Best Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonuses for Free SC

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Let's be real—when we're browsing sweepstakes casino sites, most of us are in it for the free coins.

Sure, a great game selection is a big deal when choosing where to play, but at the end of the day, it's all about those freebies that give us a shot at bigger wins. If I'm being honest, that's the main thing I'm looking for when I hit up a casino.

A cool thing about sweepstakes casinos is their non-stop flow of no deposit bonuses. It's different from real-money casinos, where only newcomers get the free perks. At sweeps sites and apps, whether you're new or a regular, the free sweeps keep coming.

For all my fellow bonus hunters, I've handpicked 8 sweepstakes casinos with some really generous no deposit bonuses.



Sign-Up Bonus

Promo Code



Promo code: ODDSASSIST



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Best Sweepstakes No Deposit Bonuses for Free SC

Every sweepstakes casino out there tosses out no deposit bonuses. The challenge then becomes to find the one with the most and best bonuses.

While collecting free SC is the game here, it's equally important to pick a casino strong in security, banking, and support. After all, free coins don't count for much if the site's not safe or doesn't fit your payment needs.

That's where I step in. I've done the legwork and sized up the top sweepstakes casinos in the U.S. and their free coin offerings. Out of them all, these 8 spots hand out the most free sweeps coins:

  1. Best Slot Tournaments for Free SC
  2. WOW Vegas: Biggest Range of Free Promos
  3. Fortune Coins: Biggest No Deposit Bonus for Signing Up
  4. Pulsz: Best Daily Login No Purchase Bonus
  5. High 5 Casino: Best Loyalty Bonuses
  6. McLuck: Best Referal No Purchae Bonus
  7. SweepSlots: Best Social Media Giveaways
  8. Moonspin: Best Free Rakeback Promotions

1) Best Slot Tournaments for Free SC

Stake US Logo

Promo code: ODDSASSIST

Restricted States

Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Washington, Vermont

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at can get 32.3 SC & 367k GC after signup. Use promo code ODDSASSIST here. 

If you're on the grind for free sweeps, should be on your radar.

If you use no deposit bonus code ODDSASSIST at sign-up, you’ll receive free sweeps and become eligible for several other promotions like daily login bonuses, weekly competitions, social media contests, and a variety of races and challenges. Plus, their VIP program is a goldmine for extra free SC.

Right after you sign up and verify your account at, they hook you up with a huge starting bonus of 250k GC and 25 SC. This giant join bonus alone is a great reason to at least give them a try.

The big welcome bonus at got me through the doors, but what really kept me coming back was their robust promo lineup for current players. With around 7 staple offers and special limited-time events popping up, there's always something to play for. As a slot buff, I’m all about their slot battles, where pulling in the biggest wins can mean a serious cut of the GC and SC prize pools.

The VIP program at is top-notch, arguably the best around. You get free coins you can redeem, not just the typical play-only stuff. Plus, you score free SC each time you level up.

I like that puts their promotions in one dedicated section—it’s a user-friendly touch. You'd be surprised how many casinos scatter their offers or bury them in the fine print.

With a variety of slots, table games, and live dealer options, there's always something new to explore at Don’t forget about the exclusive Stake Originals—these games are a blast to play and are often included in the casino’s promotional offers. has recently launched a full-on poker room with 15+ tables. This gives players a fun option if they get bored of regular casino offerings or simply want to try out something new. commands respect in the global sweepstakes arena, and for good reason. They've got the security angle covered with tight SSL encryption and that extra layer of protection that crypto brings to the table. Plus, having the UFC in their corner is no joke. But Drake as their ambassador? That's the real deal. You know if he's on board, they've got to be doing something right because he's not about to put his name on the line for just any brand.



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2) WOW Vegas: Biggest Range of Free Promos

wow vegas logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at WOW Vegas can get 1.75 million WOW Coins & 35 SC FREE. Use this link to claim the bonus.

