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Tipico Sportsbook Review: Best & Worst Features

My Favorite Parts of Tipico

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Odds Competitiveness


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User Experience


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Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Payout Speed

Up to 3 Days

Tipico launched in the U.S. in 2020, aiming to replicate the success the company has enjoyed in Germany and Europe. 

While it hasn't quite hit those peaks yet, Tipico Sportsbook has a decent U.S. presence. It is currently legal in Colorado, Iowa, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Tipico is way behind the major U.S. sportsbooks, in my opinion. I rank them with Betyay, Betfred, and SI Sportsbook at the lower end of the third tier behind more popular apps like FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, and ESPN BET.

That said, Tipico has its moments. Odds boosts are its biggest selling point—they keep them coming constantly. The “Request a Custom Bet” feature is nice, though I’ve seen something similar at PointsBet. I also dig their cashback system and Rapid Bets (their take on micro-betting).

But the downsides tend to outweigh the good. The most glaring weakness is the odds—they often have a much higher vig than competitors, meaning you win less for the same bet (although their NFL odds are solid). They also need to beef up their incentives and expand their betting options and features to really compete with the industry leaders.

I generally don't recommend people use Tipico aside from taking advantage of the sign-up bonus and odds boosts. It's worth keeping downloaded if you consistently shop around for the best odds and lines, but it's definitely not a necessity for bettors in the states where the app is available.

Tipico Sportsbook Quick Facts


OA Rating



CVC Capital Partners

Launch Date

2004 (2020 in the U.S.)

Sign-Up Bonus

Varies by state (learn more here)



Top Features

Odds boosts, rapid bets

Number of Sports


Payout Speed

Up to 3 days

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Rewards

Online Casino

Yes (in NJ)

Ratings by Category

Overall Rating


Tipico has some strong points like their cashback system, odds boosts, and microbetting options. However, the poor odds are a major turnoff.



Tipico offers decent odds for the NFL, but the pricing is generally poor overall. Notably, Tipico charges the highest vig among all U.S. sportsbooks.

Sign-Up Bonus


Offers one of the smallest welcome bonuses around. The minimal odds requirements aren’t ideal, and the inconsistency in bonuses across different states can be confusing. Learn more.

User Experience


Tipico offers a decent UX. It’s easy to navigate, and the way they categorize player props is particularly well executed. Learn more.

Promos & Boosts


They need to ramp up their promotions. That said, the cashback system is awesome, and having a VIP program is a nice touch.



Tipico has got the basics covered with things like same game parlays and early cash outs, but that’s pretty much it. Not having live streaming is a big miss.

Market Depth


Tipico offers decent sports coverage and a basic lineup of prop bets, but there's definitely room to ramp up their offerings.

Customer Reviews


Tipico's iOS app scores well with a 4.6 rating, and the Android version isn’t far behind at 4.4. But they’ve been known to limit bettors, as some users have pointed out on Reddit. Learn more.

Live Betting


Tipico offers in-game same game parlays and a solid microbetting setup. However, the odds are subpar, and it lacks live streaming.



Offers top-notch customer service that’s efficient and easy to access through various channels. The phone option is a big plus.



Like many other sportsbooks, Tipico tends to cap your maximum bets if you're on a winning roll.



Supports a solid range of payment methods and facilitates 24-hour cash outs occasionally. Learn more.

My Favorite Parts About Tipico

My Least Favorite Parts About Tipico

App & Website User Experience – My Takeaways


Before we dive into my favorite and least favorite part of the Tipico Sportsbook app, here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what it looks like (click to expand):

You often hear “ease of use” tossed around when describing sportsbooks, but for Tipico, it really hits home. Here’s why I find it user-friendly:
  • The design is minimalistic, with no unnecessary visual clutter to get in the way.
  • The background is a calm white, which is super easy on the eyes and keeps things looking sharp.
  • You won’t find Tipico shoving promotions in your face every time you log in. Their homepage is free of annoying banners and distracting promos.
  • The prop bet setup is well-organized, with distinct tabs for different types of props, making navigation easy.
  • Their same game parlay builder is efficient; it shows you the odds right in the betting menu when you open the SGP tab. This is way easier than other books where you have to add picks to your slip just to see the odds.
Of course, it's not all sunshine and roses at Tipico. Here are a few usability issues I think could use some tweaking:
  • The lack of a search option is a major downside.
  • There are no NBA team logos (though they have MLB & NHL ones), which isn’t a dealbreaker but does make navigation a bit awkward.
  • There aren’t separate tabs for parlays, teasers, and round robins in the bet slip.
  • Biometric login isn’t available, which is a miss for quick access.
  • The desktop version can be clunky; clicking into a game opens a new window/column between the game listing and the bet slip. It would be more user-friendly to navigate to a new page altogether.
Here are three sportsbooks with better UX than Tipico:

Customer Reviews


The most frequently recurring issues popping up in app store reviews are performance glitches, including session dropouts, freezes, and login troubles. I'll show you what I mean with back-to-back complaints from the Google Play reviews for their Android app.

I haven't found any major red flags on Reddit in the general discussion about Tipico. However, I did stumble upon a concerning post where two users mentioned that Tipico randomly charged $10 to their card after they made a withdrawal. It might be brushed off as an isolated incident if it were just one case, but two? That's certainly not a good look.

These three sportsbooks have an excellent reputation with less negative feedback from the community compared to others:

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