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The Moonspin sign-up bonus is 30k GC & 3 MC FREE. No promo code is required, just use our exclusive link here.

Companies featured on this page may be our partners who compensate us if you sign up for one through our links. This doesn't affect our ratings or opinions in any way. Must be 21+. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. See full disclosure.

I was looking for some new sweepstake casinos to try out when Moonspin popped up on my radar.

What really caught my eye is how it's all about crypto. The only other notable sweepstakes casino that shares this crypto-centric approach is

Before we dive into the full Moonspin Casino review, let's kick things off with some key points:

  • Moonspin operates in all U.S. states except for Washington, Michigan and Idaho.
  • They use a dual currency system: Gold Coins for fun (no real value) and Moon Coins which can be redeemed for real cash prizes.
  • New players receive a welcome bonus of 30,000 Gold Coins and 3 Moon Coins, given out over 3 days.
  • The maximum amount of Moon Coins (MC) you can redeem from bonuses is $100—a big drawback to consider. For example, if you turn the 3 MC from the sign-up bonus into 150 MC ($150), then you can only redeem $100 in cash prizes.
  • The platform supports transactions with 7 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Tron.
  • Moonspin is the only sweepstakes casino that offers weekly and monthly rakebacks
  • They feature 70+ slots, crash games, and a roulette game.

If you're in a state where Moonspin is available and you're a fan of sweepstakes casinos, we definitely recommend giving Moonspin a shot. Even if you don’t end up liking it, you can at least take advantage of the no-deposit bonus to give yourself a chance at winning some cash prizes.

The rest of this Moonspin review goes over my take on the platform as a whole, starting with the welcome bonus and then getting into other important aspects like the game selection, banking options, and more.

In this review

Moonspin Promo Code & Sign Up Bonus

Moonspin’s no-deposit bonus for signing up is a coin package of 30,000 Gold Coins and 3 Moon Coins.

They hand it out in three chunks.

On day one after registering, you get 10,000 Gold Coins and 1 Moon Coin. Then, for the next two days, you get the same deal.

You don’t need a Moonspin promo code to claim the welcome bonus—simply sign up using our exclusive link.

>> Join Moonspin & receive up to 30k GC & 3 MC FREE

How to Get Moonspin No-Deposit Bonus

Here are the steps required to claim the Moonspin welcome bonus. The onboarding process at Moonspin is a bit different from what you usually see at sweepstakes casinos, so I’ll walk through the sign-up flow so you don’t run into any roadblocks.

1) Sign Up for An Account

To get started, just click on this link to head over to the casino. Just make sure you're in an area where Moonspin operates—which includes all U.S. states except Idaho and Washington.

Just a heads up, I tried accessing it using a VPN from outside the U.S. to see if they have any geoblocking measures in place, and sure enough, they do.

Once you land on the platform, just hit the blue “Register” button in the top right corner. This will bring up the registration form.

It's pretty similar to other sweepstakes casinos, but there's a twist: they ask for ID verification right off the bat. This is a bit different since most casinos usually do these KYC (Know Your Customer) checks later, either after you register or when you're about to make purchases or redemptions.

No sweat, though. The process is easy. I just popped in my driver's license number, and that was pretty much it.

Alternatively, if you've got a crypto wallet, that's another quick way to jump into Moonspin. Click on “Log In” and select either MetaMask or Wallet Connect. From there, just go with the flow of the prompts, and you'll be in no time.

2) Claim the No-Deposit Bonus

In most sweepstakes casinos, the join bonus automatically drops in your account post-signup. At Moonspin, you'll need to manually collect it.

To do this, just click on the dropdown account menu in the top right corner and select “Bonuses”. You'll find the welcome bonus among the ongoing promotions. Just click “Claim” to get it. At no point are you required to enter any Moonspin promo code.

Below is a screenshot for reference—I've already claimed mine, but it should help you see how it’s done.

