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Funzpoints is a sweepstakes casino with a small lineup of 60+ slots and keno games. It was rolled out in 2019 by Woopla, a company based in Canada.

Personally, Funzpoints’ playful design doesn't do it for me. I am looking for a sweepstakes platform that gives off that real-casino vibe, and this just isn't it.

For everyone out there who doesn't quite click with Funzpoints, I've compiled a list of seven alternatives.

These are my picks for the best sites and casinos like Funzpoints: Pulsz,, High 5 Casino, McLuck, and WOW Vegas.

Below we’ll go over how each stacks up to Funzpoints so you can decide for yourself if they're the alternative you've been looking for.



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Best Funzpoints Casino Alternatives

I've been around the sweepstakes casino block for a while now; this isn’t my first rodeo. Playing, discussing, critiquing, dissecting, and rating these platforms has been my jam for over 10 years. At this point, I've got a solid handle on what makes a sweepstakes casino stand out.

Having my trusty best sweepstakes casinos list meant that I didn't need to search far for alternatives to Funzpoints. I revisited my top picks and highlighted those that offer a similar buzz to Funzpoints, with a bonus kick. Here's what my research turned up:

  1. Pulsz: The Best All-Around Funzpoints Alternative
  2. Casino Like Funzpoints with a Superior Game Selection
  3. High 5 Casino: Funzpoints Alternative with the Best Live Dealer Games
  4. McLuck: Casino with Better Jackpots than Funzpoints
  5. WOW Vegas: Best Promos among Funzpoints Alternatives

1) Pulsz Casino: The Best All-Around Funzpoints Alternative

pulsz logo

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Restricted States

Idaho, Nevada, Michigan, Montana, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at Pulsz can get up to 367k GC & 32.3 SC FREE after signing up. Use this link to claim the bonus.

If there's a sweeps app that really captures the authentic casino experience, it's Pulsz. For me, that’s what qualifies them as the best sweepstakes casino— and, by extension, the best Funzpoints alternative.

When it comes to game variety, there's no contest. Funzpoints has a modest selection of little over 60 games, predominantly slots and a few keno options. In contrast, Pulsz features a vast library with 850+ titles, including a full spread of slots, keno, table games, and card games.

Pulsz’ no purchase bonus is 2.3 SC on sign-up, which stacks up well against Funzpoints’ $2.50 no-deposit bonus. Funzpoints offers a match deposit bonus on the first purchase, while Pulsz provides discount specials. Overall, their welcome bonuses are comparable.

For regular player promos, it's anyone's game. Both platforms conjure up different ways to dish out free coins. Funzpoints rolls out holiday bonuses, jackpot draws, and boosters. Pulsz, in turn, offers daily bonuses, jackpot races, and tournaments. It all boils down to what kind of perks you're into.

The most pronounced difference between the two sites comes down to site architecture. Funzpoints takes on a playful design, with games splashed on the homepage haphazardly. Pulsz shows off a more polished casino look and a clean, organized layout that’s easy to navigate.

Another area where Pulsz runs ahead is mobile play. They have a pair of apps, both rated over 4.2. Funzpoints, however, only has an Android app, and it's trailing with a 3.7 rating.



Gallery (click to expand)

Pulsz vs. Funzpoints
Performance MetricWho Comes Out on TopJustification
Number of GamesPulsz

Pulsz has more than 14 times the number of games as Funzpoints

Game QualityPulszPulsz works with 12+ providers, while Funzpoints only has in-house games
Game VarietyPulszPulsz has table games, a category Funzpoints missed out on
Welcome BonusTieBoth sites offer a similar signup offer
Ongoing PromosTieBoth sites offer a similar range of no purchase/no deposit bonuses for returning players
MobilePulszPulsz has two highly-rated apps, while Funzpoints only has a single Android app
SupportPulszPulsz has live chat support, which is lacking at Funzpoints
BankingPulszPulsz offers a wider selection of banking options

Funzpoints operates in 49 U.S. states compared to Pulsz’ 45

2) Casino Like Funzpoints with a Superior Game Selection

Stake US Logo

Promo code: ODDSASSIST

Restricted States

Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Washington, Vermont

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at can get 32.3 SC & 367k GC after signup. Use promo code ODDSASSIST here. 

