What is the Drew Brees Sportsbook?

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NFL legend Drew Brees officially signed with PointsBet in July 2021.

If you watch sports,  you've likely seen the former Super Bowl MVP come across your screen telling you about the PointsBet promo of 10 Second Chance Bets of $100 Each and telling you to “live your bet life.”

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NBC Sports, who struck a deal with Brees to be an in-game analyst in March 2021, also has a partnership with PointsBet.

Why PointsBet Signed Drew Brees

PointsBet has positioned Brees as the face of its sportsbook, regularly featuring him in TV commercials and online advertisements.

PointsBet USA CEO, Johnny Aitken, announced the partnership with Brees, saying, “Today is a massive day for our company as we welcome Drew Brees into the PointsBet family. Drew is renowned for his tireless work ethic and achieved great success in his career regardless of the obstacles in front of him, possessing the scrappy, well-prepared challenger, win-at-all-costs mentality that embodies PointsBet’s DNA.

Aitken continued, “We look forward to collaborating for years to come and integrating Drew across our portfolio to complement PointsBet’s market-leading technology infrastructure and strategic approach to the competitive sports betting space.”

Brees brings a recognizable face to PointsBet's advertising in the United States after a 16-year, Hall-of-Fame-worthy career. PointsBet likely expects Brees to help attract customers so it can compete with the market leaders like FanDuel and DraftKings.

PointsBet isn't the only sportsbook to partner with celebrities and former athletes, either. BetMGM features Jamie Foxx in all of its commercials, FanDuel signed a deal with ex-punter turned podcaster Pat McAfee, and Caesars picked actor JB Smoove as its official “Caesar.”

What Drew Brees Has Said About the PointsBet Deal

Aside from the likely very-lucrative deal he was able to sign, Brees also thinks sports betting can help grow the game. 

When talking about the PoinstBet deal with ESPN and sports betting, in general, Brees explained that “sports betting, with prop betting and in-game betting, it's very similar to fantasy football now. When [fantasy football] was first introduced, there was this huge spike in the interest to where people were not just following their favorite team or their favorite player, but all of a sudden they had a vested interest in a lot of other games and a lot of other players.”

He also understands the risks that come with sports betting. Brees, when talking about the dangers of sports betting, continued, “It's the same as buying a stock or investing into anything. There's a level of risk that you're taking. You could win, you could lose. So I think it applies to a lot of different things. And everything should be done responsibly and should be done with a level of preparation and understanding.”

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