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Betfred Sportsbook Review: Best Features & Worst Parts

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My Favorite Parts of Betfred

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Betfred is an iconic sports betting brand that started in the 1960s. Their U.S. presence began in Iowa in July 2019.

Since then, they've launched in six additional states. Betfred online sportsbook is available in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

So, how does Betfred stack up against the best sportsbooks? Should you use it alongside top sites like FanDuel and BetMGM, or could it fully replace them?

In my opinion, Betfred is a mediocre sportsbook. Some betters may to use it now and then for the unique things it brings to the table, but it’s not going to replace those top-tier apps.

On the positive side, they offer a bunch of ongoing promotions, have some unique sports to bet on, and their odds are decent.

While there's a lot to like about Betfred, it's not without issues. The user interface feels a bit clunky, the market variety isn't the broadest, and the parlay builder could be better.

I'd rank Betfred as a second-tier sportsbook—not one you'll ever be going to first after opening your phone but still worth giving a try. At the very least, you can snag the welcome bonus and add the site to your odds shopping rotation.

Here are some screenshots of the app to help you get an idea of what it looks like (click to expand):

Betfred Quick Facts


OA Rating



Betfred Group

Launch Date

1967 (July 2019 in the U.S.)

Sign-Up Bonus

Up to $105 in Fred Bets if your first bet loses



Top Features

Unique promos, bookmark feature

Number of Sports


Payout Speed

1 to 15 business days

Loyalty Program

Betfred Rewards

Online Casino


Ratings by Category

Overall Rating


Betfred doesn’t crack my top 10 sportsbooks. While their promotions are engaging and their customer support is first-rate, there are too many downsides. These include a lackluster welcome bonus, user experience deficiencies, and a live betting platform that needs more development.



Betfred provides decent spread and moneyline odds, sticking fairly consistently to 20-cent lines. Totals and props, especially, could be more competitive.  Learn more.

Sign-Up Bonus


Betfred's welcome bonus doesn't stack up well against others on the market. It's on the smaller side and comes with restrictive terms and conditions, such as minimum odds and a tight timeframe to claim. Learn more.

User Experience


The color palette is attractive, but the interface is overly text-heavy, lacking team icons and using small fonts. Also, navigating between screens can be slow. Learn more.

Promos & Boosts


Betfred impresses with more than 10 active promotions, offering a variety that's hard to beat. They provide plenty of unique offers and run a loyalty program for dedicated bettors. Learn more.



Betfred has the basics down with cash out options and same game parlays available. However, it lacks live streaming and features beyond the essentials. Learn more.

Market Depth


Betfred offers a strong sports selection, with over 20 sports available for betting. However, the variety within those markets, particularly when it comes to prop bets, leaves a lot to be desired. Learn more.

Customer Reviews


There are several complaints about Betfred not living up to their promotional promises. Their iOS app scores a solid 4.2, but the Android app doesn't fare as well in user ratings. Learn more.

Live Betting


Betfred's live betting platform needs significant improvement. It lacks micro markets and live streaming, and the depth of available markets is below expectations. Learn more.



Betfred offers all the major contact options, including support through social media. Additionally, they provide a state-specific mail service for tailored assistance. Learn more.



There's no significant evidence to suggest Betfred imposes betting limits on sharp or consistently successful bettors. Learn more.



Betfred offers various payment methods, but cash outs could be a bit quicker. Learn more.

My Favorite Parts About Betfred

Here are some aspects of Betfred I really enjoy:

My Least Favorite Parts About Betfred

Despite those favorable aspects, Betfred doesn’t crack my top 10 sportsbooks mainly because of these areas that need improvement:

Betfred Odds Competitiveness


Betfred has pretty fair odds when it comes to spreads and totals, typically operating with 20-cent lines and hovering around -110 on both sides.

But keep an eye out because sometimes you'll find -115 or even -105, which could provide some real opportunity for value. Say you go with that -105 option and it pans out. You’re looking at a better return than what you’d get from a sportsbook sticking to the standard -110 for both options.