If you’re looking for a casino like Funzpoints but with more oomph, is worth a look. It has a heftier mix of games, a bigger batch of promos, and more efficient customer service—to name but a few key areas where pulls ahead.

I prefer's no-deposit welcome bonus for a simple reason: it's bigger. They dish out 25 SC right when you sign up. That equals about $8 once you factor in the 3x playthrough—over triple the free SC that Funzpoints hands out to new arrivals.

Funzpoints throws out cool jackpot draws, but is where it's at with its promos. The daily races and challenges are a blast. They don't come cheap, though, as you have to pony up about 1k SC to get in. But with big prize pools going up to 25k SC, it feels like a fair trade. My experience says you're more likely to win free coins at's drawings than those at Funzpoints.

Saying has better games than Funzpoints is really downplaying it. It’s not just not that they’re packing 810+ titles, including live dealer games. What seals the deal for me is their awesome spread of RNG table games—something Funzpoints doesn’t even have. They’ve got 9 digital table & card games, including baccarat, blackjack, and roulette from Pragmatic Play—a big-league provider and a favorite of mine.

Funzpoints has its own brand of games, sure, and they're cool and all, but they’re no match for the Stake Originals. Beyond their crisp graphics and low minimum bets, these games stand out because they're rigged to a provably fair system. This tech lets you verify the randomness of each play, whether it's a slot machine whirl or a deal of the cards. offers a couple of standout features that make it a solid pick if you're after something different than Funzpoints. For starters, they're the only legit sweeps casino that accepts cryptocurrencies. Then there's the chat function, which really fosters a community vibe.



Gallery (click to expand) vs. Funzpoints
Performance MetricWho Comes Out on TopJustification
Number of has more than 13 times the number of games as Funzpoints

Game has partnered with 12+ providers, while Funzpoints only has in-house games

Game offers games from all three main categories—slots, table games, live dealer plus a live poker room

Welcome offers more free SC on signup
Ongoing offers a wider range of no-deposit bonuses for returning players doesn’t have native apps, but their mobile version of the site works great has personalized live chat support accepts 20+ cryptocurrencies, but they don’t offer fiat payment methods like Funzpoints
AvailabilityFunzpointsFunzpoints operates in 49 U.S. states compared to’ 44

3) High 5 Casino: Funzpoints Alternative with the Best Live Dealer Games

high 5 casino logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at High 5 Casino can get 5 SC, 250 GC, and 600 Diamonds Free. Use this link to claim the bonus.

High 5 Casino is a clear upgrade from Funzpoints across the board. It stands out as a better choice with a superior game selection, better perks, more comprehensive customer support, and a wider array of banking options.

Funzpoints has a decent first purchase offer, but High 5 Casino's sign-up bonus really hits the spot for me. The High 5 Casino no purchase bonus gives 5 SC which is double what you get from Funzpoints’ initial giveaway. I appreciate how High 5 gives you the free coins straight up without making you jump through verification hoops.

Both casinos throw in a kicker with in-game boosters, namely free spins. Over at Funzpoints, these perks pop up randomly as you play. High 5 Casino's got a different spin on the concept with Diamonds—a third currency exclusive to their platform. You can collect or purchase them and swap them for extra plays or bonus rounds in slots. It's a sweet deal they both have going.

High 5 leaves Funzpoints in the dust with a stash of over 1,200 games. What really clinches it for me is their live dealer action. They’ve got all the classics— roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Plus, they feature a range of crash games, which I really dig.

Both casinos boast exclusive in-house games, yet they're worlds apart. High 5 stands as a seasoned vet in the industry, with 30 years under its belt. They’re known for stocking Vegas's finest with their games. Funzpoints operates with a smaller crew creating playful and quirky games for their platform.

There are two other areas where High 5 Casino really gets ahead. Their loyalty and VIP programs offer real perks, a contrast to Funzpoints, which lacks such programs. Also, High 5 accepts Skrill, PayPal, and credit/debit cards for transactions. On the other hand, Funzpoints only offers cards and online banking for purchases and redemptions.