All casinos on this list are generous when it comes to free coin giveaways, but WOW Vegas is in a league of its own. They're running over 20 promotions at any given time—from referral bonuses to weekend deals, and daily specials to races and social media giveaways. Playing at WOW Vegas for a stretch, I found myself running out of coins just twice. They pump out free SC that consistently.

The WOW Vegas no purchase bonus for signing up is 250k WOW Coins and 5 SC free. They spread it out, so you get 3 SC the first day then 1 SC the next two.

Plus, if you bring friends with you, there's more free SC to snag. Each friend who joins with your link and spends over $15 gets you 20 SC. You can invite up to 30 pals, which could mean up to 600 free SC just for getting your crew to join the action.

Picking the “best” promo at WOW Vegas can be easy since it really comes down to what you're into. Personally, I'm all in for the daily race rewards. The best part? The top 500 spots on the leaderboard all get prizes, so while it's competitive, it's not out of reach. Plus, they've got these random prize drops on Pragmatic Play slots that are pretty exciting.

I'm really into the Star System loyalty program at WOW Vegas. They've nailed both the setup and the rewards. Plus, I love how the daily login bonus gets better as you rank up in the VIP levels. It's a neat perk.

With more than 870 games on deck, you’ll never run out of options for your free coins. Top-notch providers like Pragmatic Play, Habanero, and Booming Games mean quality is a sure bet. And it stands alone as the sole sweepstakes casino offering Betsoft games—slot fans, take note. If Betsoft’s your thing, you’re in the right spot.

If you’re often out and about and enjoy gaming in transit, WOW Vegas should be your go-to. Their app is the cream of the crop among sweepstakes casinos, and from what I've seen, it’s every bit as good as its top rating suggests.



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3) Fortune Coins: Biggest No Deposit Bonus for New Signups

fortune coins logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Idaho, Michigan, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at Fortune Coins get 630k GC and 1k FC just for signing up.  Use this link to claim the bonus.

If I'm torn between two solid casinos, the tiebreaker is always the size of the no deposit welcome bonus. I'm all for getting those free coins upfront to really get a feel for the site/app.

This is where Fortune Coins comes out on top.

Right when you sign up, the Fortune Coins no deposit bonus gives 1,000 FC for free (FC is Fortune Coins equivalent to SC at other sweepstakes casinos). Just verify your email, say yes to the promo newsletter, and you'll see those free SC tick up for each task you complete.

If you log in every day for a month, you're looking at a sweet 3,900 free FC to get started—that's like pocketing $39 in cash prizes just for signing up and logging in! Remember, you can’t just redeem those free sweeps right away, you have to play them at least once before you can redeem any winnings.

Fortune Coins might not have the biggest array of promos for the regulars, but they do offer some valuable no deposit bonuses. Take the “Become a Streamer” offer, for example. With this, if you simply stream your Fortune Coins gameplay, you get some free coins.

With the referral bonus, it's pretty straightforward: share your link with buddies on Facebook, WhatsApp, or email. If a friend signs up through your link and buys some coins, you get a batch of free FC. The more they purchase, the more free coins you pocket.

Every so often, Fortune Coins spices things up with social media quizzes. Get the answers right, and you could be one of the lucky ones snagging over 1,000 Fortune Coins.

You've got plenty of options for how to use your free coins at FC. Their library boasts 310+ games—not the largest out there, but with 21+ providers on their roster, they've nailed diversity. I've kept an eye on them, and they're adding new titles at a fast clip. It won't be long before they're playing in the big leagues with their game count.



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4) Pulsz: Best Daily Login No Purchase Bonus

pulsz logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Idaho, Nevada, Michigan, Montana, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at Pulsz can get up to 367k GC & 32.3 SC FREE after signing up. Use this link to claim the bonus.

It's almost unfair to pigeonhole Pulsz as just a daily bonus champ. In my eyes, they're the sweepstakes casino to beat. But we're talking no purchase bonuses here, and by that measure, there are stronger options.

Still, don't get it twisted; Pulsz isn't lagging—they regularly dish out a solid stream of free coins.

The no purchase bonus at Pulsz gives 5,000 GC and 2.3 SC for free. It's not bad by any means, but not as valuable as some competitors. However, as you settle in, you'll find that there are typically 4 to 6 promos that you can use to get even more free sweeps.

