Sleeper vs. PrizePicks

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When weighing up Sleeper vs. PrizePicks, it’s a close call. It’s hard to pick a clear winner, as both platforms are great in their own right. It really boils down to what you’re after in a DFS site.

I've compared the apps in detail to help you find the one that is best for you.

PrizePicks only offers Pick'em games. In these contests, you pick a sport and select two or more athletes from a set pool. Then, you decide if they'll exceed or fall short of specific stats. 

Sleeper has its own twist on Pick'em games and also runs season-long fantasy leagues and daily drafts. So you're not always just playing against the house like on PrizePicks—you get to compete against other players too. 

I recommend using both Sleeper and PrizePicks for a few reasons. You can take advantage of both sign-up bonuses (access PrizePicks' $100 deposit match here and Sleeper's $500 deposit match here) and you can compare the entries you want to place on each to get the best payouts and player stats. 

When comparing Sleeper and PrizePicks, Sleeper comes out ahead in a few areas, including contest variety, welcome bonus, features, and perks for returning players.

PrizePicks, on the other hand, has the edge over Sleeper in sports coverage and customer support with its 24/7 live chat. 

PrizePicks also has fixed payouts (meaning the payout will remain the same regardless of what picks you include), while Sleeper's payouts change based on which side they deem is more likely to happen at the time. PrizePicks' setup allows you to find an edge by comparing their player stat projections to current lines on those same stats at sportsbooks.

I personally use both Sleeper and PrizePicks regularly. There's really no clear reason to use one or the other, and there's no limit to how many DFS apps you can use, so I recommend signing up for both to take advantage of the sign-up bonuses, at the very least.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks Overview



Odds Assist Rating




Varies depending on the market (maxes out at 100x)


Welcome bonus

100% deposit match up to $500

100% deposit match up to $100

Promo code


Available in

32 states

32 states + DC

Sports covered

5+ markets

31+ markets


Pick’em, DFS, season-long fantasy contests


Minimum deposit

$10 $10

Mobile app

iOS & AndroidiOS & Android

Customer Support

Live chat, email

Live chat, email

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks State Availability – Winner: Tie

Both platforms are active in 32+ states, although Pick'em games are only available in certain states.

You can learn more about which games are available in each state in our Sleeper states guide and our PrizePicks states guide.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus – Winner: Sleeper

PrizePicks has a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $100. Sleeper, on the other hand, offers the same match rate but their offer maxes out at $500, which is quite a bit more.

You can claim the Sleeper bonus with promo code ODDS 100 here and claim the PrizePicks bonus here.

Neither DFS app places game restrictions on their sign-up offers. You can use the bonus money to enter any contest of your choice.

At both Sleeper and PrizePicks, a $10+ deposit is required to activate the bonus offer.

The wagering requirement for both bonuses is set at 1x. This means that you can’t just pocket the bonus and bail after receiving it. You've got to use it in a contest first before you can cash it out. If you come out on top, those winnings become real money you can withdraw.

At PrizePicks, the welcome bonus stays valid for 90 days. It's a fair amount of time to hit the wagering requirement.

Sleeper, on the other hand, doesn't impose any deadlines on their bonus. This gives Sleeper a slight edge, although realistically, 90 days is ample time for most players to clear the rollover requirement.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks Incentives for Returning Players – Winner: Sleeper

The promotional lineup at PrizePicks includes deals like airdrops where players randomly win cash prizes, and payout boosts that double your potential payout for certain entries. They also run these “no-brainer” promos, which they call discounts. For example, they might set a 0.5 line for LeBron James on points, so you win if he just scores a free throw.

Flex Friday is a weekly promotion from PrizePicks that offers players a safety net. If your flex picks on a Friday fall short, you get a $20 refund, offering a nice way to recover.

Sleeper also has some neat deals going on. My favorite is the Protected Pick. It acts like a safety net, offering cashback on your entry if you don't win in a contest. Another interesting one is the If/then promo, which they often promote on Twitter rather than their main site. It works like this: you put a certain amount into a contest and win a set prize for participating.

The Give/Get system at Sleeper is also pretty slick. It's their version of a referral bonus, where you snag a little reward for each friend you bring on board.

Sleeper offers a kind of rewards program known as the Shop feature. Here, you can buy cool in-app items like avatars and mascots using “Cookies”—a special currency you can either purchase or earn by referring friends to the site.

Both sites offer a range of ongoing promotions, but from my perspective, Sleeper's promos tend to pack more value. Additionally, their rewards system adds a cool twist that's missing on PrizePicks. While it's not a traditional loyalty program, it's a nice touch that keeps players engaged.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks Pick’em Payouts – Winner: Tie

Sleeper and PrizePicks each use a distinct payout structure for their Pick'em games. Both systems have their unique strengths and weaknesses.

In my guide on DFS Pick’em game payouts, I break down the potential winnings for hitting 2 to 6 picks at PrizePicks in both flex and power play modes. To summarize here, PrizePicks offers a 3x payout for a successful 2-pick entry and a maximum 25x payout for a perfect 6/6. Notably, their payouts are fixed. This means you're guaranteed a 3x payout regardless of which two players you choose.

Sleeper uses a dynamic payout setup for their Pick'em games, where the multiplier changes based on the specific pick. For example, a combo of Diontae Johnson and George Pickens to rack up over 114.5 receiving yards might fetch a 2.84x payout. In a different pairing, selecting Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid to score more than 27.5 points each could yield a 3.12x payout.

