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SuperBook Review: Best Features & Worst Parts

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My Favorite Parts of SuperBook

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Odds Competitiveness


Sign-Up Bonus


User Experience


Promos & Boosts


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Payout Speed

3 to 5 Business Days

If you’ve ever cruised along the Las Vegas Strip to check out all the casinos, you've likely spotted the Westgate SuperBook. This massive 30,000-square-foot sports betting hub has been a fixture since 1993. It's famous in betting circles for its iconic NFL SuperContest.

Like other famous Vegas gambling giants (see MGM and Caesars), SuperBook seized the chance to go digital as soon as the laws allowed. They made their online debut in Colorado in early 2021.

As of this review, SuperBook online sportsbook is legal in 9 U.S. states, including Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Competitive odds are SuperBook’s calling card. They often beat the competition on straight bet odds, helping you profit more on wins compared to alternatives. 

Some other positives include the app's ease of use (it doesn't have many fancy bells and whistles) and valuable promotions like the refer-a-friend bonus.

That said, there are some downsides to consider. To start, SuperBook's range of sports is pretty limited, and the variety in betting markets isn't that impressive either. They could also improve by rolling out more promotions and expanding their banking options.

Overall, SuperBook is a solid choice to add to your lineup of sportsbooks, especially because of their competitive odds, but I wouldn't use it as my only app. 

I recommend pairing SuperBook with a top sportsbook like Caesars or FanDuel so you can shop for the best odds, take advantage of all their promotions, and have a way to bet the markets that SuperBook doesn't offer.

SuperBook Sportsbook Quick Facts


OA Rating




Launch Date

January 2021 (1993 retail sportsbook)

Sign-Up Bonus

$250 Every First Bet Wins Bonus



Top Features

Odds competitiveness, NFL SuperContest

Number of Sports


Payout Speed

3-5 business days

Loyalty Program


Online Casino


Ratings by Category

Overall Rating


SuperBook isn't ready to enter my top 10 sportsbooks just yet. Their excellent odds are a saving grace, but without them, they'd likely be off the list. They've got a good base to build on, but there's plenty of room for growth.



Offers 20-cent lines on spread and total bets as well as competitive moneyline odds. Learn more.

Sign-Up Bonus


While SuperBook's sign-up bonus offers good value, it has a drawback: it cannot be used all at once and must be spread across four bets. 

User Experience


The platform features a simple layout that’s easy to navigate. However, the overall user experience is lackluster, and the search functionality could be improved. Learn more.

Promos & Boosts


SuperBook regularly features at least three promotions and ramps up with extra specials for big events. However, the absence of a loyalty program is definitely felt.



It has the basics down like cash outs, live streaming, and same game parlays. However, it needs some fresh features.

Market Depth


SuperBook covers only 12 sports, the fewest among major sportsbooks. Additionally, their selection of prop bets is limited.

Customer Reviews


App ratings for SuperBook differ greatly since each state has its own version. Moreover, users on Reddit have voiced concerns about issues like betting limits and slow payout processes. Learn more.

Live Betting


Provides competitive live odds and live streaming. However, it's missing features like micro markets and in-game same game parlays. The variety of live betting markets is also limited. 



The customer service is efficient and easily accessible via email, live chat, phone, and social media.



SuperBook enforces tight betting limits on successful bettors and sharps, though these restrictions are not as severe or frequent as those at some other major sportsbooks. 



Supports a limited number of banking options. However, the payout speed is reasonably fast (3 to 5 business days). 

My Favorite Parts About SuperBook

My Least Favorite Parts About SuperBook

App & Website User Experience – My Takeaways


While it might seem odd to praise SuperBook for simplicity and then knock the user interface, that's exactly what I’m gonna do.

Most sportsbooks pack their homepages with promo banners or cram in both vertical and horizontal sports listings, taking up excessive space. SuperBook skips all that, choosing a clean and simple layout instead. This minimalist approach works in its favor, making everything a lot more user-friendly.

One thing that bugs me, though, is how they automatically break down the sports offerings by specific leagues in the main A-Z menu. You see entries like “soccer Australia” and” soccer England” all over the main menu, and you can't hide them. It would be less cluttered if these specific leagues only appeared when called upon, reducing unnecessary scrolling.

SuperBook User Experience

Another gripe I have with the layout is that the search bar is tucked away in the sports listing instead of being up top, where it would be easy to find. This placement defeats the purpose of quickly tracking down your desired options.

SuperBook User Experience 2

In terms of speed, I have only praise for SuperBook. Pages load almost instantly without any loading screens, delays, or random freezes.

I need to hammer home an issue with prop categorization, though, as it's a significant annoyance that seems easily fixable. When you open a game, it displays the main game lines, and there are tabs for different player prop categories, which is great.

However, they list a few prop categories directly and then tuck the rest into a dropdown under “More.” They could easily expand this area to show all categories at once.

Here are three sportsbooks with far superior UX than SuperBook:

SuperBook Reviews from Customers


When it comes to app feedback in the stores, it's a mixed bag depending on which version you look at.

The Iowa Android app holds up well with a 4.3 rating and few issues reported.

However, the Colorado iOS app struggles with a 3.1 rating. Some users of the Colorado iOS app have complained about performance issues and limited banking options.

SuperBook Customer Reviews

In a general discussion about SuperBook on Reddit, I didn't find anything alarming. There was just one person who mentioned having a hassle withdrawing money from SuperBook. This doesn't seem out of the ordinary though.

Here are three sportsbooks that scored higher in the customer review category in my ratings:

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