Compare Today’s WNBA Odds & Betting Lines (Spreads, Totals, Moneyline)

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Use our WNBA odds & lines comparison tool to find the best deals available today for the games you're interested in.

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How to Use Our WNBA Odds & Lines Comparison Tool

Use our WNBA odds and lines comparison tool to shop for the best odds and lines available for spread, total (Over/Under), and moneyline bets at major U.S. sportsbooks for upcoming WNBA games.

Lines and odds refresh every minute, so you can always find the best deal.

Line Shopping

Line shopping for the WNBA means consistently scouting to secure the best lines. Whether you're eyeing spreads or totals, finding the most favorable number is crucial to maximizing potential profits.

When shopping for the best WNBA spread bet, you want to look for the highest number. For example, if you're betting on an underdog, a spread of +7.5 is better than +6.5. If betting on a favorite, on the other hand, a spread of -6.5 is better than -7.5.

It works similarly for totals, but the best number depends if you want to bet on the Over or the Under. If betting the Over, look for the lowest total available. If betting the Under, look for the highest total available.

Use the Best Odds column in our WNBA odds tool above to automatically find the most favorable line available.

Odds Shopping

Like shopping for the best lines, you also should consider the odds. To find the best odds, look for the highest number available.

Say you want to bet on the Seattle Storm with the spread. Odds of -105 offer better value than -110.

Or if you want to take the Washington Mystics moneyline, odds of +130 offer higher returns than odds of +105.

Check out our guide to reading betting odds to learn more if it's still not clear.

Other Notes About our WNBA Odds Comparison Tool

There are are few options our WNBA odds tool has that you can set based on what you're looking for:

  • Bet Type: Click Spead, Moneyline, or Total to see current odds for those types of bets.
  • State: Choose the state you're betting in to see only sportsbooks available there.
  • Leagues: Choose the league you want to see lines and odds for.
  • Sportsbooks: Choose which sportsbooks are included so you only see odds from the ones you use.

Types of WNBA Betting Markets

Like with most sports, there are various types of sports bets available for betting on the WNBA:

  • WNBA Point Spread Bets: The spread is the way sportsbooks balance teams out. For example, if the Sun are heavy favorites against the Sparks, sportsbooks may assign a spread of -10.5 points to the Sun's score and +10.5 points to the Sparks' score. Check out our point spread betting guide to learn more.
  • WNBA Total Bets (Over/Under): With totals, you're wagering on whether the combined score of both teams will be higher or lower than the set total line. Learn more about how Over/Under bets work here.
  • WNBA Moneyline Bets: The moneyline bet is the easiest to understand. With these, you simply predict who will win the game straight up.
  • WNBA Parlays: Parlays allow you to combine multiple bets into one in exchange for much higher returns. The catch is, that if one leg of your parlay loses, the whole bet loses. Get the lowdown on parlays here.
  • WNBA Game Props: These prop bets focus on game-specific outcomes, like the first team to score or how many turnovers there will be. More about prop bets here.
  • WNBA Player Props: Player props are bets on how an individual player will perform, such as if they will go over or under their lines for points, assists, blocks, or steals.
  • WNBA Futures: Futures focus on season outcomes, like the WNBA champion or MVP. Learn you learn more about futures here.

WNBA Betting FAQs

How do I read WNBA odds?
Most U.S. sportsbooks use the American odds format. Positive odds display what you could win on a $100 wager, whereas negative odds show the stake required for a $100 win. For more information, visit our How to Read Betting Odds Guide or utilize our Betting Odds Payout Calculator.

How are WNBA lines and odds set?
Sportsbooks use a mix of team form, player conditions, past matchups, and even home-court advantages to come up with lines and odds. Tweaks are also made based on which side of the bet has more money coming in on it to balance out liabilities.

Why would you bet on negative odds?
Negative odds don't imply that it is a losing bet or that you will win negative dollars; they just show that your profit will be lower than the amount you wagered. Negative odds typically show a favorite (when -110 or lower) or odds on a bet that is close to 50/50 minus the sportsbook's vig (-110 or higher).

How do WNBA point spreads differ from moneylines?
With point spreads, the final score of each team is adjusted by the line to determine the winner. Moneyline bets are just based on who will win with no adjustments.

What are WNBA Over/Under bets?
For Over/Under bets, you predict if the final combined score of both teams will be higher or lower than the set line.

Where can I find WNBA Vegas odds?
While “Vegas” has become synonymous with odds setting, it's essential to note that sports betting has seen rapid growth across the U.S. are there are oddsmakers across the nation. Despite this, many bettors still use “Vegas” to refer to oddsmakers.

What's the best sportsbook for WNBA betting?
There is no single best sportsbook for betting on the WNBA. The ideal sportsbook for you depends on personal preferences such as if you value promotions, odds, or user experience the most.

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