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Sportzino Review: Is This Social Sportsbook Legit?

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My Favorite Parts of Sportzino

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Sportzino is a social sportsbook that debuted in December 2023. It's one of the few free-play sites for making sports predictions in the U.S.

The platform operates on a sweepstakes model, using Gold Coins (GCs) and Sweeps Coins (SCs) as alternatives to actual money. 

You can get GCs for free on a daily basis but they have no real-world value—they're just for fun. SCs are where the real action is at since you can redeem them for real cash prizes.

The site is operated by the same group behind Fortune Coins and Zula, two popular sweepstakes casinos. I've used those platforms for some time, as well as Sportzino since it launched, and can vouch that they're all legitimate and safe to use.

Directly comparing Sportzino with real-money sportsbooks isn't exactly apples-to-apples since they function in pretty different ways. However, I think some comparisons could be helpful to understand how Sportzino works, so I'll go over how they're similar and different through this review.

Sportzino has a lot going for it, especially since it's a free-to-play platform. It offers fantastic sports coverage with odds on over 40 markets, a variety of no-purchase bonuses, and a really slick user interface.

However, there are areas where Sportzino falls short. The odds aren't competitive to those at real-money sportsbooks, the bonuses aren't in the same ballpark, and they're still missing mobile apps.

With that in mind, Sportzino is a great option for those in states where sports betting isn’t legal. It’s available in 37 states, covering a lot of ground where traditional sports betting might not be an option. The casino-style games are available in 46 states (all except Idaho, Georgia, Michigan, and Washington).

If you sign up through the links on this page, you get an extra 30,000 GC and 2 SC for free on top of the standard sign-up bonus.

Sportzino Quick Facts


OA Rating




Launch Date

December 2023

No Deposit Bonus

180,000 GC + 8 SC FREE (Claim here)



Casino States

All except ID, GA, MI, WA

Top Features

No purchase bonuses, player props

Number of Sports


Payout Speed

1 to 3 business days

Loyalty Program


Online Casino


SC Redemption Rate

1 SC = $1 in cash prizes

Ratings by Category

Overall Rating


Sportzino's on the right track with what it’s offering, but there's room for improvement in areas like banking, limits, support, promotions, and the overall user experience.



Sportzino offers -112.5 average lines for spreads and totals, typically putting out -115 and -110 lines. This isn't as good a deal as what you'd find at traditional sportsbooks, which usually stick to 10-cent lines with -110 on both sides. Learn more.

Sign-Up Bonus


Sportzino offers a nice stack of redeemable coins in the no-purchase welcome bonus. But those SCs come with a 2x wagering requirement, which is why I had to shave off a few points from a perfect score. Learn more.

User Experience


The site looks slick, but could be organized better—adding specific tabs for different prop types of bets would improve navigation. The mobile website can be buggy at times too. Learn more.

Promos & Boosts


They could definitely up their promo game and add a few more deals to the rotation. Learn more.



It's great that it has Same Game Parlays and live streaming, but it would be nice if they added more features. Learn more.

Market Depth


With 40+ sports and plenty of betting options in each, it earned full points from me in this category. Learn more.

Customer Reviews


Sportzino has made a good impression on players so far, earning a commendable 4.6 rating on TrustPilot. Learn more.

Live Betting


With its excellent sports coverage, diverse in-play betting options, and live streaming feature, there's a lot to like about their platform for live predictions. The only real drawback? The odds. Learn more.



You can reach out to them via email or submit a support ticket. A live chat option is deeply missed. Learn more.



It would be fantastic if they could either raise that 1,000 SC win cap per prediction (ticket) or do away with it entirely. Learn more.



Right now, deposits are limited to just a Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards. Payouts are reasonably fast, however. Learn more.

When reviewing Sportzino, I had to adjust my usual way of rating sportsbooks, creating a combo system that takes a bit from both my standard sportsbook and my sweepstakes reviews. Recognizing it’s one of the few in this space, I added an extra 10 points for its novelty.

My Favorite Parts About Sportzino

Sportzino is breaking new ground, and there’s plenty on this platform to get pumped about. Here’s what I like the most:

My Least Favorite Parts About Sportzino

When I compare Sportzino against not just the best sportsbooks but also other sweepstakes sites I've played, it's pretty clear they've got some kinks to work out. Here’s where I see room for improvement:

Sportzino Odds Competitiveness


Sportzino's odds aren't quite on par with those at real-money sportsbooks, and this holds true across the board—for moneylines, spreads, prop bets, and futures.