How It Looks

High 5 Casino vs. Funzpoints
Performance MetricWho Comes Out on TopJustification
Number of GamesHigh 5 Casino

High 5 Casino offers 1,200+ games, 17 times more than Funzpoints

Game QualityHigh 5 Casino

High 5 Casino has games from 15+ providers

Game VarietyHigh 5 CasinoHigh 5 Casino covers all three main categories—slots, table games, live dealer
Welcome BonusHigh 5 CasinoHigh 5 Casino offers more free SC on signup
Ongoing PromosTieBoth sites have a similar range of ongoing promos
MobileHigh 5 CasinoHigh 5 boasts two highly-rated native apps
SupportHigh 5 CasinoHigh 5 Casino offers live chat, which is missing at Funzpoints
BankingHigh 5 CasinoHigh 5 Casino accepts a wider range of payment options
AvailabilityFunzpointsFunzpoints operates in 49 U.S. states compared to High 5 Casino’s 46

4) McLuck: Casino with Better Jackpots than Funzpoints

McLuck logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada, Michigan, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at McLuck can get 57.5k GC and 27.5 SC FREE after signup. Use this link to claim the bonus.

McLuck is a Funzpoints alternative with a larger slot collection, better daily bonuses, smoother user experience, and bigger jackpots to boot.

The two casinos are on even ground when it comes to the no-deposit welcome bonus, with each handing out 2.5 SC on signup. Yet, McLuck steps up with a first-purchase special, tossing in 150% extra on your first $9.99 coin buy. Personally, I find McLuck's offer to carry more bang for the buck.

McLuck doesn't dish out holiday discounts, unlike Funzpoints. What they have is a daily bonus that hands you 2.5 SC every day. They also offer a referral bonus—something you won't find at Funzpoints—rewarding you with up to 25 SC per friend you invite.

Funzpoints' claim to fame comes from jackpot draws, hooking players with a shot at big wins daily. McLuck sees that bet and raises it. They run a progressive jackpot system called McLuck, where the grand prize can shoot up to 100k SC. It’s like Funzpoints' jackpots on steroids.

McLuck is a slots hub just like Funzpoints, but their lineup hits a whole new level. They've got 700 titles from more than 12 providers, including NetEnt. Think Megaways, Cascading Reels, Hold & Win—they're all on the menu.  Unlike Funzpoints, which locks many slots in standard mode, McLuck offers full access to their entire selection.

The user experience at McLuck is night and day when set against Funzpoints, and that’s true for desktop and mobile alike. McLuck's apps boast ratings over 4.2, and from my hands-on time, they deserve every star. The desktop interface is crisp and well-organized, a stark contrast to Funzpoints’ more slapdash appearance.



Gallery (click to expand)

McLuck vs. Funzpoints
Performance MetricWho Comes Out on TopJustification
Number of GamesMcLuck

McLuck offers 700+ games, 8 times more than Funzpoints

Game QualityMcLuckMcLuck has partnered with a dozen providers, while Funzpoints only has in-house games
Game VarietyTieBoth casinos are slots-oriented
Welcome BonusTieBoth casinos offer similar welcome bonuses
Ongoing PromosTieBoth sites have a similar range of ongoing promos
MobileMcLuckMcLuck has two native apps rated 4.2+
SupportMcLuckMcLuck offers live support, while Funzpoints doesn’t
BankingMcLuckMcLuck offers Funzpoints’ payment methods + ACH and gift cards

Funzpoints operates in 49 U.S. states compared to McLuck’s 43

5) WOW Vegas: Best Promos among Funzpoints Alternatives

wow vegas logo

No Code Required—Use Links

Restricted States

Idaho, Michigan, Nevada, Washington

Sign-Up Bonus

New customers at WOW Vegas can get 1.75 million WOW Coins & 35 SC FREE. Use this link to claim the bonus.

WOW Vegas wraps up my top 5 Funzpoints alternatives. It outshines Funzpoints with a richer mix of promos, a superior slot experience, better options for mobile play, and a more varied banking lineup.

