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SuperBook Odds – How They Stack Up by Market & Sport

If you live in a state where SuperBook operates (AZ, CO, IA, MD, NV, NJ, OH, TN, VA), you should definitely download the app for line shopping.

In our odds competitiveness ratings, which are based on 7,000 recent games, they scored 18.5 out of 20, landing as the sixth-highest overall among all major U.S. sportsbooks.

The only sportsbooks that offer better pricing than SuperBook, on average, are FanDuel, Sporttrade, ESPN BET, bet365, and Fanatics

We found SuperBook's average vig to be 4.45%, with vigs as low as 3.83% for the NHL and 3.84% for NCAAF—both of which are the lowest in the industry. SuperBook's average vig on spread, total, and moneyline bets is also some of the lowest in the industry.

The rest of this guide dives into how competitive SuperBook's odds are by sport and market compared to other major U.S. sportsbooks.

Are SuperBook Odds Competitive?

SuperBook offers some of the most competitive lines of all major sportsbooks in the U.S., mainly because they handle their oddsmaking in-house. This means they don't just go with the flow and follow the consensus lines set by other books. Such deviations from the norm occasionally open up opportunities for bettors to discover valuable betting options.

SuperBook stands out with the most competitive odds particularly in college sports, NHL, MLB, and NBA.

Regarding bet types, their odds for spreads and totals are especially strong. SuperBook almost always offers 20-cent lines on these bets, meaning you get an average of -110 odds on 50/50 bets.

I also like how SuperBook offers half-point lines (23.5 instead of 23, for example), eliminating the possibility of a push. The exception is NHL totals, which they tend to use whole numbers like Hard Rock Bet does.

SuperBook Odds by Sport

Over the past six months, I've tracked odds across all major sportsbooks for more than 7,000 games each. My findings show that SuperBook consistently offers the best odds for NCAAF, with a remarkably low vig of 3.84%. The closest competitor, ESPN BET, has a higher vig of 4.48%, making SuperBook the clear leader for college football betting.

Additionally, SuperBook stands out as the only major sportsbook that charges less than 4.0% vig for the NHL, coming in at 3.83%. The next closest, ESPN BET, charges 4.50%.

While these differences might seem small, they significantly impact your return over time. A lower vig means you keep more of each winning bet, which means you have to win less often to be profitable.

SuperBook's highest vigs are in the NFL and soccer markets, though they are still very competitive. For the NFL, they charge an average vig of 4.86%. Their average soccer vig is even higher at 7.17%, making it one of the worst apps for soccer betting.




SuperBook Odds by Market

SuperBook offers competitive odds across the three core bet types: spreads, totals, and moneylines.

Their odds on spreads are particularly strong, boasting an industry-low vig of 4.45%. This places them ahead of even top competitors like FanDuel, which has a vig of 4.78%.

SuperBook offers solid moneyline odds, but there are better options—both BetRivers and ESPN BET charge less.

For totals, SuperBook leads the competition with an overall vig of 4.60%. Close behind are ESPN BET and BetMGM, with vigs of 4.68% and 4.73%, respectively.

SuperBook sets 30-cent lines (average of -115 on a 50/50 bet) for props, which is inline or better than almost everyone in the industry except FanDuel




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