learn more.

User Experience


The mobile app has fallen behind in recent years. It can be a bit buggy and some screens take a while to load. You might have to log in twice in order to place a bet, and the desktop version isn’t much faster. Learn more.

Promos & Boosts


You’ll find several valuable promos for existing customers available throughout most of the year. Odds boosts, deposit matches, and other promotional plays are regular offerings for this sportsbook. Learn more.



Live streaming, cash outs, and the relatively unique Edit My Bet option are just a few of the features you’ll find at BetMGM. It’s one of the most feature-rich sportsbooks available. Learn more.

Market Depth


Just about every sport is available somewhere on BetMGM’s lineup and they offer as deep of a selection of prop bets as anyone. Learn more.

Customer Reviews


Customer reviews are mostly positive, although there are a few complaints about the app’s lag time and about being quick to limit sharp bettors. Learn more.

Live Betting


Live betting is one of BetMGM’s biggest strengths. The Edit My Bet feature allows bettors to change up their parlay plays while the games are in progress and BetMGM offers competitive live odds, micro betting markets, live streaming, and in-game same game parlays. Learn more.



BetMGM has all the common types of customer support (live chat, email, phone, and social media) but it can be slow to respond in my experience. Learn more.



This is easily the biggest thing holding BetMGM back compared to other top-tier sportsbooks. It’s usually one of the first sportsbooks to limit you if you start winning regularly. Learn more.



BetMGM offers several convenient banking options and usually processes withdrawals within a day or two—as fast as any other sportsbook. Learn more.

My Favorite Parts About BetMGM

My Least Favorite Parts About BetMGM

BetMGM Odds Competitiveness


Knowing the vig—how much sportsbooks are “taking” from each bet—is an important part of your betting strategy. The more the sportsbook is charging, the less you profit.

A high vig can make even a sportsbook with every bell and whistle imaginable unusable.

For example, while BetMGM has one of the cleanest setups I’ve ever played for soccer betting and offers leagues from around the world, its vig on soccer bets tends to be higher than competitors.

This is especially true for the popular both teams to score (BTTS) bets. I might bet on a goal to come around the 60th minute with BetMGM, but when it comes to BTTS bets, I’ll go somewhere else.

In general, BetMGM is a mixed bag when it comes to odds competitiveness.

When we sampled 7,000 games from major sportsbooks, we found BetMGM’s average vig to be 5.17%. That’s a bit higher than FanDuel (4.82%) and Caesars (4.92%), but it’s better than DraftKings (5.30%).

BetMGM offers its most competitive odds on the biggest American sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, college football, college basketball, MLB, and NHL. In every one of these sports, we found BetMGM’s average vig to be 5% or less.

For spread and total betting, BetMGM is remarkably consistent. Many sports have a vig of approximately 4.73%, with official league partners MLB and the NHL both having lower vigs at around 4.59%.

The biggest issue for BetMGM is that it tends to take a higher hold (meaning they charge more vig) for moneyline and prop bets than most competitors.

Let me illustrate with a quick example: when I looked at Tyrese Maxey’s player point total against the Heat, I saw BetMGM offer Over 24.5 points at -105 and Under at -130. DraftKings had the same play for +102 for the Over and -122 for the Under—a much better deal regardless of which side you want to bet on.

Since BetMGM is a mixed bag when it comes to odds, we recommend using it with at least one other sportsbook (preferably more), so you can shop around for the best lines/odds.

Sportsbooks that offer better odds on moneyline and prop plays include:

BetMGM Sign-Up Bonus


BetMGM’s sign-up bonus is one of the best on the market.

Using bonus code ODDS100 when signing up, you can get up to $1,500 back as bonus bets if your first bet doesn’t win. For example, if you make your first bet of $1,000 and it loses, you’ll get $1,000 in bonus bets that you can then use on other bets.

There are no restrictions in terms of sports, bet types, or minimum odds on your first bet or the ensuing bonus bets.

The lone drawback is that you get 7 days to use your bonus bets (if you receive them). You have to make sure to use them within the time frame or else they’ll be removed from your account. If you sign up during a lighter time of the sports calendar, this can put you in a tight spot looking for action.

On the bright side, the bonus bets only have a 1x rollover requirement, so any profit you make from the bonus bets is yours to withdraw.

Here are three alternative sportsbooks with welcome offers with similar value:

You can compare all sportsbook sign-up bonuses here.

