An In-Depth Look at PrizePicks – Pros, Cons, Payouts, & More

PrizePicks is one of our vetted DFS partners. If you sign up for PrizePicks through one of our links, we may receive compensation. This allows us to keep this site free and doesn't affect our ratings or opinions in any way.

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PrizePicks offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to $100 for players who enter ODDS100 during registration. Deposit $10+ to activate the bonus. Sign up here.

PrizePicks is one of our vetted DFS partners. If you sign up for PrizePicks through one of our links, we may receive compensation. This allows us to keep this site free and doesn't affect our ratings or opinions in any way.

PrizePicks is a daily fantasy sports platform with a unique and simplified approach to DFS. Unlike DraftKings and FanDuel, where users need to build lineups for games, PrizePicks only focuses on choosing higher/lower player stats and fantasy scores.

The platform is built to offer a simple, quick, and engaging fantasy game where you won’t have to spend hours putting together your lineups.

If you’re new to PrizePicks, you can claim a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100 by entering ODDS100 in one of the registration boxes.

In this guide, I break down how to get the sign-up bonus, how PrizePicks’ games work, available sports, user experience, deposit and withdrawal options, and more.

In this review

PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus for New Players

PrizePicks offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to $100 for those who enter ODDS100 in the applicable registration box. The minimum deposit required to activate the bonus is $10.

You cannot withdraw the bonus right away, but you can use it to make picks on the site. The winnings from that money then become available as withdrawable credit.

How to Claim the PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus

Claiming the welcome bonus on PrizePicks is relatively easy. If you have experience with other DFS platforms, you’ll have no trouble adjusting to this one. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click here to go to PrizePicks.
  2. Find the green Sign Up button in the upper right corner and click it.
  3. Enter your email and type in ODDS100 when prompted.
  4. Provide your first and last name.
  5. Add your date of birth.
  6. Input your address so that the platform can verify your location.
  7. Enter your password.
  8. Verify your account.
  9. Go to the cashier section and select a deposit bonus.
  10. Proceed with your deposit, receive your bonus, and have fun.

Note that you’ll get the offer will be credited to your account within 24 hours of making your first deposit.

Important Information About the PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus

  • Deposit limits: The minimum deposit required for the bonus is $10. The maximum bonus you can get is $100 but you can still deposit more than that, if you’d like.
  • Time to use: You have a total of 90 days to use your bonus funds. After that, they will become void.
  • Playthrough requirements: You need to play your bonus amount before you can withdraw any winnings.
  • Eligibility: Anyone of legal age located in one of the states where PrizePicks is available can claim the welcome bonus. The minimum legal age is 18 for most states, except for Arizona and Massachusetts, where players need to be 21 or older.

>> Access the 100% Deposit Match Up to $100 with ODDS100

PrizePicks Overview

PrizePicks dates back to 2014, but it has undergone several significant changes since then. Its original name was SidePicks, allowing fantasy players to pick side entries and be more engaged when participating in DFS.

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association recognized SidePicks on several occasions before the site was shut down due to the nationwide legal turmoil related to DFS. It was later re-established as PredictPicks before finally changing its name to PrizePicks and launching a new business model in 2018.

Nowadays, PrizePicks keeps it pretty straightforward for DFS players. Once you open the app, just choose a sport and select at least two players with their suggested stats. Click on More or Less, make an entry, and wait for the actual post-game stats. If you make the right call, you’ll get the money.

The only two types of play featured are Flex and Power. Flex (as the name suggests) is more flexible as you don’t have to get all player stats correctly to win some money. For Power, you have to get all of the picks correct to win.

PrizePicks features a talented team that actively works on upgrading its offer. In 2022, the platform added the 6-Pick Flex Play and Stat Combos features that improved the flexibility and insurance that the platform provides to players.

