Can You Win Real Money on Funrize Casino?

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Companies featured on this page may be our partners who compensate us if you sign up for one through our links. This doesn't affect our ratings or opinions in any way. Must be 21+. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. See full disclosure.

When trying to find a sweepstakes casino to play in, players often wrestle with two main concerns: First, is the platform legit? Second, can I actually win real money?

For the first, let's address it head-on: you have nothing to worry about with Funrize. We only recommend sweepstakes casinos that have passed our stringent safety and trustworthiness checks—which Funrize has.

On the second dilemma, there's often a lingering sense of scepticism. Play without paying, yet have a shot at real cash prizes? It sounds dreamlike. But at Funrize, this dream edges closer to reality.

Long story short, if you're wondering whether you can win real money on Funrize, the direct answer is yes.

Yet, the specifics of real money payouts at sweepstakes casinos are more a bit intricate, but we’ll explain exactly how it works in this article.

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How You Can Win Money on Funrize

If “Can you win real money on Funrize casino?” is the burning question leading your search for the ideal sweepstakes casino, there's good news for you: real prizes are indeed up for grabs on Funrize.

Funrize operates as a social casino under the sweepstakes model. While the linked guide provides a comprehensive look at how sweepstakes casinos work, here's a quick recap to help you grasp how Funrize handles real prize payouts.

On Funrize, you won't encounter the usual cash transactions as in traditional casino sites. Instead, Funrize casino real money gameplay revolves around two virtual currencies that act as substitutes for actual dollars.

When you buy these coins, you'll get two types of tokens. One of these can be redeemed for cash prizes after it's used in gameplay.

So, while Funrize is essentially a free gaming app, one set of its coins holds the potential to be transformed into real cash prizes.

How to Convert Promotional Entries into Real Money

Since we've addressed the question, “Does Funrize casino pay real money?” , let's break down the steps to secure those cash rewards.

Essentially, all Promotional Entries carry a built-in 1x wagering requirement. This stipulates that the coins need to be used in gameplay at least once before they can be cashed out for tangible prizes.

Here’s how this works in practice. Suppose you land 1,000 Promotional Entries from a Funrize no-deposit bonus using our Funrize promo code ODDS.

Feeling lucky, you decide to try your hand at the Golden Tree—one of Funrize's trending slots. You wager 100 PE on each spin, aiming for a big win.

After 10 spins, you find yourself with 1,200 PE in your balance. Since you've rolled over the original 1,000 PEs, the extra 200 PE profit is yours to redeem for real cash prizes.

The bottom line is that while you can't withdraw the initial Promotional Entries you get from a coin purchase or bonus, any profit made from them is yours to claim.

Funrize Redemption Options

Regarding the question, “can you withdraw from Funrize?”—we've already touched on this in earlier segments. But, just to clarify, while withdrawals are indeed possible, there are a few specific checkpoints to keep in mind.

To turn your winnings into cold, hard cash, there are a couple of boxes to tick. One is the wagering requirements associated with Promotional Entries. But that's not the only hurdle; you'll also need to meet the minimum redemption threshold.

For withdrawals, Funrize offers two main avenues: gift cards or online banking. For gift cards, you'll need at least 250 Promotional Entries, equivalent to $25.

On the other hand, if online banking through Trustly is your preferred method, you'd need a minimum of 1,000 Promotional Entries, which translates to $100.

And a quick heads-up: before you can convert any of your winnings, you need to make at least one coin purchase on the site. Don't fret; purchase packages begin at a very affordable $1.99.

The Sweepstakes Model: How Funrize Can Offer Cash Prizes

Funrize Casino is structured around the sweepstakes framework. What this means is it doesn't directly handle real money, and it must consistently provide its players with free coins for play.

There are two types of coins on the platform:

  • Tournament Coins: Purely for play, these tokens don't have any real-world value.
  • Promotional Entries: These coins, however, can be redeemed for real prizes.

Now, addressing the question, “Is Funrize casino real money?”—it doesn't fit the traditional mold of what you might expect from online casinos that use real currency.

Instead, by leveraging in-house virtual coins, Funrize manages to operate in areas where conventional online casinos are off-limits.

Funrize has a distinct edge over traditional real money casinos. It's accessible in 47 U.S. states, dishes out numerous no-deposit bonuses, and lets you play for real prizes without spending a dime. The gameplay is on par with traditional casinos, especially the slots.

However, there's a little wrinkle here. Some players label Funrize as a “social casino.” But, pure social casinos don't let you win actual prizes.

Funrize, on the other hand, blurs the lines masterfully. It's a sweepstakes platform with social elements sprinkled in. A hybrid that offers the best of both worlds.

Winning Money on Funrize FAQs

Can you win real money on Funrize casino?
Yes, you can. Funrize employs two coin types for gameplay, but it's the Promotional Entries that carry redeemable value. Engage in play with these, and real rewards could be your takeaway.

How long does it take to get free money on Funrize?
It depends on how you choose to cash out. Go for gift card redemptions, and you'll see instant results. But if you prefer to withdraw through online banking, give it a few days for the transaction to process.

Can you win real money from Funrize no deposit bonus?
Yes. Play the Promotional Entries you get from the no deposit bonus once, and you can win real money.

Is the Funrize login bonus redeemable?
Yes. Convert the daily Promotional Entries bonuses into real rewards by meeting the wagering requirements and the minimum redemption amount.

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