3) Play Enough to Clear Out the Wagering Requirements

The Moon Coins you get from the welcome bonus are tagged with a 35x wagering requirement —a tough nut to crack, I know.

This means you have to play them 35 times before they're ripe for redemption. The gaming lobby's just a click away in the left sidebar, though you'll also spot games featured on the homepage.

4) Purchase Coins (Optional)

Moonspin sticks to the sweepstakes rule of “no purchase necessary.” This means you can play without spending any money. They keep you supplied with a regular flow of coins. But remember, these freebies aren't unlimited.

If you run dry and don't want to wait for the next top-up of Moon Coins, just hit the “Buy Gold Coins” button. When you do, you'll need to verify your identity.

For me, since I used my driver's license for registration, I had to snap photos of it from both sides. Essentially, you'll verify with whatever document you chose when you signed up.

After you've got the verification completed, you're all set to hit the cashier. There, you'll find six coin packages to choose from, starting at just $10. Whichever package you pick, you'll receive a hefty sum of Gold Coins and a smaller batch of Moon Coins.

5) Redeem Your Bonus Winnings

If you manage to clear the 35x rollover from the welcome bonus, there's one more hoop to jump through before you can cash in your winnings: the minimum and maximum redemption thresholds.

Moonspin keeps the details on their minimum redemption threshold a bit under wraps. In their terms and conditions, they mention having the right to set a minimum threshold for redeeming prizes. However, they don't specify what this threshold is. What they do make clear is that players can redeem a minimum of 40 Moon Coins per day.

You can also only redeem up to $100 in cash prizes (100 MC) from any coins that came from the no-deposit bonus or other promotions. This is a big drawback of Moonspin and probably my biggest gripe with the platform right now. If you’re able to turn the 3 MC from the sign-up bonus into 200 MC, for example, you’ll only be able to redeem $100 worth and forfeit the rest.

Once you've racked up enough “cleared” coins (those free from the rollover requirement), you're ready to redeem. Just navigate to the “Buy Gold Coins” button and click on “Redeem.”

As of now, Moonspin allows redemption to cash cryptocurrency only through the same method you used for your deposit. 

Important Information About the Moonspin Welcome Offer

Here are some other key details about Moonspin’s sign-up bonus:

  • Wagering requirements: The Moon Coins you get from the welcome bonus come with a 35x playthrough requirement. This means you need to play through your coins that many times in games before they're ready for redemption.
  • Game contributions: All games at Moonspin pitch in equally (100%) towards meeting wagering requirements. This means you can stick to playing the games you enjoy without having to compromise just to clear the bonus.
  • Expiration date: Once you claim the bonus, you've got 100 days to use it up. This generous time frame should give you plenty of room to meet that rollover requirement.
  • Time to activate the bonus: No need to hurry here. There's no set deadline for claiming your bonus, so take your time. Just keep in mind, the bonus offer you see today might not be the same down the road.
  • Eligibility: You must be 18+ to claim the bonus and reside in any U.S. state except and Washington.
  • Cap on winnings: There's a limit to how much you can cash in from those Moon Coins you get from no deposit bonuses—it's capped at $100. This is a big drawback of Moonspin, in my opinion. If you’re able to turn your Moon Coins from the no-deposit bonus into any amount over $100, you won’t be able to redeem all of them.

How Does Moonspin Welcome Bonus Stack Up

Compare compared to the best sweepstakes casinos, Moonspin's welcome offer doesn't measure up to the industry leaders’ no deposit bonuses.

The issue for me isn't the size of their promo; it's the demanding terms and conditions that come with it. I'm talking about the steep 35x rollover requirement and the $100 cap on winnings—those are the real sticking points.

Moonspin is the only sweepstakes casino I know of that has a cap on winnings from bonuses. As for wagering requirements, it's a similar story. The only other site I've seen with requirements over 1x is, and they're at 3x. They're an exception, though; virtually all other sweepstakes casinos stick to a 1x requirement.