Compared to the other sites offering Pick’em games like PrizePicks, PrizePicks has competitive payouts. We did an analysis of payouts at Pick'em apps and found that PrizePicks is the best for 5-pick and 5-pick plus insurance entries.

Pros & Cons

PrizePicks State Availability

PrizePicks operates in 32 U.S. states, Washington DC, and every Canadian province except Ontario.

Keep in mind, though, that they don't offer every contest type in every location. 

Pick'em games are available in:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Pick'em Arena games are available in: 

  • Alabama
  • Massachusetts
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Free play games are available in: 

  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • New York
prizepicks states

Learn Where You Can Play PrizePicks>> Which States is PrizePicks Available In?

PrizePicks Game Types

The only variations are these:

  • Power Play – You need to get all picks right to win
  • Flex Play – You can miss one pick and still win

Here’s how the payout works:

  • Power Play
    • 6 correct Power Play picks = 25x entry fee
    • 5 correct Power Play picks = 22x entry fee
    • 4 correct Power Play picks = 10x entry fee
    • 3 correct Power Play picks = 5x entry fee
    • 2 correct Power Play picks = 3x entry fee
  • Flex Play
    • 6 correct from 6 Flex Play picks = 25x entry fee (the largest possible payout on the site)
    • 5 correct from 6 Flex Play picks = 2x entry fee
    • 4 correct from 6 Flex Play picks = 0.4x entry fee
    • 5 correct from 5 Flex Play picks = 10x entry fee
    • 4 correct from 5 Flex Play picks = 2x entry fee
    • 3 correct from 5 Flex Play picks = 0.4x entry fee
    • 4 correct from 4 Flex Play picks = 5x entry fee
    • 3 correct from 4 Flex Play picks = 1.5x entry fee
    • 3 correct from 3 Flex Play picks = 2.25x entry fee
    • 2 correct from 3 Flex Play picks = 1.25x entry fee

These payouts are in-line or better than those at other DFS Pick'em sites. When using PrizePicks, the ideal entry is a 5-pick Flex Play since the platform offers you the possibility to still return some money if you only get 3 correct.

The minimum entry amount is $5, although it can get as low as $1 during the promo hours.

You can read more about Did Not Play rules and how payouts change in chase of a tied projection here.

In five states, PrizePicks runs an exciting contest type called the Pick'em Arena. Just like in their regular games, you create an entry by choosing 2 to 4 stat projections for athletes, deciding if they'll hit “more” or “less.” Your entry is then matched with other players of similar skill who entered around the same time and chose the same number of projections. The aim is to either achieve a perfect set of picks or to have the highest-scoring entry in your pool to win. Winners can earn up to 10 times their entry fee, and if you're the only one with a perfect score, you claim the entire prize for yourself. 

>> Learn More: How Does PrizePicks Work?

PrizePicks Sports Offered

PrizePicks offers a range of popular sports, including all of the popular leagues in the U.S. Here’s a list of all covered leagues and sports:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • WNBA
  • NCAA Football
  • NCAA Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Korean Baseball
  • Jai Alai
  • Competitive Eating (Hot Dog Eating Contest)
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • MMA
  • F1
  • Trucks
  • Cricket

The site also covers esports, with a focus on the following games:

  • Valorant
  • CS:GO
  • LoL
  • Dota 2

PrizePicks Ongoing Promotions & Rewards Program

Even though PrizePicks doesn’t offer any kind of rewards programs, you’ll still find a range of interesting ongoing promos, including:

  • Airdrop – Lucky members randomly get rewards from time to time.
  • Discount –PrizePicks has a cool promo called discounts (sometimes referred to as “free squares”) where they set a player's stat so low it's almost a sure win. Imagine Patrick Mahomes’ passing yards at just 0.5 yards. Unless something really unusual happens, he’s going to beat that, making it an easy pick for you.
  • Taco Tuesday – Taco Tuesday is a staple promo at PrizePicks. Every week, players vote on which stats they want dropped. The projections that rack up the most votes are then offered at a discount the following Tuesday, marked by a taco symbol so you can find them quickly.
  • Payout Boost – A Payout Boost is when a specific entry type comes with an increased payout. For example, a two-pick Power Play might come with an increased payout instead of the standard 2x.
  • Flex FridayFlex Friday is a special promotion that PrizePicks rolls out every week. It gives players a bit of a cushion. If you place flex picks on a Friday and they don't win, PrizePicks offers a $20 refund, giving you an opportunity to bounce back.