Honestly, I prefer WOW Vegas for promo freebies over any other casino. Take Funzpoints and their Funzday Sunday promo—it’s nice, they hand out premium tokens. But WOW Vegas? It's like every day is Funzday.

WOW Vegas has over 20 no purchase bonuses as part of their regular lineup. The WOW Weekender is my favorite, where you can win a share of 10k SC.

Switch from Funzpoints to WOW Vegas, and you'll find their slots selection is galaxies ahead. With partners like Booming Games and 3 Oaks Gaming, the quality is second to none. Tip from me: don't miss out on Pragmatic Play’s must-hit-by jackpot slots. They're awesome.

For those after a mobile casino that does it better than Funzpoints, look no further than WOW Vegas. The app ratings speak for themselves: 4.6 for Android and 4.9 for iOS. I've run the iOS app on my iPhone 13, and it's a winner. The design is slick, the games are glitch-free, and doing the basics like buying in or hitting up support is easy.

WOW Vegas edges out Funzpoints when it comes to the welcome bonus. Newcomers get 4.5 SC spread over 3 days post-signup, nearly twice what Funzpoints offers its new players.

In terms of banking, WOW Vegas stands out with options like cards, Trustly, Skrill, and Apple Pay. This means you'll have more avenues for making purchases and cashing out than you would at Funzpoints.



How It Looks

WOW Vegas vs. Funzpoints
Performance MetricWho Comes Out on TopJustification
Number of GamesWOW Vegas

WOW Vegas offers 875+ games, substantially more than Funzpoints

Game QualityWOW VegasMcLuck has partnered with elite providers like Pragmatic Play, while Funzpoints only has in-house games
Game VarietyTieBoth casinos are slots-oriented
Welcome BonusWOW VegasWOW Vegas offers a bigger no deposit bonus for new players
Ongoing PromosWOW VegasWOW Vegas runs 20+ ongoing promos
MobileWOW VegasWOW Vegas boast two highest-rated mobile apps among all Funzpoints alternatives
SupportWOW VegasWOW Vegas offers live support, which Funzpoints missed out on
BankingWOW VegasWOW Vegas offers Trustly, Skrill, and Apple Pay, which is missing on Funzpoints

Funzpoints operates in 49 U.S. states compared to WOW Vegas’ 46

Funzpoints Casino Sister Sites

Funzpoints doesn’t have any sister casinos. It's the premier brand and the only gaming app operated by Woopla Inc.

I've come across a few mentions here and there about Funzpoints supposedly having a sister site, but that's mostly affiliates playing the marketing game. They drop keywords like “Funzpoints sister sites” to grab clicks and climb Google’s rankings.

Top Games Like Funzpoints

Funzpoints offers a playful mix of over 60 slot games, living up to the “fun” in its name. Yet, if you're searching for depth, almost any other casino will have a more diverse game selection.

Here's a breakdown of the best picks for each game type among all the legit Funzpoints alternatives I've scoped out:

  • Best slots like Funzpoints: If slots are your jam, any of the casinos I've mentioned will do the trick. They're all flush with slot games. I have a soft spot for WOW Vegas for their Betsoft slots. However, Fortune Coins deserves a shoutout too. Their slots are not only homegrown like Funzpoints but also boast a sharper visual appeal. What's more, FC features slots with super high RTPs, such as Hot Fiesta, clocking in at 96.56%.
  • Other games like Funzpoints: If keno-style games are what you enjoy at Funzpoints, Pulsz Bingo is your next best stop. Think of it as Pulsz Casino but with an exclusive bingo wing. For a change of pace from the usual slots, table games, and live dealer fare, Funrize and NoLimitCoins toss in some quirky fish games that could reel you in.

Funzpoints doesn't offer table games, so if that's your scene, you might want to check out, High 5 Casino, or SweepSlots. I usually hit up for my table game fix, but SweepSlots is also worth a look, particularly for fans of Texas Hold’em poker games.