Let’s take an NBA game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Charlotte Hornets as an example. I'll show you how Sportzino's lines compare with those from FanDuel, my top-rated sportsbook, to highlight the differences.

Sportzino set the odds for the game with the Bucks at -750 and the Hornets at +500 on the moneylines. Meanwhile, FanDuel had the Bucks at -720 and the Hornets at +520. Clearly, FanDuel presented more favorable lines for both underdogs and favorites.

Furthermore, Sportzino had -115 lines for the Bucks on the spread and for the over on totals, whereas FanDuel provided -110 lines for those same bets. This means you would have to put down more on Sportzino than on FanDuel to earn the same profit.

For futures bets, it's a bit of a mixed bag. You might spot some more appealing lines for certain teams or players on Sportzino than on many traditional sportsbooks, depending on the futures market you're eyeing.

But those -112.5 lines (average) for spreads and totals can be a letdown. If you don’t live in a state with legal sports betting, it’s still a decent option, as the lines aren’t that bad, especially since you can get free SC.

If you're located in a state where sports betting is legal, here are three sportsbooks that offer better odds:

  1. FanDuel: 21/20 (I gave them a bonus point for having the best odds of all books)
  2. DraftKings: 19.5/20
  3. bet365: 19.5/20

Sportzino Sign-Up Bonus


Sportzino offers a no-deposit bonus of 180,000 Gold Coins and 8 Sweeps Coins. This bonus is handed out in pieces, and you'll collect parts of it by ticking off some simple tasks:

  • Complete your account registration: 20,000 GC + 1 SC (get started here)
  • Sync your account with Facebook: 20,000 GC + 1 SC
  • Confirm your phone number: 30,000 GC + 1 SC
  • Sign up for email alerts and promotions: 30,000 GC + 1 SC
  • Opt in to SMS alerts: 30,000 GC + 1 SC
  • Log in for the first time: 20,000 GC + 1 SC
  • Additional exclusive Odds Assist bonus: 30,000 GC + 2 SC

As a new player, you qualify for two special first-purchase deals:

  • 350,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 35 FREE Sweeps Coins (SC) for $19.99
  • 100,000 Gold Coins (GC) and 5 FREE Sweeps Coins (SC) for $0.99

Here are three other platforms with more valuable sign-up deals, based on my reviews:

  • bet365: 15/15 in my sportsbook rating system
  • High 5 Casino: Offers the second highest number of redeemable coins in their no-purchase bonuses among sweepstakes casinos
  • McLuck: Most valuable first purchase bonus among sweepstakes casinos

You can compare all sportsbook sign-up bonuses here. Or, if you're curious about what other sweepstakes platforms have on the table for new players, check out our guide to no-purchase bonuses at sweepstakes casinos.

App & Website User Experience – My Takeaways


Sportzino has a dark-blue color scheme which, personally, I find a tad too dark. But, if darker designs are your thing, you'll probably love Sportzino.

That said, the graphics are really crisp and clear.

Oddly, their search function only picks up teams and leagues, not the broader category of sports. Normally, this wouldn't be a huge issue, but on Sportzino, where there's a wide variety of sports to explore, it's a bit of a miss.

The interface comes across as somewhat hectic and overloaded, and it’s not the smoothest to navigate. The menus aren't super intuitive, especially the top bar that only features icons without text.

Sportzino Sports Homepage

I also feel that the play lobby could do with a bit of reorganizing. Adding a secondary menu for player props would be a huge help in making navigation smoother. It would cut down on all the scrolling needed to find the exact props line users are after.

Sportzino Props

Sportzino hasn't launched native iOS and Android apps yet, which is somewhat disappointing, but I'm willing to cut them some slack for now since they're still pretty new.

The mobile site feels like a bit of a maze and isn't always super responsive. I find that sometimes clicking on buttons doesn't work or the screen will zoom in/out when I'm trying to navigate around. 

With that being said, the mobile site still works. It may be frustrating from time to time, but you can still get your picks in.

Sportzino My Picks

There’s a hamburger menu, but it doesn’t really save the day. It lacks the specific sportsbook navigation items I was hoping for. You're stuck with broad categories like live, casino, sportsbook, and about us, which really doesn't help when you're trying to find something more specific.

