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Vivid Picks is one of our vetted DFS partners. If you sign up for Vivid Picks through one of our links, we may receive compensation. This allows us to keep this site free and doesn't affect our ratings or opinions in any way.

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New customers can get a 100% deposit match up to $100 and $5 free with Vivid Picks promo code ODDSASSIST.

Vivid Picks is one of our vetted DFS partners. If you sign up for Vivid Picks through one of our links, we may receive compensation. This allows us to keep this site free and doesn't affect our ratings or opinions in any way.

Vivid Picks is a new daily fantasy sports (DFS) app where users can play games centered around player stats and interact with other players by following them and chatting while the games are being played. Interactive and incredibly easy to use, the former Betcha app turns following daily sports into an exhilarating experience.

The app has a multitude of benefits, but first and foremost, you have access to a great variety of stats to play games on for leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Vivid Sports wants is capitalizing on stat predictions, a surging trend in the DFS industry that is gaining new players every day.

This Vivid Picks review goes over how the sign-up bonus works, the Vivid Picks promo code you can use to get it, pros and cons of the app, state availability, and everything else you need to know if this is the DFS platform for you.

In this review

Vivid Picks Promo Code & Sign-Up Bonus

New customers can use Vivid Picks promo code ODDSASSIST to get a 100% deposit match up to $100 in site credit, called Vivid Bucks, and a free $5 entry into a game.

This is on par with most other DFS sign-up bonuses. For example, it is more valuable than the FanDuel DFS promo of a free $10 entry to contests and $10 in site credit after playing a $1 contest. It is equal to the Underdog Fantasy and ParlayPlay promos.

The only other DFS promo that beats Vivid Picks is the StatHero bonus which offers a 50% deposit match up to $500 ($250 max value).

How to Use the Vivid Picks Promo Code for the Sign-Up Bonus

Here’s how to use the Vivid Picks promo code ODDSASSIST to get the bonus:

  1. Download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Create an account using promo code ODDSASSIST when prompted.
  3. Make your first deposit. Note that this will be the one that will be matched dollar-for-dollar so make sure to deposit as much as you want matched.
  4. Vivid Picks will then put the Vivid Bucks site credit into your account which you can use on entries.

Important Information About the Vivid Picks Sign-Up Bonus

  • Age restrictions. Players must be at least 18 years or older to play Vivid Picks in all states in which it’s legally allowed to play (Nebraska 19+; Massachusetts 21+).
  • Time to use. You have 45 days to use Vivid Bucks once they enter your account, after which they will expire.
  • Playthrough requirement. Vivid Bucks have a 1x playthrough requirement, meaning you have to use them in contests once before you can withdraw any winnings.
  • Eligible games. You can use the Vivid Bucks on any contest that Vivid Picks offers.

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Vivid Picks Review

Vivid Picks is a decent option if you want a DFS site that allows you to play Pick'em games (Over/Under games and head-to-head matchups on player stats). If you’re looking for traditional salary cap contests, you’ll have to look elsewhere, such as FanDuel DFS.

The sign-up bonus is also one of the best in the industry. The 100% deposit match up to $100 gives you a chance to get free site credit that can increase your chances of making money on the app. You also get a free $5 entry into a game without even having to make a deposit which is a nice added bonus.

One thing that’s unique to Vivid Picks is its social functionality. It makes it easy to follow friends’ picks and chat with others, making a great option for groups of friends that like to play the same entries. There’s also an activity feed which shows other users’ picks and allows you to choose that entry as well.

While Vivid Picks is easy to play and promotes great fun between friends and users, the game options are a bit limited as it only allows Over/Under and Head-to-Head matchups between players whereas other apps allow you to predict where players’ stats will fall in a range of options or do salary cap or draft-based contests.

In addition, Vivid Picks' payouts on Pick'em games are lower than competitors. Whereas most sites offer at least 3x on 2-pick entries and 20x on 5-pick entries, Vivid Picks only pays 2.5x and 17x, respectively. They are in line with other sites for 3-pick and 4-pick entries.

There is also a considerable number of complaints about poor (and sometimes non-existent) customer service and trouble depositing and withdrawing money. The Vivid Picks reviews from customers, in general, are poor compared to other DFS apps.

Pros & Cons

Vivid Picks State Availability

Vivid Picks is available in most of the states with legal DFS, including:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Vivid Picks DFS Game Types

The Vivid Picks app centers around choosing at least two Over/Under choices on player stats from at least two different teams as well as head-to-head battles between two players, called Matchups. Vivid Picks also offers DFS free rolls that require no entry fee.


As mentioned, the Over/Under game type allows you to predict whether players will go over or under their projected points, rebounds, pass/rushing/receiving yards, etc.

For example, my first entry was Over 29.5 points for Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Under 25.5 points for Darius Garland. With a two-player entry being the minimum, you’ll win 2.5x the amount you bet. As you select more players, your payout will increase as follows:

  • 2 picks = 2.5x entry amount
  • 3 picks = 5x entry amount
  • 4 picks = 10x entry amount
  • 5 picks = 17x entry amount

These payouts are on par with other DFS platforms offering Over/Under contests like PrizePicks.

What stands out about Vivid Picks is the multitude of stats you can choose. For each player, there are typically three options to choose from. For example, for Justin Jefferson, you can choose receiving yards, receptions, and longest reception.

Here are some screenshots of Vivid Picks Over/Under (click to expand):


With matchups, you choose which of two players will perform better on a certain statistic. If a player is projected to perform worse than the other, Vivid Picks gives an adjustment to the stats to level the playing field.