If live casino action is what you're after, High 5 Casino is the obvious choice. They offer a good spread of tables live-streamed straight from Evolution Gaming's studios. The stream quality, user interface, croupiers, and betting options—they nail it all.

How Funzpoints & Alternative Sweepstakes Casinos Works

Like many sweepstakes platforms, Funzpoints runs on a dual-currency system. Standard Funzpoints are financially worthless, while Premium Funzpoints can be redeemed for real prizes after winning. The casino hands out both types of tokens periodically, so you can play for free.

All Funzpoints alternatives follow a comparable model, using two types of virtual tokens in place of real money. The names vary from Funzpoints though. Usually, the just-for-fun currency goes by Gold Coin, and the redeemable type is dubbed Sweepstakes Coin.

The rationale behind Funzpoints—and any casino employing the sweepstakes setup—giving away coins so liberally is grounded in legalities. A core tenet of sweepstakes regulations is the requirement to let players enter and win cash contests without purchase. In casinos, the games themselves are the contests.

You can learn more about the nitty-gritty of the sweepstakes model here. I've laid out all the intricacies there for you to check out.

How to Choose Apps Similar to Funzpoints

To pick a genuinely great alternative casino for Funzpoints, you have to put in the work. Sure, you can jump on the first good-looking, legit sweepstakes casino that offers valuable no deposit bonuses. However, with a little digging, you might find an even better fit.

Typically, I'm all about signing up at a ton of casinos to grind out as much free SC as I can. But let's be real, not everyone has the time to dedicate to a bunch of apps. So, it makes sense to narrow the field to just the top-tier options. Here's the rundown on how to trim the list.

  • Security and trustworthiness: I sleep well at night knowing I'm playing at a casino that takes security seriously and has a reputation for fairness. If there's any whiff of shady dealings or lax security, it's an instant pass.
  • Game variety: Diversity is key in my book. A casino that offers a broad mix of slots, table games, and unique offerings like Andar Bahar keeps the excitement fresh. If a casino's game variety doesn't spark my interest, it doesn't make the cut.
  • Bonuses with benefits: I’m hunting for bonuses that truly benefit my playtime and offer genuine chances to boost my bankroll. If a casino's bonuses are all flash and no substance, I’m moving on. That said, SCs must always be included in the offer.
  • Customer support: Responsive and helpful support teams are a cornerstone of a great gaming experience. Casinos that provide fast, friendly, and effective support show they value their players. That said, the lack of live support is a dealbreaker for me.
  • User interface: For me, a slick user interface is crucial. It's got to be clean, easy to navigate, and modern. If I'm lost or it feels like I'm time-traveling to the '90s, it's not for me.
  • Payment options: A variety of secure, fast payment options is my expectation. I want to purchase and redeem with ease, using the method that suits me. If a casino makes this complicated, they’re off my list.

FunzPoints Alternatives FAQs

What are the best alternatives to Funzpoints?
Pulsz,, McLuck, WOW Vegas, and High 5 rank as my top picks for alternatives to Funzpoints.

Can I win real money at Funzpoints alternatives?
Yes, like Funzpoints, these alternatives offer sweepstakes coins or equivalent that you can redeem for real cash prizes, giving you the chance to win money just as you would at Funzpoints.

Do these alternative sites offer the same games as Funzpoints?
While you'll find some overlap in game types, each alternative brings its own flair with exclusive titles and variations, expanding your gaming options beyond what's available at Funzpoints. Specifically, most of my top picks offer table and live dealer games, which are lacking at Funzpoints.

Are these sites like Funzpoints legit and legal?
Absolutely. The sites I've selected employ cutting-edge security measures and have an established track record for legitimacy. As for legality, it's essential to check if the casino operates legally in your state, as this varies depending on where you're playing.

Which sweepstakes casino has in-house games like Funzpoints?
If you're looking for casinos with in-house games akin to what Funzpoints offers, Fortune Coins and High 5 are your go-to options. They both have a unique assortment of proprietary games that provide a similar, yet distinct, gaming experience.

Where I can learn more about alternative sweepstakes casinos?
Here are some of our other sweepstakes alternative guides that you may be interested in:

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