Sportzino Main Menu

I think these three sites offer a much better user experience than Sportzino:

  • FanDuel: 15/15 for UX on my sportsbook rating system
  • Caesars: 15/15 for UX on my sportsbook rating system
  • Pulsz Casino: 5/5 for mobile experience on my sweepstakes rating system

Sports & Betting Markets


Sportzino is crushing it in this area. I was blown away by both the market variety and sports selection.

What Sports You Can Bet On at Sportzino

Sportzino covers 40+ sports, which is about twice as many as you'd typically see at traditional sportsbooks. Esports (Call of Duty, DOTA 2) and virtual sports (soccer VR) are big here. So, if you like those, you're in the right spot.

What stands out, though, are the markets on sports you rarely hear about:

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Floorball
  • Kabaddi
  • Ski jumping
  • Futsal
  • Gaelic football
  • Padel
  • Olympics

The depth of competition in each sport is just as amazing. Take ice hockey, for example, where you can make sports predictions on 5 U.S. competitions—NHL, AHL, NCAA (men's and women's), PWHL—plus 16 domestic leagues worldwide. This shows just how broad their market spread is.

Though no real-money sportsbook can match Sportzino's extensive sports coverage, here are three betting sites that offer the most sports after Sportzino:

  • bet365: 25 sports + virtual sports + esports
  • BetMGM: 25 sports
  • Caesars: 23 sports + entertainment awards

Sportzino Market Variety

Sportzino offers a lineup of props and futures that competes with what you'd find at many real-money sportsbooks.


Props is the area where top sportsbooks like FanDuel and BetMGM really make their living—it's where they stand out from the pack. While Sportzino’s offerings aren’t as diverse, it’s giving these giants a good run for their money:

  • NBA props: There's a solid selection of 4+/- lines for key stats categories (points, assists, blocks, steals) across multiple players per team, including teasers and pleasers. You'll also find a nice variety of player specials (like markets on a player to notch a triple-double) and head-to-heads, where players are pitted against each other (like who will grab more rebounds).
  • NFL props: You can make predictions on player total goals, points, saves, shots, and assists. Sportzino also has a comprehensive set of game props too, like both teams to score in each period, along with combos (1×2 + total).
  • Tennis props: I came across some cool player props in tennis like X player to win exactly 1 set. Plus, there are the standard lines for sets and game totals.
  • Other sports: Sportzino has a selection of props for niche sports and esports, too. In DOTA 2, you can find detailed map props including the first team to score X kills, total kills on a map, which team destroys the first tower, and who claims the first aegis, among others.

If you're in a state where sports betting is legal, and you're big on props, you might want to explore these three sportsbooks. They're known for having the most extensive selection of prop bets around:

  • FanDuel: 5/5 for player and game props
  • bet365: 5/5 for player and game props
  • BetMGM: 5/5 for player and game props


Sportzino definitely goes beyond the usual with its futures. It’s got options I haven't spotted at other sportsbooks. For example, in tennis, you can make predictions on how many Grand Slams a player will win in a year. And in soccer, they offer markets for who'll be the top goal scorer in the MLS for the season—pretty cool stuff that you don't usually find.

For the major sports, Sportzino's futures offerings are on par with what you'd find at leading sportsbooks. In the NBA, for example, they offer NBA Championship odds plus lines on every individual player award—think Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, etc. They also feature season-long props, such as: “Will X Team Make the Playoffs?”

If you're into futures betting and you're in an eligible area, consider checking out these three sportsbooks:

  • FanDuel: Unique NFL draft specials
  • Caesars: NBA championship exacta (exact winner+runner-up combo)
  • BetMGM: Highest scoring game on a given day in the NHL

Live Betting

When I last checked in at 3 pm, Sportzino was offering in-play lines for 16 different sports. The lineup includes sports that traditional sportsbooks rarely cover for live betting such as rugby, badminton, and futsal.

Sportzino’s platform for making picks in real time works really fast. Switching between sports is nearly instant, which is crucial since timing is important when making live predictions.

Remarkably, they also provide Same Game Parlays for live markets along with live streaming for some games. In cases where live streaming isn’t an option, they provide a comprehensive stats chart complete with head-to-heads, tables, statistics, and a play-by-play tracker.

What I really like is their alt lines for live betting—you don't see that everywhere.