For certain game props, Betfred tends to stretch to 30-cent lines, which isn't the best deal. In NBA games, they tend to set the lines at -120 and -110 for the teams’ total points.

But when Betfred's lines deviate from those at other sportsbooks, it can open up opportunities.

For example, in an NBA game between the Hawks and the Celtics, Betfred pegged the game total at 226.5, while FanDuel and DraftKings had it at 227. For those eyeing the “Over,” Betfred's slight half-point difference made it the more appealing choice.

Even though Betfred's moneyline odds are subpar overall, you can still find some good deals.

To piggyback on the Hawks-Celtics game, DraftKings had the Celtics at -1350 and the Hawks at +800. Betfred, on the other hand, offered the Celtics at -1250, with the Hawks at +800. So, Betfred had the better offer for betting on the Celtics.

I know it's just a tiny sample, but just saying—don't sleep on Betfred when you're hunting for the best lines. The app is definitely worth keeping downloaded so you can use it for line and odds shopping.

In my book, Betfred gets a 13.5/20 for their odds. Here are three other sportsbooks with top-notch odds:

  1. FanDuel: 21/20 (I gave them a bonus point for having the best odds of all books)
  2. DraftKings: 19.5/20
  3. bet365: 19.5/20

Betfred Sign-Up Bonus


The welcome bonus at Betfred is a first-bet refund of up to $105, paid in Fred Bets (bonus bets).

You don’t need a promo code to qualify for the sign-up offer—just use the signup links I share here and you’re good to go.


  • Minimum odds: Your first wager must be placed at -200 or longer odds (-110, +200, etc.).
  • Minimum deposit: While there's no explicit deposit requirement, your initial bet must be at least $20.
  • Wagering requirements: Fred Bet bonuses carry a 1x wagering requirement. This means you have to bet the bonus amount once before you can withdraw it.
  • Time to use: The Fred Bets must be used within 7 days of receipt.
  • Sports restrictions: There are no restrictions on sports; the Betfred welcome promo applies to all.

Steps to Signing Up & Claiming the Welcome Offer

Here’s how to get the Betfred welcome bonus:

  1. Head to the Betfred site.
  2. Pick your state from the dropdown menu.
  3. Download the Betfred app.
  4. Create your account.
  5. Make a deposit. It's okay to do a few small ones, but you'll need at least $20 to be eligible for the bonus.
  6. Place a bet of $20 or more on any market, as long as the odds are -200 or longer.
  7. If your bet doesn't win, Betfred will refund you up to $105 in Fred Bets.
  8. Remember, you've got 7 days to use that Fred Bet once it's credited to you.

I've encountered bet & get offers as modest as this, but a refund bonus so small is a first for me. The quick 7-day turnover and the specific odds conditions make it even less attractive.

Looking for better sign-up bonuses? These sportsbooks deliver better value, according to my reviews:

  1. bet365: 15/15 rating
  2. Caesars: 15/15 rating
  3. FanDuel: 14/15 rating

You can compare all sportsbook sign-up bonuses here.

App & Website User Experience – My Takeaways


The Betfred user experience is about as basic as it gets. It doesn't feature any team logos, player pictures, or league icons.

Betfred Sportsbook Single Sport
Single Sport

While it's easy enough to get around, it's one of my least favorite user interfaces of all the sportsbook apps I've tried.

It's just too clunky and slow for my taste, especially when we're spoiled with apps like FanDuel, DraftKings, and Caesars that are lightning-fast and visually appealing.

One thing Betfred does have going for it is that they have decent player prop categorization. Instead of sticking them all in a single tab, they break them out with a horizontal menu that makes it easier to find what you're interested in.

Betfred Sportsbook Player Props
Player Props

Speaking of player props, the same game parlay builder (called Parlay+), is also pretty bad. One of my pet peeves with sportsbook apps is when they don't show the odds for each individual market you can add to the same game parlay (SGP). Instead, you have to click on it to see the new overall odds of the SGP.

