2024-25 NFC Championship Odds

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2024-25 NFC Championship Odds

Event time: 02.02.2025 06:30 PM ET Odds last updated: 05.25.2024 08:19 PM ET


Conference Winner


SF 49ers


DET Lions


PHI Eagles


DAL Cowboys


GB Packers


ATL Falcons


LA Rams


CHI Bears


MIN Vikings


TB Buccaneers


SEA Seahawks


NO Saints


ARI Cardinals


WAS Commanders


NY Giants


CAR Panthers


How NFC Championship Odds Are Set

The NFC Championship futures odds are set by oddsmakers, who play a crucial role in the world of sports betting. They use a combination of historical data, current team performances, and a variety of other factors to determine the likelihood of each team winning the NFC Championship.

Their goal is to create balanced odds that encourage betting action on both sides while also reflecting the teams' perceived strengths and weaknesses. In essence, futures odds are a snapshot of a team's chances at any given moment, and they can change as the season progresses.

Factors that affect NFC Championship futures odds include:

  • Team performance: Oddsmakers take into account a team's current season performance, as well as their performance in recent seasons. This includes win-loss records, offensive and defensive statistics, and key player injuries.
  • Strength of schedule: The difficulty of a team's upcoming opponents can influence their odds, as a tougher schedule could make it more challenging to reach the NFC Championship.
  • Coaching changes: A new head coach or changes in coaching staff can impact a team's perceived chances, especially if the new coach has a successful track record or brings a fresh approach.
  • Player acquisitions and departures: The addition or loss of key players during the offseason, through trades or free agency, can significantly alter a team's prospects. Star players or those who fill essential roles can greatly influence odds.
  • Public perception: Oddsmakers are aware of how the public perceives each team, as they aim to create odds that will encourage balanced betting. Teams with a large, loyal fan base or those that are popular in the media may see their odds impacted by public sentiment.
  • Injuries: The health of important players is a significant factor, as injuries can hinder a team's performance and lower their odds of winning the NFC Championship.
  • Team chemistry and intangibles: Factors like team cohesion, locker room morale, and the ability to perform well under pressure can also influence futures odds, even if they are harder to quantify.

Past NFC Championship Winners

2023-24: San Francisco 49ers
2022-23: Philadelphia Eagles
2021-22: Los Angeles Rams
2020-21: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2019-20: San Francisco 49ers
2018-19: Los Angeles Rams
2017-18: Philadelphia Eagles
2016-17: Atlanta Falcons
2015-16: Carolina Panthers
2014-15: Seattle Seahawks
2013-14: Seattle Seahawks
2012-13: San Francisco 49ers
2011-12: New York Giants
2010-11: Green Bay Packers
2009-10: New Orleans Saints
2008-09: Arizona Cardinals
2007-08: New York Giants
2006-07: Chicago Bears
2005-06: Seattle Seahawks
2004-05: Philadelphia Eagles
2003-04: Carolina Panthers
2002-03: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2001-02: St. Louis Rams
2000-01: New York Giants
1999-2000: St. Louis Rams
1998-99: Atlanta Falcons
1997-98: Green Bay Packers
1996-97: Green Bay Packers
1995-96: Dallas Cowboys
1994-95: San Francisco 49ers
1993-94: Dallas Cowboys
1992-93: Dallas Cowboys
1991-92: Washington Redskins
1990-91: San Francisco 49ers
1989-90: San Francisco 49ers
1988-89: San Francisco 49ers
1987-88: Washington Redskins
1986-87: New York Giants
1985-86: Chicago Bears
1984-85: San Francisco 49ers
1983-84: Washington Redskins
1982-83: Washington Redskins
1981-82: San Francisco 49ers
1980-81: Philadelphia Eagles
1979-80: Los Angeles Rams
1978-79: Dallas Cowboys
1977-78: Dallas Cowboys
1976-77: Minnesota Vikings
1975-76: Dallas Cowboys
1974-75: Minnesota Vikings
1973-74: Minnesota Vikings
1972-73: Washington Redskins
1971-72: Dallas Cowboys
1970-71: Dallas Cowboys
1969-70: Minnesota Vikings
1968-69: Baltimore Colts
1967-68: Green Bay Packers

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