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Use our MLB odds & lines comparison tool to find the best deals available today for the games you're interested in.

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How to Use Our MLB Odds & Lines Comparison Tool

You can use our MLB odds and lines comparison tool above to shop around for the best odds and lines currently available for spread, total (Over/Under), and moneyline bets at major U.S. sportsbooks for upcoming MLB games. Lines and odds refresh every minute, ensuring you have the latest data at your fingertips.

Line Shopping

When comparing MLB lines, you're aiming to secure the best deal. This is commonly referred to as line shopping, a key concept in how to make money sports betting.

In MLB line shopping, if you're seeking a run line (a form of point spread betting), +1.5 is more desirable than -1.5, depending on the odds.

For totals (or Over/Under bets), a lower number is ideal for an Over bet, while a higher number is perfect for an Under bet.

Odds Shopping

Hunting for the best MLB odds? Aim for the highest value when the lines are identical.

For example, if betting on the Philadelphia Phillies at -1.5, it's more profitable at -105 than -110.

Alternatively, if you're considering the Atlanta Braves on the moneyline, +130 offers more value than +105.

If this still seems daunting, our guide to reading betting odds provides an in-depth breakdown.

Other Notes About our MLB Odds Comparison Tool

There are are few options our MLB odds tool has that you can set based on what you're looking for:

  • Bet Type: Click Spead, Moneyline, or Total to see current odds for those types of bets.
  • State: Choose the state you're betting in to see only sportsbooks available there.
  • Leagues: Choose the league you want to see lines and odds for.
  • Sportsbooks: Choose which sportsbooks are included so you only see odds from the ones you use.

Types of MLB Betting Markets

The MLB, with its nail-biting games and passionate fans, offers numerous types of sports bets:

  • MLB Run Line Bets: It's MLB's unique take on the point spread. Bet on a team to win by 2 runs or more (-1.5) or lose by 1 run or win (+1.5).
  • MLB Total Bets (Over/Under): Bet on the combined total runs from both teams.
  • MLB Moneyline Bets: With a moneyline bet, you're just choosing who the winner will be.
  • MLB Parlays: Combine multiple bets for higher potential payouts. Learn more about parlays here.
  • MLB Game Props: Specific game-based prop bets include outcomes of the game like the first team to score or who will reach 3 runs first.
  • MLB Player Props: Bet on individual player performances.
  • MLB Futures: Predict season-long outcomes, like the World Series winner or the league's MVP. Dive into futures here.

MLB Betting FAQs

How do I read MLB odds?
Most U.S. sportsbooks use American odds. Positive numbers indicate potential profit on a $100 bet, whereas negative numbers show the stake needed for a $100 win. For a deep dive, refer to our How to Read Betting Odds Guide or use our Betting Odds Payout Calculator.

How are MLB lines and odds determined?
Lines and odds factor in team performance, recent results, player health, ballpark dynamics, and more. Adjustments are made based on betting patterns so sportsbooks have roughly an equal amount of money on each side of the bet.

Why bet on negative odds in MLB?
Negative odds signify a favored team that is more likely to win. Negative odds don't necessarily imply a losing bet; it just means you'll get a smaller return than you would with positive odds.

How do MLB run lines differ from moneylines?
Run lines work as baseball's point spread and are typically set at +1.5/-1.5. Moneylines simply focus on the game's winner.

What are MLB Over/Under bets?
With Over/Under bets (also called totals), you predict if the combined runs from both teams will go over or stay under the set line.

Where can I find MLB Vegas odds?
Though “Vegas” is often used to describe odds setters, sports betting is now widespread across many parts of the U.S. Nonetheless, Las Vegas remains a key hub for MLB betting and many bettors still refer to sportsbooks, in general, as Vegas.

Which sportsbook is best for MLB betting?
The ideal sportsbook for MLB betting depends on what you prefer. Some may have valuable sign-up bonuses while others have more competitive odds or a better user experience.

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