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Use our Odds to Probability Calculator to convert your betting odds to the implied probability and see the percentage chance of winning. You can also learn more about the math of calculating implied probability from odds.

To get started, simply fill out the bet amount and odds in any one format and our implied odds calculator will show you the implied probability. If you think the chance of the bet hitting is higher than the implied probability, then it may be a good bet.

Odds to Probability Calculator | Calculate Implied Odds

Enter in your bet amount and the odds below to see how much you would win and what your odds are in American, Fractional, and Decimal formats as well as the implied probability of winning.

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If you want to learn more about how to read odds and calculate winnings in each odds format, check out our How to Read Betting Odds Guide.

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Here is how you can calculate implied probability of winning from American, Fractional, and Decimal odds:

  • Calculate implied probability from American Odds (Favorite): Implied Probability = -Odds / (-Odds + 100)
  • Calculate implied probability from American Odds (Underdog): Implied Probability = 100 / (Odds + 100)
  • Calculate implied probability from Fractional Odds: Implied Probability = Denominator of Odds / Denominator of Odds + Numerator of Odds
  • Calculate implied probability from Decimal Odds: Implied Probability = 1 / Odds

As mentioned in the intro, you can use implied probability to try figuring out whether a certain market is a good bet or not. By comparing the implied probability to what you think the percentage chance of the bet winning is, you can figure out if it's a good bet or not.

For example, if you think the odds of winning a bet is 50% but you get odds that are +101 or longer (+150, +300, etc.), that would be a good bet.

It's also important to remember that sportsbooks charge “vig” or “juice” on bets. That means the implied probability is always going to be slightly higher than the true odds of winning. This is why most 50/50 bets will have odds of -110 (implied probability of 52.38%) instead of +100 (implied probability of 50%).

Still, it's possible to find value and make money with sports betting if you do your research and take the time to find markets with odds that are off compared to the true odds of winning. Here at Odds Assist, we a +EV Bets Tool that automatically uncovers these opportunities.

You can use our implied odds calculator for any type of sports bet, including (but not limited to), moneyline betsspread betstotal (Over/Under) betsparlays, and more. 

Remember, compare the implied probability to what you (or the model you're using) think the chance of winning are.

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