The login bonus at Pulsz gets better the more you play—it's their strategy to reward consistency, and I've got to say, it's effective. The more consecutive days you log in, the more coins you get, and it definitely motivates you to keep the streak going.

Slot tournaments aren't always on Pulsz's agenda, but when they pop up, they're a treat. Take their recent tournament, for instance—a thousand players walked away with 1,000 GC and 25 SC spins. I didn't land in the winner's circle this time, but hey, there was nothing to lose since I'd be spinning those reels regardless.

Pulsz has a referral program akin to WOW Vegas's setup. You pass along your referral link, and if your buddy signs up and spends over $15, you're looking at a cool 20 SC added to your balance.

The casino boasts the second-largest collection of games among sweepstakes casinos, so you're never short on options for spending those free coins. With 12 different providers in their roster, the variety is vast—there's something for everyone.



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5) High 5 Casino: Best Loyalty Bonuses

high 5 casino logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at High 5 Casino can get 5 SC, 250 GC, and 600 Diamonds Free. Use this link to claim the bonus.

High 5 has been in the game-making business for over three decades and has brought together classics like Da Vinci Diamonds.

With their sweepstakes casino now on the scene, they're sticking to their guns, dishing out free SC generously. It's a big win for players who get to enjoy the legendary lineup without constantly digging into their pockets, and still get a shot at real prizes.

The High 5 Casino no purchase bonus gives 5 SC, 250 GC, and 600 Diamonds right out of the gate. Those Diamonds aren't just for show—they're your ticket to in-game boosts, like extra spins, adding real value. Toss in the 5 SC, and you've got yourself one of the top no purchase welcomes for newbies out there.

They put a fresh twist on the classic wheel bonus. Instead of the standard 24-hour cycle, here you can take a crack at it every 4 hours for a shot at hidden treasures like free spins, coins, or other cool rewards. Plus, there are Free Spins and Feature Rewards Giveaways that consistently hand you free SC each day.

High 5 Casino doubles down on rewards for regulars. They’re the sole sweepstakes casino offering both a VIP and a loyalty program. Regular players can harvest a bounty of free SC, and for those who play with gusto, VIP status gives even more, unlocking even more lavish rewards.

Their game catalog really packs a punch with over 1,200 titles, including live dealer options. It’s about as close as you can get to the bricks-and-mortar casino vibe without leaving your house.

Definitely keep an eye on High 5's social media pages. They're always posting new quests and challenges where you can snag some SC, GC, and other cool rewards. Each challenge varies—you might need to hit a certain score on a game or knock out a list of tasks. So, if you're into that extra bit of fun and reward, that's your play.



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6) McLuck: Best Referral No Purchase Bonus

McLuck logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at McLuck can get 57.5k GC and 27.5 SC FREE after signup. Use this link to claim the bonus.

McLuck is another solid pick for sweepstakes action. They don't go all out with flashy promos, but they're generous with free SCs, keeping a good flow of rewards coming your way.

From the jump, the McLuck no purchase bonus gives 2.5 SC and 7,500 GC free just for registering. In case the join bonus doesn’t show up on your account, just contact support just ping their customer service and they'll guide you through the steps to snag the free SC.

McLuck's daily bonus has a mystery element—some days might bring bigger rewards than others. If luck's on your side, you could nab up to 2 SC, making it a potentially more lucrative pick compared to the daily offerings at other casinos.

Their referral program seems generous at first glance, offering 25 SC for each friend you bring on board. However, there's a significant catch: your friend needs to spend over $100 for you to get those coins which is much higher than most competitors require.

McLuck’s social media pages are where the real action is at. Take the Weekend Slots Spotlight—just play the chosen game, and you could be in for a chunk of the massive 1,000,000 GC and 500 SC prize pool. Thursdays get even better with their tournament that’s throwing a whopping 2,000,000 GC and 1,000 SC into the mix.

