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Tipico Odds – How They Stack Up by Market & Sport

After reviewing more than 7,000 games and analyzing odds for half a year, I’ve discovered that Tipico’s odds don’t match up well with the competition. They've earned a score of 8.5 out of 20 from me—with their decent NFL odds being the only thing from them scoring lower. When it comes to sports other than the NFL, they're typically one of the worst sportsbooks.

We found Tipico to charge an average vig of 6%—the highest of all sportsbooks we've analyzed. This high vig can seriously eat into your potential winnings and is one of the main reasons we don't recommend bettors use Tipico outside of taking advantage of the promos.

Alternatives with much better odds include FanDuelSporttrade, ESPN BET, bet365, and Fanatics. All of these books score a 19.5 or 20 out of 20 in my odds ratings.

Are Tipico’s Odds Competitive?

Tipico and a few other sportsbooks, like Superbook and SI Sportsbook, handle their odds in-house. This should give them a chance to offer really competitive lines, but sadly, Tipico doesn't.

While their NFL odds are pretty solid, Tipico has terrible lines in other sports.

For the NBA, they tend to stick with 20-cent lines (average of -110 for 50/50 bets) for spreads and totals, but with the MLB and the NHL, you'll often see 30-cent lines or worse (such as -115 or -120 for a 50/50 bet).

Tipico’s Odds by Sport

Tipico charges a 4.74% vig on NFL bets, which is better than BetRivers' 4.80% and not too far off from BetMGM's 4.64%. This puts Tipico in a competitive spot with these reputable sportsbooks for NFL odds.

For other sports, though, the picture isn't as rosy. The only sports where Tipico keeps the vig under 6% are the MLB and soccer, with vigs of 5.50% and 5.62% respectively.

When it comes to the NCAAB, it's pretty dire—they charge a 6.76% vig. To put that into perspective, SuperBook's odds, which are the best for NCAAB, on average, have a vig of only 4.40% for those markets. This means Tipico is taking more than 2% more money on each NCAAB bet compared to SuperBook.




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