If we're talking size alone, Moonspin's sign-up bonus hangs right there with what you'd get from other top sweepstakes casinos for starting out. However, an apples-to-apples comparison gets a bit skewed when you factor in Moonspin's much higher wagering requirements.

Another thing about Moonspin that might bum you out is they don't offer a first purchase bonus. That's pretty standard at most other social casinos, so it's kind of a letdown not seeing it here.

Moonspin Casino Review

I ran into Moonspin while cruising through some Reddit threads on sweepstakes casinos. Someone was all jazzed up about it and it got me curious. So, I figured, why not give it a whirl and see if it lives up to the hype. And I’m pretty stoked that I did.

Below, I'll lay out everything about my time at Moonspin and what I really think about it.


From what I've gathered around the web, Moonspin launched in 2023. There isn't a ton of info out there about them, but that’s not because they're trying to keep a low profile or anything shady. They've only recently hit the market, so their footprint isn't huge yet.

I did some digging and managed to scrape together some info about the company that runs Moonspin.

The site is owned by Darius Cubed Technology Limited, a company based in Limassol, Cyprus. A quick check confirmed they're properly registered with the Cyprus Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver.

Their data processing is handled by Pair of Ducks, a company based in Delaware.

The team behind Moonspin apparently doesn’t have a background in online casinos. This venture appears to be their first leap into the industry.


Moonspin's reputation seems to be on solid ground for now. They're keeping things pretty clean. They’re just starting to get noticed, so there isn't a ton of user feedback floating around just yet. You won't find them on Trustpilot or Sitejabber as they haven’t been rated there yet.

On ScamAdviser, Moonspin has scored a decent 65 out of 100 on the Trustscore. There’s also one review rating them a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

I did a bit of sleuthing on Reddit too. No major red flags or alarm bells there. Mostly, players are praising their games. I did see this one player blasting them for the stiff tough wagering requirements and the cap on bonus winnings, but that’s more about the rules of the game than a ding on Moonspin's legitimacy or trustworthiness.

Moonspin’s social media game is starting to pick up some steam. Here’s a snapshot of where they're at currently:

  • 800+ followers on Facebook
  • 1k+ followers on their Instagram
  • 650+ followers on X (former Twitter)
  • 85+ users on Discord

I combed through each of these platforms, looking for any negative comments or those bot-like, generic praises that can sometimes puff up a page's appearance. But my search turned up clean—it all looks pretty genuine.

Main Selling Points

Moonspin is on to something with its crypto-centric approach. It could really be their ace in the hole in an industry that often sticks to the tried and true.

Here's a look at the three key aspects where I believe Moonspin has hit the mark:

  • Crypto-centric model: Moonspin’s crypto setup is a breath of fresh air in an industry where true innovation is rare. Giving players the option to use cryptocurrencies, which adds a layer of anonymity, is pretty neat. That's a feature I can see a lot of players getting behind.
  • Unique games: Just like, Moonspin’s got its own set of “Originals”—a lineup of in-house games that you can only play at their site. Exclusivity is a big draw, but what really turns heads is the provably fair system these games use. It's a big deal for those who value integrity and fair play.
  • Rewarding rakebacks: I’ve come across casinos that offer rakebacks but typically looped into their loyalty programs. Moonspin, on the other hand, takes a different route. They provide instant, weekly, and monthly rakebacks as part of their regular promo offerings.

Areas Where Moonspin Can Improve

Moonspin is off to a promising start, yet there's a path ahead to catch up with the leading sweepstakes casinos.