App & Website User Experience – My Takeaways


As mobile betting becomes more popular, a reliable mobile app is a must for any reputable sportsbook. BetMGM’s app is getting there rather than already being a strength.

BetMGM Homepage

The app does have a fair amount of good in it, namely in how easy it is to find the sport, event, or promotion you want. Team logos are prevalent in most sports (although strangely, not in MLS), sports are arranged in an A-to-Z menu, and promotions are arranged in one spot at the top of the screen.

BetMGM Sports Menu
Sports Menu

Before I start scrolling, BetMGM lets me know what odds boosts or bonus bets I have available so I check those out first.

However, switching screens can be slow and laggy at times. The interface just isn’t as responsive as other top books and I often find myself hitting things twice to get them to load.

Time is money, and no place is that more true than sports betting. If an app’s a little slow, it can literally cost bettors money as they try to get the line they want and miss out on it.

The app does do a nice job of organizing its menus. BetMGM lists a few signature plays in each game, such as “The Rick Barry” for NBA games, which earns you a win if the player you bet doesn’t miss a free throw during the game.

You’ll find more universal plays elsewhere in the app, organized according to category. In general, it’s really easy to find the play you want is easy and locking it in. The betslip functionality is straightforward and let's you quickly switch between straight bets, parlays/same game parlays, teasers, and round robins.

BetMGM SGP Betslip

One of the best ways BetMGM could improve is by making its app faster and making the design a bit cleaner. 

The player prop categorization could also use some work. It'd be nice if there was an additional menu that allows players to only see the type of prop they're interested in instead of having to scroll through all the options.

BetMGM Player Props
Player Props

Overall, the BetMGM app is not the fastest and has some things that could be improved, but it's good enough that I still use it. I may get a little frustrated from time to time, but the benefits outweigh any issues in the user experience department.

Here are some alternatives with superior user experiences, in my opinion:

Sports & Betting Markets


One of the best things about BetMGM is that it’s got just about every sport you can think of. From Australian rules football to tennis, if it’s a sporting event, BetMGM probably has some action available for it.

For me, the key to market variety is offering a wide range of options for every sporting event. That includes alternate lines, unique prop plays, and a good range of futures. BetMGM delivers in all of these, although it’s stronger with some sports than others.

BetMGM may not always offer the best odds on prop bets, but it does offer an abundance of options. Here are some of my favorites broken out by sport:

  • NBA props: Signature plays are abundant here. You can bet on players to make consecutive 3-pointers, teams to hit their first 3 shots of the game, two players to each hit a certain number of 3-pointers, both teams to score in the first minute, and much more. You’ll also find all of the standard props, such as points, assists, rebounds and steals.
  • NHL props: As a league betting partner, BetMGM offers plenty of props on NHL action. For a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Islanders, I found options for shots, assists, total points, powerplay points, and even blocked shots. The last of those really isn’t common among sportsbooks, making this a fine choice for hockey fans. You can also bet on which game will be the highest scoring of the day, another unique option.
  • Soccer props: Soccer bettors can place several unique props, such as taking a team to fall behind and win the match anyway. I’ve used that particular prop several times to my advantage. Other soccer props include betting on a goal in a 15-minute window or for a player to score in a losing effort.
  • Other props: Tennis fans can bet on winners of individual games and sets, and golf fans can create their own golf match play betting option.
  • Futures: Golf really shines here because of BetMGM’s willingness to fully pay out ties. If you bet on someone to finish in the top 5, for example, and they finish in a 4-way tie for fifth, you still get the full amount of your wager. Other sportsbooks regularly chop your bet down by the number of tied players, which kills your value. If I’m betting on a golfer to finish in the top X position, I’ll always go to BetMGM. Even if I have to take worse odds, I’ll always get the full winnings at BetMGM, as opposed to getting half or less elsewhere with a tie.

Other strong options when it comes to market variety include:

Live Betting


Live betting has become many people’s preferred way to bet, and BetMGM delivers in this space. The lag is a bit of an issue, but the market variety is as good as it gets.

When writing this review, I found 4 MLB games in play, a few tennis matches, and a Norwegian soccer match. Even better, if I wanted to bet the Norwegian soccer match, I had a live stream of it on the app. All I had to do to watch was log in.