Betfred Sportsbook Same Game Parlay
Same Game Parlay

If you're looking for an app with a smoother user experience, I recommend looking into the following:

Sports & Betting Markets


Betfred features a decent selection of sports, but when it comes to the variety of betting markets, they're a bit behind the curve. Here's a detailed look at what sports they cover and the types of bets you can place within those sports.

What Sports You Can Bet On at Betfred

You can bet on 20 different sports at Betfred, which puts them on par with ESPN BET. However, among these 20, there are 4 considered “alternative sports,” featuring some really unique options that might surprise you:

  • Arena soccer
  • Bare knuckle fighting
  • Bull riding
  • Surfing

Once you move past these unexpected offerings, there's still a solid lineup of 16 more mainstream sports to choose from:

  • Aussie Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

However, Betfred's selection of competitions per sport doesn't quite stand up to the competition. Take basketball, for example: outside of the well-known NBA, WNBA, and college basketball in the U.S., Betfred lists odds for only 10 other domestic leagues.

To put it in perspective, DraftKings offers odds on more than 55 basketball competitions worldwide.

If Betfred’s sports selection isn’t enough for you, here are three sites with more options:

  • bet365: 25 sports + virtual sports + esports
  • BetMGM: 25 sports
  • Caesars: 23 sports + entertainment awards

Betfred Market Variety

For me, the true test of a sportsbook's variety lies in its range of prop bets and futures. These are areas where you can really see how much depth a site offers.

Sadly, Betfred falls a bit short here. Let's take a closer look at what they offer.


Betfred takes an unusual approach to prop bets: they skip the usual over/under options for player props, opting instead for bets like “player to score X+ points.” I don’t love it.

However, they do provide alternative lines for these player props, which means you might stumble upon some good value now and then.

Overall, though, the value in their prop bet selection tends to be lacking. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • NBA props: Betfred covers basic stats like points, rebounds, and assists but only for a select few players, usually between 5 to 7. I've come across some interesting combo bets like points plus rebounds, or bets on whether a player will score a triple-double. When it comes to game props, the options thin out, primarily focusing on “First Player to Score” markets. Period bets are MIA.
  • NHL props: The options are extremely limited, sticking to just the basics such as shots on goal and goal scorer lines. When it comes to game props, the section is practically empty.
  • MLB props: Aside from the standard bets, there's little else to mention. Game props are confined to Odd/Even for total runs and bets on whether the game will extend to extra innings. Beyond that, the offerings are slim.
  • NFL props: Betfred sticks to stat lines for just a handful of players, focusing on categories such as interceptions, field goals, rushing yards, and passing yards. There's a noticeable lack of creativity here as well.
  • Other sports: Betfred really delivers with their soccer props for the top European leagues, offering a wide array like team clean sheets, methods of victory, and over 70 goal and scorer props. Unfortunately, the same level of creativity and variety doesn't extend to tennis. For an ATP 1000 semi-final match, you're looking at a mere 20 markets with no specialty bets in sight.

If Betfred's prop lineup leaves you wanting more, don't worry. Here are three sportsbooks that boast a great selection of prop bets:

  1. FanDuel: Unique NFL draft specials
  2. Caesars: NBA championship exacta (exact winner+runner-up combo)
  3. BetMGM: Highest scoring game on a given day in the NHL


Betfred keeps its futures bets straightforward, offering the basic options you'd find almost anywhere:

  • Championship winner odds (NBA winner odds, Stanley Cup winner odds, etc.)
  • Division winners
  • Conference winners

It's disappointing they don't have bets for individual awards, such as MVP or Rookie of the Year, which is a staple market everywhere. They also don't offer NFL draft props, something that's common at many sportsbooks.

