FanDuel Prepaid Card: How It Works & How to Get One

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The FanDuel prepaid card is the sportsbook’s proprietary Play+ prepaid card available to its customers for deposits and withdrawals.

Similar to PayPal, the payment system acts as an intermediary between the sportsbook and the bank. It’s gained traction among FanDuel users because of its convenience, transaction speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Throughout this guide, we'll cover how the FanDuel prepaid card works, how to use it, and the pros and cons.

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What the FanDuel Prepaid Card Is & How It Works

The banking sector in the U.S. hasn’t fully caught up to the latest boom in sports betting as some financial institutions still don’t allow transactions to and from gambling sites—even in states with legalized sports betting.

Play+ prepaid cards have emerged as a handy solution to that regulatory hurdle, serving as a middleman between your financial institution and the sportsbook. Most major sportsbooks have their own in-house versions of Play+ that you can only use with that sportsbook, including FanDuel.

You can top up your FanDuel prepaid card directly from your bank, even if it doesn’t approve gambling transactions. Then you can transfer those funds to your FanDuel account within minutes.

The FanDuel prepaid card functions as a two-way payment gateway, so you can use it for cashouts, too. The process is basically the reverse of what you went through when you deposited.

How to Get a FanDuel Prepaid Card & Fund Your Account With It

Using a FanDuel prepaid card is easier than you might assume. Here is a step-by-step procedure to get you up and running:

  1. Go to FanDuel and create an account with the sportsbook. 
  2. Open the cashier and click on the Deposit button
  3. Select FanDuel and Stardust prepaid Play+ card as your preferred payment option. 
  4. Supply your personal information, tick the T&C boxes, and hit the Enroll button. The provided address needs to match that of your bank account.
  5. Open the Deposit tab again and select Play+.
  6. Specify the amount you want to transfer to your Play+ account along with the bank card’s details and follow the on-screen prompts (security code and expiration date).
  7. Click Add Funds to complete the transaction. You can save your account to speed up future deposits and withdrawals. 
  8. Once you have added $200+ to your Play+ account, the sportsbook will mail you your card to the address you provided during registration. It should arrive within 10 to 14 days.
  9. Once your Play+ account is loaded, select the method under deposit options at FanDuel.
  10. Enter the amount you wish to transfer from your Play+ account to your FanDuel account. The minimum is $10 and the maximum is $2,000. This deposit counts towards the FanDuel intro promo, so you should deposit enough to cover the sign-up bonus.
  11. The funds should reach almost instantly when you click Submit

For regular FanDuel Play+ users, the following deposit limits apply: 

  • Daily: $2,000 
  • Weekly: $4,500 
  • Monthly: $10,000 

VIP users will see their limits increase as follows: 

  • Daily: $10,000 
  • Weekly: $30,000 
  • Monthly: $70,000 

How to Withdraw With a FanDuel Prepaid Card

Here’s how you can collect your winnings at FanDuel using the Play+ card: 
  • Open your FanDuel Sportsbook account.
  • Select Cash Out and click on the Load Funds to Prepaid Card button.
  • Type in the amount you wish to transfer to your Play+ account.
  • Enter the last four digits of your SSN.
  • Confirm the transaction. Typically, it takes FanDuel up to 48 hours to process cashout requests, regardless of the method. You can expect your funds to be available on your Play+ account within this timeframe. Afterward, you can transfer them to your bank account or withdraw them from an ATM. 

FanDuel Play+ Card Fees

One of the biggest calling cards of the FanDuel Play+ card is that it doesn’t carry any deposit fees. You can transfer funds to your Play+ account and then your FanDuel account—all free of charge. 

Cashouts incur a small $2 fee when transferring funds from Play+ to a bank account. You will be charged the same amount when withdrawing via an ATM

Lastly, the service charges a $2.95 inactivity fee for those that haven’t made any transactions to and from their Play+ accounts for 6 months.

FanDuel Prepaid Card Pros & Cons

As with every payment method, the FanDuel prepaid Play+ card has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the good stuff first. 


  • Transaction speed. Deposits via Play+ are instantaneous, whereas withdrawals take around 48 hours, which is faster than checks. 
  • Low fees. Play+ deposits are fee-free. Also, the service doesn’t charge annual management fees.
  • Gives you better control over your spending habits. With Play+, you can’t accumulate debt (which is always a danger when using credit cards with sportsbooks) or go into an overdraft, as it’s sometimes the case with using debit cards with sportsbooks
  • Loyalty perks. FanDuel prepaid cards are connected to the sportsbook’s loyalty program, so you’ll gain a few perks for using the service. 
  • Convenience. As soon as you cash out funds from your FanDuel account to your Play+ account, you’ll be able to withdraw them at an ATM.


  • Low deposit limits. As opposed to bank transfers, checks, and wire transfers, Play+ deposits carry deposit limits. 
  • Limited availability. The service is only available in a few states (including NJ and PA).


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