Signing Up for PrizePicks

The signup process for PrizePicks is relatively easy. It can be summed up below:

  1. Click here to load PrizePicks in your browser and click on the Sign Up button.
  2. Fill out the form and complete your registration.
  3. Verify your account and claim the bonus to start playing.

Here are some screenshots of PrizePicks Sign Up (click to expand):

PrizePicks Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

You currently have four deposit and withdrawal methods at your disposal:

  • Visa credit or debit card
  • Discover credit or debit card
  • Instant bank transfer
  • PayPal

The minimum you can deposit or withdraw is $10. If your winnings exceed $600 per year, the platform must file a 1099 tax form. That’s why it’s necessary to provide your address and the last four digits of your SSN.

Payment method

Minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal

Deposit time

Visa credit or debit card




Discover credit or debit card




Instant Bank Transfer








PrizePicks User Experience

Apart from being available as iOS and Android applications, PrizePicks is also offered as a web-based app.

The user experience on both the apps and the website is great. It’s easy to find the games, players, and stats you’re interested in, and there hasn’t been any glitches or crashes in our testing.

After picking a sport, you can select a stat and see the players available for it. For example, you can view NBA players for points, rebounds, assists, fantasy scores, and more.

The entire process is streamlined and simplified, making PrizePicks a truly user-friendly app.

Here are some screenshots of PrizePicks (click to expand):

PrizePicks Customer Support

If you select the Help Center page, you can get in touch with customer support via live chat. It is available 24/7 and usually responds rather fast. You can also ask for assistance via email at [email protected]

In addition, PrizePicks also offers a detailed FAQ section where you can learn about the platform, payments, rules, promotions, and more.

PrizePicks FAQs

When did PrizePicks launch?
PrizePicks was originally launched in 2013 under the name SidePicks and had a slightly different offer. The current version, dubbed PrizePicks, was launched in 2018.

Is PrizePicks legal & legit?
Yes, PrizePicks is a legitimate business offering its services in 32+ U.S. states, Washington DC, and most of Canada.

How old do you have to be to play with PrizePicks?
In most states, the minimum legal age to join and play at PrizePicks is 18, with the exception of Massachusetts and Arizona. Both require players to be 21 or older to participate in the games the platform offers.

Which is better, PrizePicks or Underdog Fantasy?
According to our ratings, Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks are about the same. Learn more in our PrizePicks vs. Underdog Fantasy Guide.

Which is better, PrizePicks or Sleeper?
According to our ratings, PrizePicks and Sleeper are pretty much tied. Learn more in our PrizePicks vs. Sleeper Guide.

Which is better, PrizePicks or FanDuel?
It's hard to directly compare FanDuel and PrizePicks because they have completely different offerings. While PrizePicks is focused on Pick'em games, FanDuel offers salary-cap contests against other players and a sportsbook.

What is the PrizePicks sign-up bonus?
PrizePicks offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100, meaning it will match any amount you deposit up to that limit. To claim this bonus, make sure to type in ODDS100 in the applicable box during signup.

Does PrizePicks offer a no-deposit bonus?
Unfortunately, PrizePicks doesn’t offer a no-deposit bonus at the moment. The only welcome bonus at the moment is the 100% deposit bonus of up to $100.

Can I delete my PrizePicks account?
Yes, it's possible to delete your PrizePicks account. Simply go to Settings from the menu and scroll down to Delete Account.

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