Surprisingly, when it comes to MLB futures, Betfred steps up with a diverse selection. Beyond just World Series winner odds, they offer a variety of bets including:

  • Player awards like MVP and Rookie of the Year
  • Which teams will make the playoffs
  • Leaders in stats such as RBIs, hits, and saves
  • The state of the World Series winning team

For those looking for more unique futures betting options, consider checking out these sportsbooks:

  • FanDuel: Unique NFL draft specials
  • Caesars: NBA championship exacta (exact winner+runner-up combo)
  • BetMGM: Highest scoring game on a given day in the NHL

Live Betting


Betfred isn’t my first choice for live betting, but it’s decent.

On a typical Saturday, during what you might call primetime hours from 11 am to 8 pm, you'll come across live betting options for about 6 to 8 sports.

As for the variety of markets, it's alright but nothing to write home about. Checking out a tennis match from a 500-level event, I found a bit over 20 markets up for grabs, including bets on sets, games, and the chance for any set to be won to nil.

However, the platform feels a bit slow to react, and it's missing those extra features most bettors have come to expect. They don't offer live streaming and even their stats tracker seems basic.

They're also missing live same game parlays and micro markets, but those are more advanced features. They should focus on getting the basics right first.

All in all, I gave Betfred a 1.5/5 for live betting, and that's really just because they offer live betting at all.

If you want to see how it's really done, check out these sportsbooks with top-notch live betting platforms:

Betfred Reviews from Customers


Figuring out what users think of Betfred's apps is a bit tough since they have different ones for each state, and the ratings aren't the same everywhere. Like, the Betfred app in Iowa for iOS is rated 4.2, but in Arizona, it's only 3.8.

Diving into user comments, I found several positive mentions worth highlighting:

  • Easy to use app and quick verification: Jeff mentioned how Betfred's geolocation tools work smoothly, and he was also a fan of the overall user experience (see screenshot).
  • Excellent customer service: Jacob commended Betfred’s customer service for their quick responses and efficient problem-solving (see screenshot).
  • Great promos: An App Store user applauded the new app for its ease of navigation and was particularly impressed with the wide array of promotions available (see screenshot).

While sifting through the comments, I also stumbled on quite a bit of criticism. Here's a summary of the negative feedback:

  • Promo problems: One App Store user threw serious shade on Betfred for not honoring certain promotional deals, though they left out the details (see screenshot).
  • Poor app functionality: Another iOS app user bashed Betfred’s glitchy withdrawal system and the app's all-over-the-place layout (see screenshot).
  • Technical glitches: Scott called out Betfred's finicky biometric system and the frequent connection dropouts (see screenshot).

When I checked out Reddit for some insights, a lot of the chatter was about Betfred's U.K. operations. However, I stumbled upon some potentially concerning feedback in some discussions about their U.S. sportsbook.

For instance, in this thread, several users complained that Betfred doesn't always honor its promotional terms. One user even mentioned having a bet retroactively canceled after the line moved in their favor.

These sportsbooks have a more reliable reputation and fewer complaints than Betfred:

Betfred Deposits, Withdrawals, & Payout Speed


Betfred provides a decent selection of payment options for making deposits and withdrawals.


The platform supports many ways to deposit, but the specific options can vary a lot depending on your state.

The minimum deposit is generally set at $10 for most methods, though it can jump to a minimum of $500 for options like Paysafecard.

While the lack of Apple Pay and Venmo is a letdown, Betfred still offers a range of standard payment processors.

Deposit Method

Minimum Deposit

Processing Time

Bank transfer

$10 Instant




Mazooma E-check$10 Instant
Play+$10 Instant
PayNearMe$500 Instant

Debit/Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex)


Skrill$5 Instant
Skrill 1-tap$10 Instant
Cash at Cage$5 Instant

Withdrawal Methods & Payout Speed

Betfred gives you at least 4 methods to pull out your winnings, but this can differ by state.

This setup is similar to what other sportsbooks offer, except Betfred doesn’t have bank wire transfers.

How much you can take out and how fast it gets to you varies with each withdrawal method.

