How to Delete BetMGM Sportsbook Account

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If you feel like you’ve had enough of betting at BetMGM or you just simply want to stop betting for whatever reason, know that you can delete your BetMGM Sportsbook account through the app, on the website, over email, by phone, or via an online form. This guide shows you exactly how to close your BetMGM account in each way.

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How to Delete Your BetMGM Sportsbook Account Through the App

Follow these steps to delete your BetMGM sportsbook account through the app for Android and iOS mobile devices. 
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Withdraw any active balance larger than $1. You need to cash out your real money balance to complete the account cancellation. 
  3. Complete any unfinished games and tournaments, and unregister from any pending tournaments as well.
  4. Click on your Account profile icon in the upper right corner of the app. 
  5. Click on Account settings.
  6. Click Service Closure. 
  7. Select the BetMGM sports betting product. 
  8. Complete the form with any necessary details, such as the reasons for account closure. 
  9. Confirm account closure.

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How to Close Your BetMGM Sportsbook Account Through the Website

Deleting your BetMGM sportsbook account through the website is almost identical to the app one. Here’s what to do:

  1. Log in to your account. 
  2. Ensure that your real money balance has been cashed out and that you have no active games and tournaments. Cancel participation in pending tournaments as well. 
  3. Go to the Account profile settings. 
  4. Head to Service Closure. 
  5. Select the product you wish to cancel, in this case, the sports betting account. 
  6. Deactivate your account.

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How to Delete Your BetMGM Sportsbook Account Through Email

If you cannot use the BetMGM app or website to delete your account, you can send an email to the operator’s customer support service instead. Here’s the rundown of the process: 
  1. Open up the email that is associated with your BetMGM account.
  2. In the Recipient section, enter the following email address: [email protected]. Note that the state abbreviation in the email address will change depending on your respective state. For example, it will be [email protected] for Indiana or [email protected] if you are in Colorado. 
  3. In the subject line, state your request to delete the BetMGM account clearly. 
  4. In the body of the email, write your reasons for the deletion. 
  5. Send the email to the customer support team. 

How to Close Your BetMGM Sportsbook Account By Phone

Since BetMGM does not offer customer support via phone, you will have to opt for other communication channels, such as live chat or email, to communicate your intention to delete your betting account. Both the live chat and email support are available 24/7.

How to Delete Your BetMGM Sportsbook Account By Online Form

A lot of players choose to contact the customer support team through the online form available on site. This is how it works. 
  1. Click on this link and the online form will appear. 
  2. Insert your personal information in the form, such as name, email, and date of birth. 
  3. Choose the subject of your email. Account Details is the best choice. 
  4. State the reason for your email: Account deletion.
  5. Submit your query and wait for the response from the customer support team. 

FAQs About Closing Your BetMGM Account

How long does it take to delete your BetMGM account?
The entire process of deleting your BetMGM account won’t take longer than a couple of minutes, regardless of the chosen method. BetMGM tends to process these requests rather quickly, but no longer than a couple of business days. 

Can you have multiple BetMGM accounts?
No, it’s not possible to have multiple BetMGM accounts, so the operator requires your personal information. Speaking of which, note that even after you delete your account, BetMGM will hold on to your personal details should you decide to reinstate your account. 

Can I reset my BetMGM account?
If you happen to have lost your password, you can always reset it following the specific steps provided by BetMGM, there’s no need to create a new account. Also, you could open a new account with the same credentials after deleting the previous one. 

Can I cancel my account with a real money balance in it?
You should withdraw any balance greater than $1 for the deletion of the account to come through. 

Can I pause my account instead?
Yes, you can. BetMGM offers a self-exclusion scheme that allows you to suspend your account temporarily. The following section sheds more light on the topic, so check it out.

Pausing Your BetMGM Sportsbook Account Instead

Patron protection is very important to BetMGM. The company offers various programs and protection tools that can help you limit or pause your BetMGM account:
  • Self-exclusion. The self-exclusion option allows users to close their accounts for a minimum period of 12 months, during which the account won’t be reactivated under any circumstances. 
  • Timeout. The timeout option lets users put their account on hold for a minimum of 72 hours when they cannot log in. 
  • Player limits. Players can place several limits or constraints on their accounts, such as time limits, deposit limits, and spending limits. 

BetMGM Sportsbook Alternatives

If you are still interested in sports betting but just don’t want to use BetMGM, you may want to consider some of the following alternatives:

  • Caesars: One of the only sportsbooks we've reviewed to get a 5-star rating. New users get a first-bet safety net. If you lose your initial wager, you get a Bonus Bet up to $1,000 as a refund. Use Caesars promo code OA1000 to claim the sign up offer.
  • FanDuel: Tied for being our highest-rated sportsbook due to its valuable sign up bonus, smooth user experience, and enticing ongoing promotions. Learn more about the FanDuel promo code here.
  • BetRivers: Regularly offers the best odds of all sportsbooks.
  • DraftKings: The most valuable deposit match bonus currently available.

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