Let’s look at three specific areas where I believe Moonspin could really make strides:

  1. Loosen up the terms and conditions: Having to play through a bonus 35 times before cashing out Moon Coins is a tough pill for players to swallow. And then there’s that $100 cap on winnings from no deposit bonuses. Easing up on these could earn Moonspin some serious points with players.
  2. Bring in more providers: Top sweepstakes casinos partner with multiple software providers for a reason—variety matters. Moonspin's custom games are cool and all, but expanding their lineup with more game vendors will hit the spot for players looking for more choices.
  3. Introduce a traditional payment option: I might be a bit old-school here, not using crypto much myself, but having a standard payment method at Moonspin would be a smart move. It would make things a lot easier for crypto newbies or those not quite ready to make the digital currency leap, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

Pros & Cons

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Moonspin State Availability

Operating in 48 U.S. states, Moonspin's reach is impressive, even for a sweepstakes casino. The only states off their map are Washington and Idaho.

How Moonspin Casino Works

If you're new to the sweepstakes casino concept, I recommend checking out my detailed guide on what sweepstakes casinos are. It inlcudes the legal details and mechanics of how these platforms operate.

Here’s what you need to know before you start playing at Moonspin:

  • Real money isn't used for play. Instead, you’ll be playing with a fictional currency.
  • You can play for free and still have a chance to win actual prizes.
  • No need to make purchases to enjoy the games. Moonspin provides free coins at regular intervals as part of their model.

Moonspin operates with two types of coins:

  • Gold Coins (GC): You get these tokens regularly, but they're just for playing games for fun on Moonspin—they have no real-world value. Anything you win with Gold Coins just increases your GC balance; you can’t redeem them for prizes.
  • Moon Coins (MC): These are add-ons alongside Gold Coins, though in smaller quantities. The reason why Moon Coins are more exclusive is because you can exchange them for real cash prizes.

You can flip between Gold Coins and Moon Coins with a dropdown that's right next to the “Buy Gold Coins” button. Just a heads-up: make sure to pick your coin type before jumping into a game. Once you're in, switching isn't possible.

One cool thing about Moonspin is their “For Fun” mode which they call demo mode. It lets you play games without using up any GCs or MCs. Essentially, you get limitless play. It's a feature you don’t see often; only has something similar.

Moonspin Game Types

Moonspin isn’t exactly jam-packed with games, but they really deliver on depth in terms of game type diversity. The categories they offer include:

  • Slots
  • Crash games
  • Card games
  • Roulette
  • Dice

Right now, they're sitting at a little over 70 games. It's definitely on the cozier side compared to some. In terms of size, only a few like Funrize, Tao Fortune, and NoLimitCoins are in the same league. Most of my top sweepstakes casinos have almost 10 times that number.

Here’s hoping Moonspin ramps up their game library by adding more providers. For now, their lineup is all about proprietary titles and slots from a provider named Lucky.

Lucky isn't a game studio I've come across elsewhere, so Moonspin's got a unique angle there, especially when you mix in those in-house games they offer.

Navigation Through the Game Lobby

The game lobby at Moonspin is a breeze to get around, which makes sense considering the smaller game selection. Interestingly, they've embedded the “by providers ” filter in the search functionality, despite having games from just two studios.

When you launch a game, you’ll stumble upon the stats section below the play screen. It displays Live Bets, High Wins, and For Fun stats, letting you in on what others are playing and their wins. It’s a nice touch of transparency.

I've got a small bone to pick with Moonspin's layout: there are no descriptions on the icons in the “Original games” menu. This would give players a sneak peek into the game, saving them from hover over each icon or guess what it is based on the icon.

I’ll break down Moonspin’s gaming lineup below in more detail.


Moonspin features 57+ online slot titles. This count might not break records when you compare it with other casinos, but trust me, it’s got enough variety to keep things interesting. I’ve definitely enjoyed quite a few rounds on their slots.

Heading into it, I wasn't sure what to expect from this Lucky provider. Turns out, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Their slots are impressive.