Withdrawal Method

Minimum Withdrawal

Payout Speed


8 to 15 business days

VIP PreferreedBased on approval

4 to 9 business days

Play+$25 Instant
Mazooma E-check$10 Instant
Online Banking$5

3 to 4 business days


3 to 6 business days

Skrill 1-Tap$10

3 to 6 business days

Cash at Cage$0.01 Up to 60 minutes

A small heads up: your withdrawal method needs to match the one you used for depositing. Deposits made with debit or credit cards don't allow for direct withdrawals back to the card.

In such cases, you have options: request a mailed check, initiate an ACH transfer with Mazooma E-Check, or deposit using a different method to then withdraw through that alternative option.

The good news is, there aren't many complaints about cashing out from Betfred online. They're pretty good with processing times but not the fastest out there. I personally used Skrill for withdrawals, and they stuck to their 3-day promise.

For even quicker payouts, check out these three sportsbooks:

  1. FanDuel: 5/5
  2. BetMGM: 5/5
  3. BetRivers: 5/5

Odds Boosts, Promotions, & Loyalty Program


Betfred rolls out quite a few ongoing promotions, along with a loyalty and VIP program for its players. That said, where they fall short is in their odds boosts offerings.

Odds Boosts

During the midseason of many major sports, Betfred typically offers between 3 to 5 odds boosts per day. This is less than many of its competitors.

Unlike sportsbooks like ESPN Bet, which provides odds boosts on more reachable markets in the +150 to +250 range, Betfred offers supercharged odds mainly for longshot bets. These are usually combo parlays with odds of +300 or more. 

While these boosts may have some value, they still don't have a great chance of winning.

Betfred Sportsbook Odds Boosts
Odds Boosts

Betfred limits its odds boosts to college sports and the major leagues, not venturing into secondary markets like soccer and tennis as Caesars and bet365 do.

Another slight drawback is their $25 max bet cap on markets with odds boosts. Though not uncommon among sportsbooks, it's still a bit of a downer.

On a brighter note, I give Betfred credit for showing the base value of markets before the boost, letting players see exactly how much the price has been enhanced. These boosts typically fall into the 10-15% range, which is standard.

Here are 3 other sportsbooks with better odds boosts than Betfred:


Betfred deserves praise for having one of the most extensive collections of ongoing promotions among U.S. sportsbooks. While many of their deals lean towards insurance-type promos, the variety is commendable.

Here's a look at what they were offering when I wrote this review:

  • Trey Day: A unique NBA promotion that awards you a Fred Bet for every 3-pointer your team's best shooter makes.
  • Basketball Choke Insurance: If you place an NBA moneyline bet and your team is ahead by 15+ points at halftime but ends up losing, you can get up to $100 back in Fred Bets.
  • 10th Basketball Wager on Us: After placing 9 basketball parlays with a stake of $5 or more, Betfred rewards you with a Fred Bet equal to 100% of your lowest stake among those 9 parlays.
  • Pro Hockey Choke Insurance: Like basketball, if your NHL moneyline bet loses after your team leads by 3+ goals at any point, you receive up to $100 back in Fred Bets.
  • 10th Hockey Wager on Us: Just like the basketball offer, place 9 NHL parlays and your 10th bet is on Betfred, with a Fred Bet up to $100.
  • Friday Fireworks: Bet $20 or more on MLB games on Fridays and get a $2 Fred Bet for each home run hit in the game you bet on.
  • Tuesday Triple Play Boosted Payout: Parlays with three or more legs get a profit boost on Tuesdays.
  • Baseball Choke Insurance: Receive up to $100 in Fred Bets if your MLB moneyline bet loses despite your team leading by 5+ runs at any point.
  • 10th Soccer Wager on Us: Like NBA and hockey, Betfred offers a Fred Bet for your 10th soccer parlay.
  • Soccer Double Delight & Hat Trick Heaven: Bonus payout for Anytime Goalscorer bets if the player scores two or more goals.
  • Soccer Choke Insurance: Get your moneyline bet back as a Fred Bet if your team leads by 2+ goals at halftime but loses the match.

