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Use our NPB odds & lines comparison tool to find the best deals available today for the Japan Baseball games you're interested in.

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How to Use Our NPB Odds & Lines Comparison Tool

Use our NPB odds and lines comparison tool to shop around for the best odds and lines available for run line, total (Over/Under), and moneyline bets at major U.S. sportsbooks for upcoming Japan Baseball games.

Odds and lines refresh every minute so you can always find the best deal for the bet you want to make.

Odds & Line Shopping

If you want to make money sports betting, the easiest and one of the most effective things you can do is to shop around for the best lines and odds.

Shopping for the Best NPB Lines

For NPB line shopping, if you're interested in betting the run line (baseball's version of point spread betting), you'd favor +1.5 over -1.5. With totals (Over/Under bets), a lower number is better for an Over bet, while a higher one is better for Under.

Shopping for the Best NPB Odds

Maybe even more important than shopping for the best lines is finding the best NPB odds.

Since the NPB uses run lines that are always +1.5/-1.5, you have to look at the odds to find the best deal if all sportsbooks have the team you want to bet at -1.5, for example.

To find the best odds, look for the highest number. For instance, if betting on the Buffaloes at -1.5, odds of -105 beat -110. Or, if you like the Lions on the moneyline, +130 gives a better return than +105.

If this is still confusing, check out our guide to reading betting odds.

Other Notes About our NPB Odds Comparison Tool

There are a few options our NPB odds tool has that you can set based on what you're looking for:

  • Bet Type: Click Spead, Moneyline, or Total to see current odds for those types of bets.
  • State: Choose the state you're betting in to see only sportsbooks available there.
  • Leagues: Choose the league you want to see lines and odds for.
  • Sportsbooks: Choose which sportsbooks are included so you only see odds from the ones you use.

Types of NPB Betting Markets

Since it's a niche league for U.S. bettors, there are as many types of sports bets available for the NPB compared to more mainstream leagues like the MLB. Still, there are a few different types of NPB bets you can place, including:

  • NPB Run Line Bets: It's like the spread in other sports, but here it's always +/- 1.5 runs.
  • NPB Total Bets (Over/Under): Guess if the total runs in the game will be over or under a set line. Learn more about Over/Under bets guide.
  • NPB Moneyline Bets: Just pick who you think will win the game. You can get more details on moneyline betting here.
  • NPB Parlays: Combine different bets into one for a chance at bigger wins. Check out how parlays work here.
  • NPB Futures: Bet on season-long markets like who will win the championship or who will win MVP things that will happen later, like who will win the championship. Learn more about futures here.

NPB Betting FAQs

How do I read NPB odds?
The American odds system is the most commonly used across U.S. sportsbooks. Positive numbers display potential winnings on a $100 bet, while negative ones indicate the wager needed for a $100 win. Dive deeper with our How to Read Betting Odds Guide or our Betting Odds Payout Calculator.

How are NPB lines and odds determined?
A mix of team metrics, player statuses, recent games, and the location of the game influences the lines and odds. Sportsbooks will also adjust lines and odds based on which side is getting the most money bet on it.

Why might I bet on negative odds in the NPB?
Negative odds don't imply that you're going to lose money no matter what, rather it typically shows who is the favorite. The exception is when the odds on both sides of a bet are negative (such as -110 and -110) which is a 50/50 bet with the sportsbook's vig or juice added on.

How do NPB run lines differ from moneylines?
Run lines act as baseball's point spread and are almost always set at +1.5/-1.5. In contrast, moneyline bets are just about picking the outright winner with no spread.

What are NPB Over/Under bets?
Over/Under bets focus on whether the total runs from both teams will exceed or stay below a pre-set line.

Where can I find NPB Vegas odds?
Though “Vegas” is a popular term among bettors, it typically just refers to bookmakers who set the lines and odds, many of which are located in Las Vegas. With sports betting being available in many more parts of the U.S. now, there are bookmakers located in other states, but bettors like to refer to all of them as “Vegas.”

Which sportsbook is top-tier for NPB betting?
There is no best sportsbook for betting on the NPB as what is best for you is based on your personal preferences. For example, some sportsbooks may offer the best NPB odds while others may have a more lucrative sign-up bonus. The good thing is that you aren't limited to using just one sportsbook in most states.

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