For example, in the Week 15 NFL matchup between the Cowboys and Jaguars, you can choose CeeDee Lamb’s receiving yards versus Christian Kirk’s receiving yards plus 13.5 yards. In this case, if Kirk has more receiving yards than Lamb or has 13 yards less or fewer, Kirk would win.

Like Over/Under contests, your payout increases as you add more matchups in a single entry. Here are the payouts:

  • 2 picks = 2.5x entry amount
  • 3 picks = 5x entry amount
  • 4 picks = 10x entry amount
  • 5 picks = 16.5x entry amount

Compared to payouts at other DFS Pick'em sites, Thrive is about average for 3 and 4-pick entries but lower for 2 and 5-pick entries.

Matchups are easy to play and there is a great selection of players to choose from each week. In addition, payouts are good relative to other DFS platforms offering similar games.

Here is a screenshot of Vivid Picks Matchups (click to expand):

Vivid Picks Sports Offered

You’ll be happy to know that Vivid Picks provides users with 11 leagues to choose from, including:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NCAA Football
  • NCAA Basketball
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends
  • Nascar
  • F1

Vivid Picks Ongoing Promotions & Rewards Program

There are not a lot of ongoing promotions at Vivid Picks except for Free Money Mondays where they’ll match your deposit dollar-for-dollar up to $10. While most DFS apps only offer a deposit match on your first deposit, Vivid Picks gives you a chance to earn site credit each week.

It doesn’t appear that Vivid Picks offers a rewards program at this time.

Signing Up for Vivid Picks DFS

Signing up for Vivid Picks is as easy as it gets for apps. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Hit the sign-up button.
  3. On the first sign-up page, enter your desired username and ODDSASSIST in the invite code section.
  4. On the next page, enter your password.
  5. Next, enter your email.
  6. Then, enter your first name, last name, and date of birth.
  7. You then may be asked to verify your identify.
  8. Finally, choose which state you’re located in.
  9. Once you’ve completed your registration, start the deposit process. Remember that your first deposit will be the one that is matched, so deposit the full $100 if you want to max it out.
  10. You’re ready to play!

*For Vivid Picks, as with most betting and DFS apps, a player must be at least 18 years old to sign up and play (19+ in Nebraska, 21+ in Massachusetts).

Here are some screenshots of the Vivid Picks sign-up process (click to expand):

Vivid Picks Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

The minimum deposit for Vivid Picks is $5 while the minimum withdrawal is $15. Here are the deposit and withdrawal methods that you can use with Vivid Picks:

Vivid Picks DFS Deposit Methods


Max Deposit

Deposit Time

Online Banking

$1,000 daily

$5,000 weekly

$10,000 monthly


Credit/Debit Card

$1,000 daily

$5,000 weekly

$10,000 monthly


Vivid Picks DFS Withdrawal Methods


Min Withdrawal 

Withdrawal Time

Withdrawal Time


Not specified



5 to 17 days

Prize Out



Vivid Picks User Experience

So far in my usage of the app, I think Vivid Picks has provided a pretty good user experience.

First and foremost, signing up and playing was easy as pie which is a huge plus in my book. In addition, the interface is extremely simple to navigate and place entries with.

Once you register and log in, you’ll see a search bar, featured games, a horizontal menu that lets you filter by sport, and then a list of all available contests.

By clicking into one, you’ll see Over/Under options by default, but you can click into Matchups if you want to play that game type. There’s a clear Add players button which lets you add more players to your entry.

Once you’re ready to place an entry, just hit the Continue button, enter how much you want to wager, and you’re locked in!

Overall, the Vivid Picks app provides a great user experience. It’s easy to navigate, find the games you’re interested in, and place entries. Click between pages is fast and I haven’t noticed any obvious glitches or crashing of the app.

The biggest downside is that you can’t play on desktop. You must download the app to play.

Here are some screenshots of the Vivid Picks mobile app (click to expand):

Vivid Picks Reviews from Players

Vivid Picks has an average review score of 3.3 from over 330 reviews in the Apple App Sotre and 3.6 from over 295 reviews in the Google Play store.

Compared to other DFS apps, these review scores are considerably lower than average. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a poor experience with the app, it’s worth considering if you’re just looking for a few apps to use.

Common positive customer reviews mention:

  • Great user experience
  • Enjoying the social aspect
  • Easy deposits

Common customer complaints include:

  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Trouble withdrawing money
  • Slow withdrawals
  • Cancellation of winning tickets
  • Accounts being suspended for no reason

Vivid Picks Customer Support

If you read Vivid Picks reviews, you’ll notice many complaining about the virtually non-existent customer service.

The only option for support is to email them at [email protected].

Good luck getting a response, however, as a litany of users has reported getting no responses on any questions that come up.

It’s worth mentioning that there is an FAQ section of the site that answers some common questions that come up. We recommend checking here for an answer to your question before emailing support and hoping for a reply.

Vivid Picks DFS FAQs

When did Vivid Picks launch?
Vivid launched in August 2022 when it replaced Betcha after being acquired by Vivid Seats in December 2021.

Is Vivid Picks legal and legit?
Yes, and it’s regulated per state guidelines. You can rest assured that your money is safe with Vivid Seats and you won’t get scammed.

How old do you have to be to bet with Vivid?
Players must be 18 years or older to play Vivid Picks unless they’re in Nebraska where it’s 19 years of age or Massachusetts where they have to be 21 or older.

What is the Vivid Picks promo code to get the sign-up bonus?
New Vivid Picks players can use promo code ODDSASSIST to get a 100% deposit match up to $100.

Does Vivid Picks offer a no-deposit bonus?
Yes, Vivid Picks provides new users with $5 in site credit they can play with upon signing up.

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Vivid Picks Sign-Up Bonus

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100% Deposit Match Up to $100 + $5 Free

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