If you're a fan of slots, McLuck is the place for you. With their selection of 700+ titles, you've got endless ways to put those free coins to work. And with their McJackpots network, the chance to land a huge win is always just a spin away.



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7) SweepSlots: Best Social Media Giveaways

sweepslots logo

No SweepSlots Promo Code Needed

Restricted States

Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Washington, Delaware

Sign-Up Bonus

When you sign up at SweepSlots, they welcome you with 10 Gold Coins and 5 SC FREE, no purchase necessary. Use this link to claim the bonus.

SweepSlots doesn’t shower you with endless promos, but the few no deposit bonuses they've got are solid and worth checking out.

A sweet 5 SC lands in your account on signup—no strings attached. This generous offer places them among the top contenders for no deposit welcome bonuses. 

I like that SweepSlots doesn’t make you jump through hoops to get your bonus—no linking your account to social media or subscribing to newsletters is required.

I've got to flag a minor gripe with their daily login bonus, though. Sure, it’s nice to get free SC every day, but a mere 0.5 SC feels a bit stingy compared to what you might find elsewhere.

SweepSlots does, however, amp up the giveaways on social media. They just wrapped up an Instagram contest where entrants needed to tag a couple of buddies, hit follow on their page, and pass along the contest post. Random winners snagged a hefty 200k in GC and 50 SC for their efforts

They shake things up with a creative twist on the referral bonus. While most places offer a set amount of SC for each new friend you bring on board, SweepSlots opts for a cashback approach, giving you 25% of the losses for every friend who joins in on the fun. It's a fresh angle that could pay off more as your referrals play.

SweepSlots has a smaller collection of games, about 110 slots, but what they offer is pretty unique. They've mixed in some special instant games that give you a different vibe from what you usually see.

This dash of uniqueness could be a game-changer for players seeking a different kind of slot adventure.



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8) Moonspin: Best Free Rakeback Promotions

moonspin casino logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Idaho, Michigan, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

After signing up, new players at Moonspin get 30,000 Gold Coins and 3 Moon Coins. Use this link to claim the bonus.

Moonspin is making a splash in the sweepstakes casino scene, attracting lots of players with its unique crypto games. But personally, it’s their generous giveaways that really pull me in.

Sign up, and you'll receive 30,000 Gold Coins and 3 Moon Coins right off the bat, which you can eventually cash out for real dough. To claim the no-deposit welcome bonus, you'll need to do so manually, but the good news is you won't need any promo codes to activate it.

The welcome bonus at Moonspin is just the beginning of a nonstop parade of freebies. They keep 6-8 promos going at all times, including three different rakeback deals. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, these rakebacks are like a lifeline, giving back some of your losses and keeping you in the game.

And there's more—you can scoop up additional free coins with log-in bonuses, mail-in offers, and social media giveaways. Get involved with the “Share the Love” promos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and you could rake in dozens of free Moon Coins.

Using all the free tokens you gather, you get to try out over 70 slots, table games, and crash games—Moonspin's real claim to fame. Games like Hi-Lo and Crash bring an edge-of-your-seat kind of thrill, putting you in charge of the action. It's up to you to decide when to stop the rising multipliers, a stark contrast to other games where you're just watching passively.

If you score big in the games, cashing out your winnings is a breeze with any of the seven cryptocurrencies available. The minimum redemption threshold is set at a player-friendly 40 MC.

Should you ever need help, whether it's about how to use promotions, check your eligibility, or anything else, they've got a 24/7 support team ready to assist via live chat and email. I've found their support to be really efficient and helpful.



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Compare No Deposit Bonuses at Sweepstakes Casinos

You've got the inside scoop on my top choices and a peek into the kind of freebies they're dishing out. For the full breakdown, my in-depth reviews are up for grabs, along with detailed pages on those sweet no deposit bonuses.

But if you're itching to cut to the chase and snag the lowdown on the free coin haul when you sign up, I've laid it all out for you in a handy table below. It's your quick-view guide to the no deposit welcome bonuses from the casinos we just walked through.

