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Best DFS Pick’em Site by Entry Size (Underdog, PrizePicks & More)

The following table compares payouts at DFS pick'em sites by entry size so you can find the ideal site based on how many players you want to include.

Columns with just a number are just a normal entry with no insurance. The number indicates how many picks/players are included in the entry.

“Ins” means insurance and indicates the payouts if you choose to include insurance. With insurance, you can still win even if all the legs of the entry don't hit. The number before the parentheses is how many picks you got right while the number in the parentheses is the payout.




3 Ins


4 Ins


5 Ins


6 Ins


7 Ins


3x5x3 (2.25x), 2 (1.25x)10x4 (5x), 3 (1.5x)22x

5 (10x), 4 (2x), 3 (0.4x)

25x6 (25x), 5 (2x), 4 (0.4x)N/AN/A


3x6x3 (3x), 2 (1x)10x4 (6x), 3 (1.5x)20x5 (10x), 4 (2.5x)N/AN/AN/AN/A




3 (2.5x), 2 (1.25x)


4 (5x), 3 (1.5x)


5 (10x), 4 (1.5x), 3 (0.4x)


6 (25x), 5 (1.5x), 4 (0.4x)


7 (35x), 6 (2.5x), 5 (1x)

Betr Picks



3 (2.25x), 2 (1.25x)


4 (5x), 3 (1.5x)


5 (10x), 4 (2.5x)


6 (20x), 5 (1.25x), 4 (1.05x)


7 (30x), 6 (2x), 5 (1.25x)


3x5x3 (2.5x), 2 (1.25x)10x4 (5x), 3 (1.25x)22x5 (12x), 4 (2.5x)40x6 (25x), 5 (2.5x), 4 (0.5x)75x

7 (35x), 6 (4x), 5 (0.5x)

Jock MKT


3 (2.25x), 2 (1.25x)


4 (5x), 3 (1.5x)


5 (10x), 4 (2x), 3 (0.4x)




Vivid Picks


How to Win on DFS Pick'em Sites

DFS pick'em sites allow you to choose higher or lower on player statistics and pay out real money if you win, similar to how player props work with sportsbooks. The more players you include in your entry, the higher your payout is.

One great thing about DFS pick'em sites is that the payouts remain constant regardless of if you choose higher or lower on a player's stat.

With sportsbooks, the odds will change if one side of a player prop gets a lot of bets. With DFS sites, however, the odds remain constant for both sides (higher or lower), even if a lot of DFS players are taking one side.

This presents an opportunity to create DFS pick'em entries with positive expected value (+EV) by using sportsbooks' odds.

An example

For example, let's say sportsbooks have Patrick Mahomes' passing yards total at 285.5 but the Over is juiced up to -145 while the Under is at +125.

With DFS sites like Underdog or PrizePicks, the payout isn't affected by whether you choose Higher (Over) or Lower (Under).

Since sportsbooks are charging more for the Over, we can assume that this is the more likely side to hit and may choose to include it in our DFS entry.

What Odds to Look for on Player Props to Know If It's Good Value on DFS Pick'em Sites

How juiced up a player prop at a sportsbook has to be to make it worth including is a bit complicated, but here's a quick breakdown for Underdog and PrizePicks:

  • 2 Picks Underdog: -137
  • 2 Picks PrizePicks: -137
  • 3 Picks Underdog: -122
  • 3 Picks PrizePicks: -141
  • 4 Picks Underdog: -128
  • 4 Picks PrizePicks: -128
  • 5 Picks Underdog: -122
  • 5 Picks PrizePicks: -115

The numbers show what odds on player props at sportsbooks you would have to find to break even. If you can find more juiced-up odds—such as -145, -150, -160, etc.—they are worth including in your DFS entry.

These numbers also show that Underdog is better for 3-pick entries while PrizePicks is better for 5-pick entries.

Of course, these numbers change if you include insurance. OddsJam recommends primarily using PrizePicks' 5 and 6-pick flex plays (what they call insurance), as the implied odds you have to get on a player prop are only -119, which is better than you get at Underdog.

Choosing a DFS Pick'em Site

The good thing about DFS sites is that you don't have to choose just one—there's no limit to how many you can sign up for. Based on the above payouts, we recommend using at least the following:

It's important to note that not all DFS pick'em sites have the same games and players available. In addition, lines may vary from site to site. 

Using the same example above, Underdog may have Mahomes' passing yards line at 285.5 whereas PrizePicks has it at 280.5. In this case, PrizePicks is offering a better deal if you want to include Higher on his stats while Underdog offers a better deal if you want to include Lower.

You can also see our picks for the best DFS sites and apps here. We compare options for things like sign-up bonus, games available, user interface, and more to help you find your fit.