And here’s the thing: these aren't some second-rate knock-offs. They’re legit. They remind me of Evoplay’s work on platforms like Pulsz and SweepSlots. The visuals are sharp and sleek. But it's not just about good looks—these slots are packed with features. Think along the lines of:

  • Connect Wilds
  • Sticky wilds
  • Buy Bonus Feature
  • Respins
  • Multipliers

Moonspin's got their own spin on popular mechanics like Hold & Wins and Megaways, so it’s more than just your usual lineup of slot extras. They’re stepping outside the standard slot box.

You won’t find a progressive jackpot system like the ones at Fortune Coins or McLuck, but I came across some slots with fixed jackpots like Sheriff’s Justice. This title features four fixed jackpots: mini, minor, major, and grand. The prize is tied to your stake. The more you bet per spin, the bigger the potential prize.

From the 20 or so slots I've tried at Moonspin, the average Return to Player (RTP) hovers around 96%, which is pretty standard for the industry.

There’s a good variety of slots with different volatility levels—high, medium, and low. If you're into high volatility slots, I recommend Soccer Legends. It offers a maximum payout of a whopping 50,000x.

Top Slots to Try Out at Moonspin

Slot picks can be pretty personal. What's a hit for me might not be your thing. So, these aren’t necessarily the ‘best' slots at Moonspin, just the ones I had the most fun with.

GameMin Bet in Moon CoinsFeatures
Farm Ville 20.1Bonus Buy, free spins, expanded reels
Cirkus of Freaks0.1Eletric Chair Bonus, random feature in free spins, random feature in the bonus game, wilds
Bulls Rush0.1Wilds, scatters, free spins
Chilli Desert0.1Expanding wilds, jackpots (fixed), spicy pepper bonus
Candy Mania0.1Double symbols, expanding wilds, scatters

My Slot Adventure: Dave's Run

I knew that provably fair games would give me a better shot of clearing the welcome bonus (they have a higher RTP than slots), but I decided to try my luck with the Alchemy Book slot.

Slots are my jam and, besides, I was just there for a good time more than anything else. Plus, this game is packed with the kind of extras I like in slots, like stacked wilds and multipliers.

Alchemy Book slot has an RTP of 96%. I went in with my 2.3 MC stash, planning on 50 spins at 0.4 MC each. Let's roll into how that panned out.

Number of SpinsRTPStakeNumber of hits exceeding stakeMax winBonus feature triggered
5096%0.41712 (x30)No


Moonspin Casino features a single roulette game on the European wheel. What's a bit unusual is its 4% house edge, higher than the typical European version. This puts it somewhere in the middle between European and American roulette in terms of payback rate.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the betting range is pretty broad. The denominations start at 1 and scale up to 1,000,000.

The chip value is 0.1, which means that you can play with as little as 0.1 Moon Coins. And for those looking to go big, the maximum bet is 500 Moon Coins, with a chance to win up to 5,000 Moon Coins.


Hi-Lo's about as easy as card games get. You're just guessing whether the next card is going to be higher or lower than the one up on the screen.

It's played with a standard deck with Kings as the highest and Aces as the lowest cards. The RTP for Hi-Lo is 96.30%. For betting, it offers a range similar to what you'd see in roulette.


Dice is kind of like Hi-Lo, but with a twist. The dice on the screen are just for show—their actual values don't really come into play.

Here's how it works: you first set your baseline using a slider in the middle. This number can be anything from 1 to 100. This choice becomes the benchmark for your rolls.

Next, you decide whether you want to roll over or under your chosen starting point.

The payouts in Dice hinge on the number you start with. For instance, if you pick 5 and opt to “Roll Over”, your theoretical winning chance is 95%, so the payouts are smaller. In contrast, if you get bold and choose a starting point like 80 and roll over, your chances of winning decrease, but the potential payouts are higher.


Crash games have really caught on in the casino world, with Aviator popularizing the genre. Moonspin offers several crash games. There's the standard version, which has a feel similar to Aviator, along with other games like Moon Bro and Chart. In Moon Bro, you're in control of a flying car, and the goal is to cash out at the perfect moment before an inevitable crash.