Quick tip for you: Don't put all your coins in one basket. There's no rule against joining several sweepstakes casinos, so you can sign up for multiple to maximize your free sweeps. It's a breeze to sign up, and you can be racking up free coins daily across a bunch of sites. Spread the love, and those coins might just multiply.



Welcome Bonus

No Deposit Bonus Code

25 SC + 250k GC + 5% rakebackODDSASSIST

WOW Vegas

5 SC + 250k WC

No Code Needed—Use Link

Fortune Coins

1k FC + 330k GC

No Code Needed—Use Link


2.3 SC + 5k GC

No Code Needed—Use Link

High 5 Casino

5 SC + 250 GC + 600 Diamonds

No Code Needed—Use Link


2.5 SC + 7.5k GC

No Code Needed—Use Link


5 SC + 10k GC

No Code Needed—Use Link

How No Deposit Bonuses at Sweepstakes Casinos Work

No deposit bonuses at sweepstakes casinos are free offers you can claim without putting down any cash.

If you skim through my guide on how sweepstakes casinos operate, you'll get why they're handing out free SC like candy. It boils down to staying legal—they've got to give away those coins to meet the sweepstakes criteria and keep the gaming fun and legal.

It's important to note two key aspects:

  • Dual coin bonuses: In most cases, no deposit bonuses cover both types of currency (Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins). You're not only getting the “just for fun” tokens (GC) but also SC, which are your ticket to redeeming real prizes.
  • Open to all players: Unlike real money casinos, where no deposit bonuses are typically a one-off welcome gift, sweepstakes casinos often extend these giveaways to all players, not just the new sign-ups.

Securing no deposit bonuses is generally hassle-free across the board. You'll get a chunk of free SC just for registering at most places. For ongoing promos, the criteria can change; a simple action might net you more SC, or hitting it big on a slot could catapult you to leaderboard glory and earn you those coveted sweeps coins.

How to Pick the Best Sweepstakes No Deposit Bonuses

Going for the casino with the heftiest no deposit bonus might seem like the smart play. And hey, it’s not a bad start. But if you’re in it to win it, there’s more to consider than just the size of the freebie pile. It’s all about playing your cards right to make the most of the whole experience.

With that in mind, here are a few criteria you should implement when you’re on the lookout for the best sweepstakes no deposit bonuses.

Bonus Size

When it comes to no deposit bonuses, bigger often feels better. It's basic math—the more you get, the more you can play. But you knew that already, right? On to what else matters.

Redeemable Coins Included

Keep an eye on the fine print—some no deposit bonuses might just offer Gold Coins without the redeemable Sweeps Coins. It’s not common, but you don’t want to be caught off guard. We're here for the real deal, not just the play money.

Playthrough Requirements

Playthrough requirements are how many times you have to play the free coins before you can redeem them for prizes.

While you won't typically see playthrough terms tagged to no deposit bonuses directly, don't overlook the terms on Sweeps Coins. They generally run the gamut from a very doable 1x (just have to play once to redeem winnings) to a slightly steeper 3x wagering requirement.

It's one of those details that can make a big difference when you're trying to redeem those coins for real-world rewards. For example, if a game returns 98% of the amount played, on average, having to play free coins 3 times instead of just once means you’ll likely lose more of those sweeps.

Triggering Mechanism

Some casinos really make you jump through hoops for that no deposit bonus. Like this one place, asking you to hit follow, share, and comment on social media for a chance at a prize.

It's a whole performance for something that might not even pan out.

No thanks.

I'd rather spend my time playing than performing social media acrobatics for a maybe-win.

Realistic Tournaments

Some slot tournaments set the bar sky-high. Hitting a 100x multiplier or more to climb the ranks? That’s a tall order and can mean sinking in a lot more time than some of us have to spare. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where the challenge is real but so are the chances of winning.

Truly Free Bonuses

Referral bonuses should feel like a win-win, not a favor at a friend's expense. Ideally, the deal's good enough that both you and your buddies come out ahead without anyone feeling the pinch. After all, sharing the fun shouldn’t mean sharing the cost.