The best part of BetMGM’s live betting is the Edit My Bet feature. If you’ve got a parlay in play, you can remove a leg, add a leg, adjust your stake, or change an existing bet. As long as cashing out is an option, you’ve got the ability to edit your bet and either maximize your wins or cut your losses.

BetMGM Reviews from Customers


BetMGM has many high ratings in the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store, but there’s reason to believe that its numbers are a bit inflated. Recent reviews suggest a far less satisfied clientele, as the speed of the app has really made it difficult to use in the past few months according to many customers.

Several users talk about how buggy the app is, having trouble verifying location, and difficulty placing bets.

The app is regularly updated, but it doesn’t seem like many of the updates move the needed enough to notably improve the user experience. Hopefully a larger redesign is in the plans for BetMGM soon.

Here are some issues that come up regularly in BetMGM reviews:

  • Difficulty verifying location
  • Poor customer support
  • App regularly crashing
  • Promotions not working properly

Over on Reddit, there are complaints about customer service taking a long time, people getting limited, and players getting locked out of their accounts.

Overall, the feeling here is that the interface has to get fixed to be less buggy if BetMGM is going to maintain its spot as one of the top sportsbooks. The majority of reviews over the course of BetMGM’s history have been positive, but it’s clear that could change quickly if the app isn’t fixed soon.

BetMGM Deposits, Withdrawals, & Payout Speed


One of BetMGM’s best features is how easy and quick it is to make deposits and withdrawals. Many users cite this as one of their favorite things about BetMGM, and it’s rare to find someone who’s complaining about how long it takes to get their winnings.

BetMGM offers all the major deposit options, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and many more. 

You can withdraw using most of your deposit methods. If you want to withdraw via an option you haven't yet deposited with, you can add it as a payment option and then withdraw to it—something that not many books offer.

In addition, I've found payouts to be much quicker than the suggested up to 4 business days. This is one area where most people won’t run into any problems. You can withdraw without being in your home state, so if you’re traveling and need to get hold of your winnings, you can do that with ease.

Deposit Methods


Minimum Deposit

Deposit Time

Bank transfer

$10 Instant

Debit card (Visa, Mastercard)



Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)




$10 Instant

Apple Pay






BetMGM Play+ Card

$10 Instant

Cash (at physical sportsbook)



Cash (via PayNearMe)


15 mins




BetMGM Gift Card






Withdrawal Methods & Payout Speed

Payment Method

Min Withdrawal

Payout Speed

Visa$20Within 24 hours
Mastercard$201-3 business days
PayPal$20Within 24 hours
Venmo$20Within 24 hours
Apple Pay$201-3 business days
VIP Preferred$202-4 business days
Online Banking$202-4 business days
Instant Banking$202-4 business days
Play+ PrepaidCard$20Within 24 hours
Cage$20Within 10-12 hours
Check by Mail$207-21 business days

Odds Boosts, Promotions, & Loyalty Program


Promotions and odds boosts are crucial to keeping existing players coming back, and BetMGM offers a robust amount of both. I’ve had a few instances where work or travel has called me away from sports betting for a few weeks, and sometimes, BetMGM has offered me a deposit match on my next deposit or a free $5 bonus bet to help get me “back in the game.”

Even when I’m regularly logging into BetMGM, plenty of promotions are available to increase my odds of winning. One that I’ve seen regularly is a cross-sport parlay where two teams from the same city are playing on the same day.

For example, you might see the Colts and Purdue basketball offered together on the moneyline in Indiana. These packaged parlays usually fall under the “Lion’s Boost” section, which gives you boosted odds to try this bet.

Odds boost and promos can vary by state, so be sure to check your area for promotions. If you’re in Tennessee, for example, you might get a promo on the Nashville Predators or University of Tennessee basketball, while someone in Massachusetts could get the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins.

Odds Boosts

One great thing about odds boosts on BetMGM's app is that the app arranges boosts at the very top of the page.

When I log in, I see exactly what boosts are available and what sports they're for. On my last log in, I had a boost that gave me a 50% profit boost on any soccer bet.

BetMGM Homepage

That can be a great way to turn an otherwise bad bet into a solid play. Going from even money to +150 makes a big difference in your bankroll if you consistently bet them, making these plays to jump on when they come available.

On the downside, many boosts have max limits. The more sure-fire boosts, for example,  are often capped at $5.