The concept behind Crash games is straightforward. You have a set time to lay down your bets. Once this betting window closes, the game’s multiplier starts to tick up. It's a steady climb, but out of nowhere, it could just stop—that's your “crash” moment. The whole game is about timing and knowing when to cash out before the crash. If you pull it off, you win your stake multiplied by whatever the number was right before the crash.

Crash games keep things moving at a brisk pace. There's only a few seconds of downtime between rounds, so it’s all rapid-fire action.

What really gets me about these games is their super high RTP, usually topping 99%.

Moonpay Sweepstakes Casino Purchase & Redemption Methods

At Moonpay Sweepstakes Casino, the no deposit bonuses are decent enough for a good gaming stretch, but they aren’t bottomless.

When you're out of free MC and don't fancy waiting for the next handout or just playing demos, topping up your coins is the way to go.

To buy more, hit the “Buy Gold Coins” button and pick from the six bundle options they've got. It’s a quick fix to get your balance back up and get you right back in the game.

CostGold CoinsMoon Coins
$10 10,00010.1
$25 25,00025.5
$50 50,00052
$100 100,000105
$250 250,000256
$500 500,000520

Once you pick your coin package, you'll get bounced over to the payment page. You've got seven different cryptocurrencies to choose from:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Ripple
  • Tron
  • Dogecoin

Next up, you've got two ways to transfer your funds. You can either copy the deposit address they provide or use the QR code to zip the amount straight from your crypto wallet.

Just a heads-up: the exchange rate for your cryptocurrency locks in for 15 minutes. This gives you a little breathing room to complete your transaction without the stress of fluctuating rates.

Also, there's a limit on how much you can buy in one go. The max package is worth $2,000, and they cap each transaction at $500.

Redeeming Prizes

Once you've tackled those wagering requirements attached to your Moon Coins—35x for MCs from no deposit bonuses and 3x for MCs obtained from purchases—they're eligible for redemption.

There’s a minimum 40 MC threshold you have to hit with those cleared coins before you can redeem them.

When you're ready to cash out at Moonspin, it's pretty straightforward. Just click on your account menu in the top right corner and hit the “Redeem” tab. From there, pick your cryptocurrency, punch in your wallet address, and the amount you're looking to redeem. Just a heads up—Moonspin charges a flat $3 fee for each redemption.

Right now, cash prizes are your only option for redemption. Although, if you peek at their T&C, they mention possibly adding gift cards and merchandise down the line.

And here's how they value Moon Coins: 1 MC equals $1.

Ongoing Promotions & Rewards Program at Moonspin Casino

The welcome bonus at Moonspin Casino is just a springboard to a bunch of free MC giveaways. Stay active, get involved in their promos, and you can steadily build up a nice stack of MCs.

Moonspin's promo lineup has the usual suspects—namely daily log-in and mail-in bonuses—plus they throw in social media contests for a bit of flair. What stands out is their inclusion of rakebacks in the regular promotion lineup. I think that's a nice touch that adds extra value for regular players.

One thing that bugs me (and I bet other players feel the same) is the lack of a dedicated promo section on the homepage. To get the lowdown on active deals, you've got to navigate through your account menu and hit “Bonuses.”

But even then, you're not getting the full picture. They leave out a bunch of promos, like social media, mail-in, and referral bonuses, which you have to stumble upon in the T&C.

Another thing that's a bit off with Moonspin is the lack of details on their offers. Take the rakeback, for example—there's no clear info on what you need to spend to qualify or if there's any cap on it. So yeah, they could definitely step up their game in organizing and presenting promotions.

And it's a bit of a downer that they don't offer a referral scheme.