Steps to Getting Free Sweeps & Coins at Sweepstakes Casinos

Securing free SC is generally a simple process. I've covered particular actions for certain bonuses in one of the earlier segments, but now let's move on to a wider guide outlining some essential universal steps:

  1. Pick a sweepstakes casino: Start by choosing a sweepstakes casino from the curated list above. The insights from mini and full reviews, coupled with the detailed no deposit bonus analysis, will guide you to a casino that resonates with your gaming preferences. You can also check out our guide to the best sweepstakes casinos if you’re interested in more than just the no deposit bonuses.
  2. Registration: Signing up is straightforward—prepare to enter your basic details like username, name, and email address. Keep in mind that further identity confirmation might be needed when you're ready to make purchases or redeem prizes.
  3. Account confirmation: Often, completing a simple step like email verification or connecting your Facebook profile can net you a tidy sum of free Sweep Coins.
  4. Daily bonuses: Log in daily to claim your bonus. It’s instantly accessible—join and claim on Day 1, and then you're set to return after every 24-hour interval after that for more free SC.
  5. Social media engagement: Stay tuned to the casino's social media pages. Participating in their active community can often lead to promotional giveaways.
  6. Mail-in request: A tried-and-true method, mailing a request to the casino’s physical address can reward you with Sweep Coins, in line with their terms and conditions. It might test your patience with a longer wait time, but it's a solid route to free coins without having to make a deposit.

Other Ways to Get Free Sweeps at Social Casinos

Once you register, most casinos immediately offer a no deposit bonus. However, the opportunities to garner free coins at sweepstakes apps don't stop there. Here are several avenues to unlock more:

  • Verify your email: After signing up, many casinos will release your welcome free coins once you confirm your email address. In some cases, casinos may grant a portion immediately after signup and the rest once you've validated your email.
  • Connect your account with Facebook: Linking your casino account to Facebook often nets you extra free SC, as many sweepstakes casinos encourage this integration by rewarding you with additional coins.
  • Sign up for SMS/email subscriptions: Opting in for an SMS or email newsletter can net you a handful of free coins from sites like Fortune Coins just for agreeing to keep up with their latest promotions.
  • Tournaments: You're often in automatically—just play the right games, score big multipliers, and you could top the leaderboard
  • Daily bonus: Simply log in to claim your SC or click a button to collect—either way, you’re set with free play every day.
  • Referral bonuses: Pass your referral link around, and when friends sign up and buy in, you both score some free SC.
  • Social media: Social media promos can be as simple as following the casino's page for free coins or engaging in quizzes and contests for a chance at random draws and prizes.
  • Mail-in requests: Draft a letter to the casino formally requesting complimentary SC. Anticipate a wait of about a week for them to process your mail and grant your request.
  • Loyalty freebies: loyalty perks aren't your typical no deposit bonuses. Nevertheless, they're a boon to regular players, rewarding you without requiring additional coin purchases—they're earned naturally as you enjoy the games.

Important Terms to Watch Out for With Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Sweepstakes casinos balance generosity with practicality in their no deposit bonuses. Unlike real money casinos, they don’t overload the promos with excessive requirements. After all, their goal is to hand out free coins, not complicate the fun.

However, they also can’t give away the store, as that would be a fast track to bankruptcy. So, while the offers are straightforward, they come with a few reasonable conditions to keep things fair and sustainable for everyone involved.

Here are the important terms and conditions to watch out for with no deposit bonuses at sweepstakes casinos:

  • Wagering requirements: At sweepstakes casinos, wagering requirements are a standard affair for redeemable coins. Typically, these requirements will range from a low 1x to a moderate 3x, meaning you'll need to play through your sweep coins at least once or up to three times before redemption.
  • Coin investment: To join in on some slot tournaments, there’s often a stipulation to play a certain number of coins. This minimum coin spend is a threshold you need to meet to be eligible for tournament participation and potential winnings.
  • Cap on freebies: There's a generous, yet limited bounty when it comes to referrals and mail-in promos. Sweepstakes casinos usually place a ceiling on the number of friends you can refer and the amount of free SCs you can claim. These caps help balance the promotional giveaways and ensure that the system is fair and not open to exploitation.