You can flag any market as a favorite, and it'll automatically show up under “My Markets” for quicker access next time.

I rated Sportzino 3.5 out of 5 for their live play feature, mainly because the odds they offer are below average, and that's a major factor.

If you're into live betting, here are three betting sites you should definitely check out if you're eligible:

Sweepstakes Casino

While the sportsbook takes the spotlight at Sportzino, its sweepstakes casino should not be overlooked. With over 200 slots from providers such as Booming Games, Slotmill, KA Gaming, and others, there's plenty to keep you entertained. 

And just like their sister site, Fortune Coins, Sportzino also connects to a proprietary jackpot system, doling out four types of prizes, with the grandest offering SC prizes in the thousands.

Sportzino Reviews from Customers


It's still too early to form a collective opinion of Sportzino since it hasn't been around for long, but from the snippets of feedback out there, it looks like they're off to a strong start.

On Trustpilot, Sportzino has a 4.6 rating, which is remarkable because Trustpilot is often a venting ground for players who are upset over losses rather than any particular issue.

I've sifted through the comments, and here’s what players seem to appreciate the most:

  • Efficient support
  • Good bonuses
  • Smooth redemption and verification process
  • Low threshold for redemption

Sportzino also boasts a solid community presence on social media, with over 1.6k followers on Facebook, and more than 500 followers on Instagram and X, with their numbers on the rise.

I've awarded Sportzino a full 5/5 for customer reviews since the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Naturally, this rating isn't set in stone. If I see a decline in player satisfaction or an increase in negative feedback, I'll be ready to adjust its score accordingly.

Here are three betting sites that hold a track record as clean as Sportzino's:

Deposits, Withdrawals, & Payout Speed


At Sportzino, you'll find two kinds of coins in circulation: Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. 

Both types are distributed for free on a regular basis, meaning you're not obligated to buy anything to start making sports predictions. To understand how this system works, take a look at my guide on how sweepstakes casinos operate.

Should you ever run low on coins and don't want to wait for the next free refill—maybe there's a game you're eager to predict that's about to kick off—you always have the option to buy more coins.


Sportzino takes only credit and debit cards for purchases, with Visa and Mastercard being the only two processors available.

You can choose from eight coin packages, including two special deals for first-time buyers and six regular options:


Gold Coins

Sweeps Coins

$0.99 (special deal)100,0005
$1 110,0000
$5 110,0005.05
$10 260,00010.1
$19.99 (special deal)1,350,00035
$20 750,00020.5
$50 2,000,00051.5
$100 5,000,000104

When you opt for a coin package on Sportzino, you'll encounter a verification step that essentially completes your registration. At this point, you're required to provide additional details such as your name, address, and birthday. This is only required before your first purchase.


At Sportzino, every Sweeps Coin comes with a 2x wagering requirement. This means you need to use them in play twice before they're eligible for redemption.

There's also a minimum number of “cleared” coins you need to have to request a redemption. Sportzino sets this minimum at 50 SC, which is better than some platforms like WOW Vegas, where the threshold is 100 SC.

Sweeps Coins at Sportzino are pegged at a straightforward rate of 1 SC = $1.

Also, it's important to note that there's a maximum win limit set for any single sports prediction at 1,000 SC.

For cashing out, your options are limited to just Skrill and bank transfers.

Redemptions are processed relatively quickly, typically within 1-3 business days.

However, the scant banking options have led me to score Sportzino a 2 out of 5 in the banking category.

If you’re looking for more flexibility in banking, these three sportsbooks offer a wider array of payment methods than Sportzino:

  1. FanDuel: 5/5
  2. BetMGM: 5/5
  3. BetRivers: 5/5

Odds Boosts, Promotions, & Loyalty Program


It might seem contradictory to knock Sportzino in this category considering all the free stuff they hand out, but I really think they could do better. 

Sure, they have some good promotions for existing customers, but I feel they could throw in more odds boosts and add a few more offers for returning players.

Here's a detailed look at their current promotions.

Odds Boosts

Unlike traditional sportsbooks, odds boosts aren't a standard part of Sportzino's promotional offerings. Rather, Sportzino sporadically highlights them on social media, typically around big-ticket events.

Sportzino lags noticeably behind traditional sportsbooks, which typically dish out 10+ odds boosts daily, along with parlay boosts. While I'm not holding my breath for Sportzino to match this level, incorporating odds boosts into their regular rotation would definitely be a step in the right direction.