Ongoing Promos

When I was checking out Moonspin, I came across five active offers. Here's the scoop:

  • Instant (daily) rakeback: You get 5% back of the coins you spent that day.
  • Weekly rakeback: They also dish out a 3% rakeback on all the coins you lost over the week.
  • Monthly: There's a 2% rakeback on your net losses for the month.
  • Daily log-in: Just by logging in every 24 hours, you snag 0.30 Moon Coins and 1,000 Gold Coins.
  • Social media: They're pretty active with giveaways on Instagram and other social platforms, roughly once a week. These can vary—sometimes it's a random draw where you need to share your game winnings and follow them on Telegram. Other times, they might hand out 10 free spins chosen by a wheel spin.

One thing to remember: for all these promos, except the social media ones, you've got to collect your coins manually.

Mail-In Promotion

Just like other sweepstakes casinos, Moonspin gives you a chance to snag free Moon Coins through the old-school method: mailing in a request.

Here's a quick guide on what to do:

  1. Use a postcard or a white paper of at least 4” x 6” size.
  2. Write your return address on the envelope, adding “Moon Coins Credits”.
  3. On your postcard or paper, list your full legal name, Moonspin username, your registered residential address, the email tied to your Moonspin account, and don’t forget to add “CODE:” followed by a unique code you'll get from Moonspin's Customer Support.
  4. Add a quick note saying you want to get some Moon Coins for Moonspin's sweepstakes, and that you’re ok with their T&Cs.

And here's where to ship it off:

Moonspin Mail-In Entry
1200 Brickell Avenue
Suite 1950 #1155
Miami, FL 33131
United States

Rewards Program

Right now, Moonspin doesn't have a rewards program. I'm cutting them some slack since they're still pretty new on the scene, but I've got my fingers crossed for a loyalty scheme down the line. And when they roll it out, you can bet I'll update this review with all the juicy details.

Moonspin User Experience

Moonspin's user experience is kind of a mixed bag for me. They're hitting some sweet spots but also missing a few. Check out this table I put together to break it down:

The platform is super speedy with no lagMenu should include more text descriptions
It looks great visually, especially the space/cosmic themeA dedicated promo section on the homepage is sorely needed; it’s a bit of a scavenger hunt to find ongoing promos
The search functionality is a handy additionI’m holding out hope for native iOS and Android apps
The games are solid from a stability standpoint; no crashes or hiccupsThe live chat support can be buggy
The mobile version of the site is well optimized

Moonspin Customer Support

If you hit a roadblock at Moonspin, like that time I couldn’t track down a game’s RTP, don't hesitate to reach out to their support team. They're not the speediest, but they're thorough—they'll diagnose and fix your issue in a few hours. Here’s how you can reach out:

  • Live chat: Available 24/7, but only for registered users.
  • Email: Drop them a line at [email protected]. They typically get back to you in about 2 hours.
  • Social media: Hit them up with a message on Instagram, Facebook, or Telegram. They're pretty quick to respond there.

Their FAQ page has a lot of useful info, but it's not the easiest to navigate. It’s more of a long list of text than a well-organized resource.

Security and Responsible Gambling

Moonspin takes security seriously. They use 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe. Plus, there's an option to crank up your account security with 2FA (two-factor authentication).

With this on, even if someone gets your password, they can't get into your account without passing another security check.

You can switch on 2FA right from your account menu, under the profile tab. It’s an extra step, but for peace of mind, it’s totally worth it. 

Moonspin Casino does a commendable job in the responsible gaming department. They've got a bunch of proactive features to help keep gaming fun and under control. Here's what they offer:

  • Reality check: You get reminders about how long you’ve been playing. It's easy to lose track of time, so this is super helpful.
  • Limits: You can set your own loss, betting, and deposit limits. Keeps things in check.
  • Self-exclude: If you need a break, you can ban yourself from the site for a while. It's a good option to have when you need to step back.

Alternatives to Moonspin

Moonspin's definitely a neat place for sweepstakes gaming, but it's just one of many out there. If you're thinking of testing the waters elsewhere or just want to expand your gaming horizons, that would be totally legit and a smart move.