Tips for Using Sweepstakes No Deposit Bonuses

The headline might sound like clickbait since sweepstakes casino games rely on randomness, with little opportunity to sway the outcome. Left mostly to the whims of your luck, you might wonder what advice could be of any use. The tips I'm about to share are rooted in common sense, yet you might have overlooked or simply not considered them in the heat of the moment.

  • Practice with Gold Coins (GC): Use GC for trying out games. This allows you to understand game mechanics and fine-tune your strategies without risk, a move that's particularly beneficial for table games where skill influences the outcome.
  • Focus on high RTP games: While Return to Player (RTP) is a long-term metric, it's an important one. Choosing games with high RTP (96% – 98%) over medium RTP (93% – 95%) might seem trivial at first, but over time, it could mean more efficient use of your coins.
  • Register at multiple sweepstakes casinos: Spread your chances. The more sweepstakes casinos you sign up with, the more no deposit bonuses you have access to, resulting in a greater pool of free coins.
  • Daily social media checks: Set a reminder to do a daily check of the social casino's social media pages into your routine, right after claiming your daily login bonus. It's a minimal time investment that could pay off with extra coins.
  • Savvy sweep coins spending: Even though SCs are free, they should be spent thoughtfully. Wise play could translate to actual cash prizes. So while free, they shouldn’t be blown away on high-risk games.

How You Can Redeem Sweeps from Sweepstakes Casinos for Real Cash Prizes

Sweepstakes casinos typically operate with two distinct types of currency. The primary one is often referred to as Gold Coins. This is the virtual currency you use to play games, and they don't hold any real-world value outside of the casino platform.

The secondary currency is commonly known as Sweeps Coins or Sweepstakes Coins, which are bundled with Gold Coins as part of various packages. These can't be bought individually; instead, they come included with Gold Coin purchases. The key difference with Sweeps Coins is that you can redeem them for actual prizes—including cash.

It’s important to note that Sweeps Coins typically have minimum redemptions amounts. For example, many social casinos require you to have at least 100 SC (or whatever the equivalent of $100 in cash prizes is) before you can redeem them.

One Sweeps Coin usually equals one dollar, but at some casinos, there might be a different  ratio, such as 100 SC equating to $1. Be sure to check the SC to cash prizes conversion rate so you know exactly how much you have in your balance and how much you’re playing.

For prize redemptions, most sweepstakes casinos offer online banking and additional payment options like Skrill or bank transfer.

Sweepstakes No Deposit Bonus FAQs

Fortune Coins and lead the pack with the best no deposit bonuses for new players.

Which casino offers the most free sweeps coins?
When it comes to freebies, all 7 of the sweepstakes casinos I've scoped out are pretty great, but and WOW Vegas stand out for having the most diverse array of no deposit bonuses.

Why do sweepstakes casinos offer no deposit bonuses?
Sweepstakes casinos hand out no deposit bonuses to reel in new players and, frankly, because they've got to. It's part of the deal for them to be considered a sweepstakes casino legally.

How can I get free SC coins?
To start, sign up at any of the above-recommended social casinos. Then, you can get more free SC by referring friends, mailing requests, participating in tournaments, and through regular play.

Are there any no deposit bonuses for returning players in sweepstakes casinos?
Yes, returning players frequently receive no deposit bonuses, including mail-in promos, slot tournaments, social media giveaways, daily login bonuses, and more.

Can I claim no deposit bonuses at sweepstakes casinos multiple times?
Yes, most no deposit bonuses, aside from welcome bonuses, can be claimed repeatedly.

Do I have to make a purchase to claim no deposit bonuses?
Not at all. Purchases at sweepstakes casinos are not mandatory. So, you can scoop up no deposit bonuses and play without ever opening your wallet.

Can I use no deposit bonuses in sweepstakes casinos on any game?
There are typically no restrictions on how you can use free sweeps from no deposit bonuses at sweepstakes casinos. Feel free to use your free coins on any game you want.

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