BetMGM’s refer-a-friend promotion is a great way to get you and your friend some quick bonus bets. All you do is give your friend your promotional code to sign up with when they activate their account. Once they meet the deposit and wagering requirements, you’re both given $100 in bonus bets in your account.

BetMGM Promotions

Other promotions can include boosts on the local teams with which BetMGM has a partnership. If you’re located in Maryland during football season, you’ll likely get regular promotional offers on the Baltimore Ravens. Michigan features promotions involving the Detroit Lions and Detroit Red Wings, both of whom have official partnerships with BetMGM. If you love to root for the home team, BetMGM can make it easier to make money from them.

Loyalty Program

BetMGM’s MLife Rewards program is one of the best things about the sportsbook.

Recent changes to the program have added the Marriott Bonvoy hotel chain to MGM’s offerings, and now you can use the points you earn on your bets toward hotel stays in Las Vegas and at MGM’s other properties. Rewards can also earn comps for shows and restaurants, shopping discounts and free bets.

If you’re going to regularly play at BetMGM, the rewards program can be one of the biggest reasons to keep betting there. Most customers won’t get anywhere near enough to earn free valet service in Vegas, but getting free bonus bets is a worthwhile reward.

One of my favorite ways to take advantage of the rewards program is during NFL season. For the 2023 season, they offered $50 in rewards for each week you bet $1,000+. I regularly bet this much on an NFL weekend, so I was able to stack up over $1k in rewards over the season and cash them in for free comps.

BetMGM Background

BetMGM was formed as a joint venture between MGM Resorts, which is known for its resorts around the United States, and Entain Holdings, one of the largest gambling companies in the world. It was one of the first sportsbooks that launched after PASPA was overturned in 2018, allowing states to decide whether to legalize sports betting or not.

BetMGM has grown a lot since then, operating in 22 states, and it’s always one of the leaders in applying for and getting licenses in states that just legalized sports betting.
As of 2023, around 1 in 5 sports bettors in the United States use BetMGM in their regular rotation. It’s now the third-largest sportsbook in the United States, trailing only FanDuel and DraftKings.

In addition to its mobile betting, BetMGM has made itself a major player in partnering with teams and casinos. In 2022, BetMGM partnered with the Arizona Cardinals to offer the first in-person sportsbook inside an NFL stadium when it opened a location at the Cardinals’ State Farm Stadium. BetMGM also operates a sportsbook at Nationals Park in Washington.

StateOnlineRetail partner
ArizonaYesGila River Hotels & Casino
ColoradoYesMidnight Rose Hotel & Casino
District of ColumbiaYesNationals Park
IllinoisYesPar-A-Dice Hotel Casino
IndianaYesBelterra Resort Indiana
IowaYesDiamond Jo Worth Casino
KansasYesRevolutionary Racing
LouisianaYesSam’s Town Casino
MarylandYesMGM National Harbor
MassachusettsYesMGM Springfield
MichiganYesMGM Grand Detroit
MississippiNoBeau Rivage Resort and Gold Strike Casino
New JerseyYesN/A
New YorkYesN/A
NevadaYesMGM Resorts Las Vegas
North CarolinaYesCharlotte Motor Speedway
OhioYesMGM Northfield Park
OregonYesSpirit Mountain
PennsylvaniaYesHollywood Casino Morgantown
West VirginiaYesThe Greenbrier

Latest Developments

BetMGM remains in talks about addin another state to its portfolio. Online sports betting went live in Vermont in January 2024, and BetMGM has applied for a license in the Green Mountain State.

ingUp to 6 sportsbooks will be permitted to operate in Vermont, and DraftKings and FanDuel have already claimed two of the licenses and begun operations.

Maine has also legalized sports gambling for 2024, but BetMGM has said that it does not plan to enter the Pine Tree State.

Customer Support


Customer support has led to a few gripes among BetMGM customers. Here are your options if you need assistance.

  • Live Chat:24/7 for all registered users.
  • Phone: This depends on your state. Phone calls cannot be made in Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio or West Virginia. All other states have a state-specific phone number and can be reached between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., except Nevada, which is available from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Email: Each state has its own support email. The email format is support.(insert state abbreviation) For example, New Jersey support is [email protected].
  • FAQ: Visit the FAQ page for answers to common questions.
  • X (formerly Twitter): Follow and message @BetMGMCare.

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Bonus Bets Expire in 7 Days. Add’l terms.

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