I rated Betfred a 3.5/5 for promotions, mainly because they're missing some deals I have seen elsewhere, like a referral bonus. Here are three sportsbooks that are exceptional in this area:

Loyalty Program

Betfred is rolling out a new loyalty program named Betfred Rewards. It's currently under development, with promises of launching soon. I'll update you with the details once it's live.

Their VIP program is by invitation only. The benefits sound impressive, offering personal hosts, tickets to events, custom promotions, golf outings, and more.

Having both loyalty and VIP programs is a significant plus for Betfred. Still, they might need to step it up to rival the likes of the MGM Rewards Program (BetMGM) and Caesars Rewards (Caesars Sportsbook).

Betfred Features


Betfred doesn’t have much in terms of features. They offer just a couple of significant tools:

  • Cash out: This lets you exit a bet before it concludes. It's available when you have one or two picks left to settle on your slip, offering a reduced payout compared to if you let the bet run its course. Not every market is eligible for cash out; those that are will show a coin icon.
  • Same game parlays (Parlay+): Combine various selections from the same event into one bet. Mostly available for the big leagues, you'll find a special section for markets eligible for same game parlays.
  • Bookmark: This simple feature allows you to pin a match, which then appears in the ‘My Pins' section of the live betting area. It's handy for keeping track of games you’re interested in, but not groundbreaking.

These three sportsbooks bring much more to the table in terms of features:

Betfred Background

Betfred is one of the longest-standing sports betting brands globally, with a history that stretches back to 1967 in the U.K. It began as a humble betting shop in Salford, England but grew significantly over the years.

As the online sports betting scene took off in the U.K. in the early 2000s, Betfred quickly ascended to become one of the top 5 operators, keeping company with giants like William Hill and bet365.

Betfred made its way to the U.S. in 2019, starting off in Iowa. To cater specifically to the American market, they established Betfred USA Sports.

Since their debut, they've expanded their operations to nine additional states. However, it's worth noting that in Nevada, Washington, and Louisiana, their presence is limited to land-based properties.

In the U.S., Betfred has forged partnerships with several sports organizations and entities, including the Denver Broncos, Vegas Golden Knights, Loudoun United, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Iowa Wild, enhancing their visibility and integration within the local sports scenes.

Here's a look at the timeline of Betfred's launches in each state where they're active, along with their land-based partners.

StateLaunch DateLand-based partner

Feb 2023

Long Shot’s OTB

Feb 2023

Loudoun United FC

Jan 2023

Mohegan Sun

Jan 2023

Cincinnati Bengals

Mar 2022

Fort McDowell Yavapai-Apache Nation

Dec 2020

Wind Creek Casino

Sep 2020

Saratoga Casino Black Hawk

Jul 2020

Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort

Latest Developments

In March 2024, Betfred joined forces with U.S. Integrity, introducing the ProhiBet system. This partnership aims to closely watch betting activities, ensuring everyone involved in sports—like student-athletes and coaches—plays by the rules.

Customer Support


Customer support is hands down Betfred’s brightest spot. Their team is not just efficient and quick to respond; the overall service is wide-ranging, offering several contact methods:

  • Live Chat: Available from Monday to Thursday, 8 AM to 9 PM MT, and from Friday to Sunday, 8 AM to 11 PM MT.
  • Phone: You can call them at 480-485-4967.
  • Email: There's a specific email for each state, formatted as support.(state abbreviation)
  • FAQ: The help center is there for speedy answers to common queries.
  • X (formerly Twitter): For updates or assistance, follow and message @BetfredHelp.

They've earned a well-deserved 5/5 from me for their support, a sentiment echoed across forums where users consistently praise their helpful service.

Here are 3 other sportsbooks with excellent customer support:

Betfred logo


After making any bet. T&Cs Apply.

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