What Does +2.5 Mean in Sports Betting?

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In sports betting, a team that is +2.5 is a 2.5-point underdog. The team must lose by 2 points or less or win the game in order for the bet to win.

For example, let’s say the Buffalo Bills (-2.5) and the Miami Dolphins (+2.5) are playing each other. Dolphins +2.5 would win if the Dolphins win or lose by 2 or less. The Bills -2.5 would win if the Bills win by 3 or more.

All point spreads—including +2.5—are designed to “level out” the playing field in sports betting for underdogs. The oddsmakers are predicting that the Bills are going to win by 2.5 points.

While this isn’t possible, of course, it forces the bettor to decide whether they think the Bills will win by a field goal or not (while also getting rid of the possibility of a push).

You can learn more about how to read point spreads here, including numbers other than +2.5 and -2.5. You may also want to check out our guide to reading betting odds so you can learn what the numbers next to the lines mean.

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