What if Spread is -7 and Team Wins by 7 or Spread is +7 and Team Loses by 7?

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If you bet on a game with a spread of -7 and the team won by exactly 7, or if you bet on a spread of +7 and the team lost by exactly 7, you just experienced a push.

Depending on how the team ended up matching the spread, you may be either happy, relieved, or fuming.

When a bet pushes—such as if the spread is -7 and the team wins by 7—it is usually voided and the amount you wagered is returned to you.

When Teams Push, Bettors Get Their Money Back

All the best online sports betting sites return wagers to bettors when a push occurs. Expect to see your account credited with your original wager—no more and no less—if you bet a team either -7 or +7 and the final margin of victory is 7 points. 

What Happens When a Team That Pushes Is Part of a Multi-Leg Bet (Parlay)?

When you bet a multi-leg wager, it’s called a parlay. If you have won every other leg of a parlay and your final leg results in a push, sportsbooks will typically eliminate the push from the parlay, adjust your odds downward, and credit you for the victory.

How Can Bettors Avoid a Push?

Half points exist in sports betting for good reason, as they guarantee that bettors will not fall victim to a push. If the initial line in a bet is set at a half-number (2.5 points, for example), then you do not have to worry about a push.

If the initial line is a whole number (in this case, 7), consider betting an alternate spread or alternate total. For example, you might tease the line down to 0.5 points or even up to 13.5 points.

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