These three sites have the best odds boosts in the sports betting industry:


Sportzino offers a fair mix of promotions, not quite as generous as some of the sites on my best sweepstakes casinos list, but definitely not stingy. They cycle through 3-5 deals for regular players, allowing you to consistently receive a fair share of free SCs for sports predictions.

Let’s take a closer look at the no-purchase bonuses for returning players at Sportzino:

  • Daily login bonus: Simply log in every 24 hours to grab 20,000 GC and 1 SC.
  • Refer-a-friend: When you refer someone to Sportzino, your reward depends on your friend's first purchase. The more they spend, the bigger your bonus. On a friend referral, the top package could earn you up to 1.4 million GC and 30 SC.
  • Mail-in: Sportzino offers the chance to get 6 SC just for sending a handwritten request via snail mail to their Ontario address. Check their sweeps page for the exact how-to.
  • Social media: Keep an eye on their social media channels for various giveaways. Some might ask you to simply like a post to enter a drawing, while others might require answering quiz questions.

These three sweepstakes casinos knock it out of the park with their promotions:

Rewards Program

Sportzino’s rewards program is called The League of Champions.

The more you play, the higher you climb through the five tiers of the VIP program. As you advance tiers, you get more perks.

Check out the perks available in each tier:

In the meantime, here are three sites known for their solid loyalty programs:

Sportzino Features


Sportzino offers some awesome features you'd normally associate with traditional sportsbooks:

  • Same Game Parlays (SGPs): This feature, which really took off thanks to FanDuel, lets you bundle multiple predictions from a single game into one slip. For instance, betting on LeBron to rack up 25+ points and the Lakers to secure the win. What's impressive is that Sportzino extends SGPs beyond just the big leagues, offering them in soccer and even live betting markets.
  • Live streaming: The live streaming feature at Sportzino is impressively robust, covering not just the major games but also offering streams for some of the more obscure competitions and sports. What's more, you don't even need to be logged in to catch the action live.

It would be fantastic if they introduced a cash-out option or another innovative feature to continue on the great trajectory they're on with features.

The sportsbooks below have highly rated features Sportzino should work to match:

Sportzino Background

Sportzino launched in December 2023, making it one of the newer sweepstakes platforms. The sweepstakes promotions on the platform are handled by SSPS, LLC from Dover, Delaware. The platform itself is owned by Blazesoft, which runs Fortune Coins and Zula Casino.

All three sites are well-regarded in the gaming community for their solid reputation, consistently paying out winners, and delivering top-notch customer service.

Latest Developments

Sportzino has recently expanded its sweepstakes casino offerings by bringing in Pragmatic Play, joining their already varied lineup of game providers.

Customer Support


Sportzino's customer support could use some improvement. For now, you can reach out for help by submitting a ticket through their “Contact Us” section or by sending an email to [email protected]. Whichever route you take, be prepared to wait a few hours for a response.

Sportzino does have an FAQ page, though it's quite basic, mainly touching on deposits, redemptions, and the minimum age requirement.

It would be a significant improvement if they introduced live chat support or offered help through social media.

Here are a few platforms that offer better customer service than Sportzino:

Sportzino FAQs

When did Sportzino launch?
Sportzino started in December 2023.

Who owns Sportzino?
Sportzino is owned by Blazesoft, making it a sister site to Fortune Coins and Zula Casino.

Where is Sportzino legal?
Sportzino’s sportsbook is legal in the 37 U.S. states listed above.

Can I win real money at Sportzino?
Once you clear the wagering requirements on Sweeps Coins, you can exchange them for real prizes.

Does Sportzino offer in-play markets?
Yes, you can make predictions on sports events taking place in real time.

What is Sportzino’s welcome bonus?
After joining Sportzino, you can get up to150,000 Gold Coins and 6 Sweeps Coins. You’re also eligible for two special first-purchase packages.

Does Sportzino have a mobile app?
No, Sportzino doesn’t offer an iOS or Android app right now.

How does Odds Assist rate sportsbooks and sweepstakes/social casinos?
When reviewing Sportzino, I had to adjust my usual way of rating sportsbooks, creating a combo system that takes a bit from both my standard sportsbook and my sweepstakes reviews. Recognizing it’s one of the few in this space, I added an extra 10 points for its novelty.

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