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Hard Rock Bet Odds – How They Stack Up by Market & Sport

Hard Rock Bet offers competitive odds overall, scoring 15.5 out of 20 in my ratings. This places them just inside the top 10 of all the sportsbooks we have analyzed.

You'll find standard 20-cent lines (average of -110 on each side of a 50/50 bet) for most bets, though we've seen odds climb higher—in a bad way—for select sports and markets.

Sportsbooks with notably better odds include FanDuel, ESPN BET, bet365Fanatics, Caesars, and BetMGM.

Still, we recommend keeping Hard Rock Bet in your rotation of sportsbook apps so you can use it to shop for the best odds and lines. While Hard Rock won't offer the best odds for every single event, I find that they do enough to keep the app downloaded.

Are Hard Rock Bet Odds Competitive?

Hard Rock Bet generally offers competitive odds. Their overall vig for spreads and totals is around 4.76%, which is comparable to other books.

Hard Rock provides the best pricing for the NBA, but their MLB odds are quite poor. NFL, NHL, and college sports are generally competitive with other top sportsbooks.

A notable aspect of Hard Rock's lines is that they sometimes set whole numbers, which means there's a possibility of a push. This happens when the market hits the exact number predicted by the sportsbook.

For example, if Hard Rock sets the total points for an NBA game at 240, and the final score is 122 to 118 (exactly 240 points), over/under bets result in a push, and bettors receive their stakes back.

Most sportsbooks use half-point lines to prevent this, though having some whole-number lines isn't necessarily a bad thing—it's just something unique about Hard Rock Bet.

Since Hard Rock's lines sometimes differ from others, they can offer value depending on the game you want to bet on. Take, for example, an NBA game between the Lakers and the Celtics. While most sportsbooks might set the total points line at 240.5, Hard Rock Bet offers exactly 240.

If you're confident the game will score at least 240 points and bet over, here’s the advantage: at other sportsbooks, scoring exactly 240 points means a loss because it's under 240.5. At Hard Rock, if the game ends with 240 points, you get a push, and your stake is returned.

Hard Rock Bet Odds by Sport

Hard Rock Bet offers the best odds on NBA games. They provide 20-cent lines for spreads and totals (average -110 on both sides), and their vig for moneyline bets is around 4.80%, which is solid.

For NCAAB and NCAAF, their lines are hit or miss—be sure to shop around to make sure you're getting the best odds when placing these bets.

In the NHL and MLB, Hard Rock Bet tends to offer weaker odds. I've frequently encountered 30-cent lines, which isn't great.

For some total markets, I've even seen lines as poor as 50 cents, which is extremely uncompetitive.

Additionally, their vig on moneyline bets for these sports frequently tops 5.00%.

Hard Rock Bet Odds by Market

Hard Rock Bet typically offers 20-cent lines for spreads and totals. In the NBA, you'll typically find symmetrical odds with -110 on both sides. However, there are occasional deviations in MLB and NHL, where you might encounter odds like -105 and -115. 

What I find disappointing is that Hard Rock too often offers 25-cent or 30-cent lines (or even worse) for spreads and totals in MLB and NHL. For example, you might come across lines like -130 and +105, -110 and -115, or -112 and -118.

When it comes to moneyline bets, Hard Rock generally offers subpar odds. Based on odds data I use, they charge an average vig of over 5% on moneyline bets. For perspective, ESPN Bet charges an average vig of 4.64% on these.

Futures odds at Hard Rock aren't bad and sometimes you can find real value. As is the case with most sportsbooks, they'll typically offer the best odds for at least a few players and teams. I always recommend shopping around to see who is offering the best deal when placing a future.

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