Playing on multiple platforms lets you rake in more bonuses and coins from different places.

If you’re considering branching out from Moonspin, here are a few alternatives you should have on your radar:

  • High 5 Casino: H5C really knocks it out of the park with their game selection; we're talking over 1,200 games from their own making and 15+ other top providers. And if you're into live dealer action, they've got that too, which is pretty rare in sweepstakes casinos.
  • Pulsz: Pulsz is my top pick for sweepstakes casinos. Their game selection is impressive, loaded with top-shelf games from big names like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. Plus, their iOS and Android apps are sleek and user-friendly, perfect for gaming on the go.
  • Fortune Coins: Big on progressive slots? FC's your place. They've teamed up with a bunch of providers, so game variety is through the roof. New signups get a generous 1,000 Fortune Coins and 630k Gold Coins, no deposit needed.

Moonspin Against the Market

Moonspin's definitely heading in the right direction, but if I'm being honest, they're not cracking my top 10 just yet. When we line them up against the market as a whole, here's how they fare in specific areas:

  • Reputation/trustworthiness: Sure, I didn't stumble upon any major red flags or shady stuff with Moonspin, which is a good sign. But then you've got names like High 5, who've been in the game for two decades—that kind of track record breeds trust. Or take with someone like Drake backing them, or Pulsz, operating out of Gibraltar, a well-respected iGaming jurisdiction.
  • Bonuses: Moonspin is serving up some decent perks for new and regular players, but there are certainly more generous casinos out there. SweepSlots doesn’t have a loyalty program but they have a first-purchase bonus; Fortune Coins has both a first-purchase and a loyalty program. Moonspin has neither.
  • Games: Moonspin's sitting at around 70 titles, which is on the lighter side. They're in the same ballpark as Funrize, NoLimitCoins, and TaoFortune, which also hover around that number. But then you've got heavy hitters like WOW Vegas and others on my top casinos list, boasting libraries of over 500 games. So, in the gaming department, Moonspin's got some room to grow.
  • Banking: When it comes to banking, Moonspin's comparison really only makes sense with, as they're the only other casino in the game accepting crypto. accepts 20 different cryptocurrencies. That's a lot compared to most sweepstakes casinos, which usually have just 3-5 banking options. Moonspin, offering 7 types of crypto, lands right in the middle—not as extensive as, but definitely offering more variety than many others.
  • Support: Moonspin's doing just fine with their live chat and email setup. It's pretty much the industry standard—most other casinos offer these channels too. So in this area, they're right on par with the competition.

Moonspin Casino FAQ

Is Moonspin casino legal in the U.S.?
Yes, Moonspin casino operates legally in 48 U.S. states, excluding Washington and Idaho. You must be 18+ to register and play at this casino.

Is Moonspin casino safe?
Moonspin takes your security seriously. They've got things like 2FA and SSL encryption in place, plus the added safety net of using cryptocurrencies.

What is Moonspin promo code?
Moonspin welcome bonus is a batch of coins consisting 30,000 Gold Coins and 3 Moon Coins, dished out over 3 days. You don’t need promo code to claim this offer—just sign up here.

Does Moonspin offer live dealer games?
No, Moonspin doesn’t offer live dealer action right now.

Does Moonspin have a loyalty program?
No loyalty or VIP program at the moment, but I'll let you know if that changes.

Can I play at Moonspin on the go?
Yes, their mobile version of the site is accessible via browsers. It’s like a mini version of the desktop site.

Can I register at Moonspin via my Facebook account?
No, they haven’t integrated that option yet.

What are provably fair games and how to verify results?
Provably fair games allow players to manually verify that every spin, hand, and dice roll is random and hasn't been tampered with. For more detailed information on how this works, check out the ‘Fairness and RNG' section on the casino's website.

Moonspin Casino Sign-Up Bonus

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30k GC & 3 MC FREE

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