The payouts can swing a lot on Sleeper. For 3-pick entries, I’ve seen them offer anything from 1.8x to as high as 35x. If you're juggling both PrizePicks and Sleeper, it's smart to check which one's offering the better deal for each entry.

Sleeper allows up to 8 picks in a single entry and a top payout of 100x.

Personally, I'm more into Sleeper's payout system. It feels like there's more room to grind out extra value, especially when payouts for a 2/2 hit are over 3x. Plus, for those of us who like to shoot for the stars occasionally, Sleeper's higher payout potential is a game changer.

At the same time, I can see why some players may prefer PrizePicks’ predictable payouts, which is why I’m calling it a draw between the two in this area.

Check out our article on how PrizePicks works to learn more about how these payouts and entries work.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks User Interface – Winner: Sleeper

Debating which DFS platform is more user-friendly is pretty subjective since there's no hard-and-fast rule for measuring UX. Personally, I like Sleeper's interface and found it more straightforward to navigate and enter contests.

Sleeper uses a dark blue color scheme and a standard left sidebar for navigation. All major sections are readily accessible from the main menu, making it easy to find what you need. My only nitpick? I wish they had more direct explanations about the contests, so you wouldn't have to sift through the FAQs or ask support for specifics.

On mobile apps, a hamburger menu in the top left corner lets you quickly reach important stuff. There's a wealth of content available, but this can make the app feel somewhat crowded and overwhelming at times. On the plus side, for picks, you can see 6 athletes on a single screen, which is really convenient and minimizes the need to scroll.

One issue with Sleeper, which I and other players have run into, is getting stuck on the season-long leagues' pages on desktop with seemingly no way to return to the homepage. Apart from this hiccup, Sleeper is generally very responsive and stable in terms of performance.

PrizePicks also opts for a darker theme but differs from Sleeper with its horizontal alignment. The navigation process is straightforward. Simply select a sport, filter by the type of stats, and you're shown the pool of athletes for that specific stat. 

After adding two or more athletes, an entry appears on the right. From there, it's just a matter of choosing “More” or “Less.” The whole experience is quite seamless.

The mobile apps from PrizePicks look a whole lot like their desktop version (and Sleeper’s mobile apps, for that matter). The main difference is the addition of the hamburger menu, slipped for quick taps to the important stuff.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks Contest Variety – Winner: Sleeper

Contest variety is an area where Sleeper blows PrizePicks out of the water.

PrizePicks exclusively offers Pick’em games. You choose two or more athletes and decide if they'll exceed or fall short of a specific stat line. For example, you might predict whether Aleksander Barkov and Jason Robertson will have more or less than 2.5 shots on goal in an NHL game. The more picks you add, the bigger your potential payout.

PrizePicks offers two modes of gameplay. In Power Play format, you need all your picks to be correct to win. With Flex Play, you can win a smaller prize even if a few of your picks don't hit the mark.

Every day, PrizePicks hosts a freeroll event. Users kick off with 1,000 points and if they manage to up their score through contest wins by the end of the day, they snag a prize.

PrizePicks hosts Pick'em Arena contests in five states, where players guess if athletes will hit “more” or “less” on 2 to 4 stats. Entries are grouped with others making similar predictions. Get all your picks right or have the best score in your group, and you could win up to 10 times your entry, with perfect entries earning the full prize pot.

Like PrizePicks, Sleeper hosts Pick'em contests. The structure is similar, but as mentioned earlier, the payouts change based on which players you choose.

In Pick'em games (Sleeper Picks and PicksVS) at Sleeper, you can choose from two gameplay modes: max contests and combo. Max contests require you to accurately predict all your picks to win a prize. Combo contests, on the other hand, provide a safety net by offering a smaller payout if one of your selections fails. The trade-off with combo is that the prize for perfect picks are smaller compared to max contests with the same number of selections.

Similar to PrizePicks' Arena, Sleeper offers a gameplay mode called PicksVS where you choose 2 to 8 athletes and see how your picks stack up against up to 5,000 other contestants. If your selections outperform theirs, you win a prize. You can win in two ways: either get all your predictions right for a payout multiplied by your VS Score, or achieve the highest VS Score in your pool to win 100 times your entry fee.

Beyond Pick'em games, Sleeper also offers NCAA basketball Mania contests. In these, you could be competing against up to 10,000 users, all trying to accurately predict which teams will make it through each round of the playoffs.

In Sleeper's daily drafts, you build a fantasy team and go head-to-head with others, with the top scorer taking home the prize.

Sleeper’s claim to fame are season-long fantasy contests, featuring annual leagues in the NFL, NBA, and League of Legends Championship Series. What's great about them is their high level of customization, letting you choose from various modes, settings, and draft types.

Sleeper also offers mock drafts, which are great for getting a sense of how their contests work. These free simulations provide a great practice ground before you dive into the real games.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks Sports Variety – Winner: PrizePicks

PrizePicks offers an impressive spread of sports, covering over 31 markets. You'll find the usual options like major leagues, soccer, golf, and tennis, plus niche options like WNBA, NASCAR, and esports. They even include some curveballs like Korean baseball and Jai Alai.

Sleeper runs contests across 5+ markets, including NBA, MLB, NFL, college basketball, and League of Legends.

Credit where it's due: PrizePicks really hits it out of the park in sports variety. While Sleeper covers mainstream sports well, they don't match PrizePicks' extensive range. And it's not just Sleeper—no other DFS site really compares to PrizePicks in this aspect.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks Banking – Winner: Tie

Sleeper is level with PrizePicks in the payment method department, offering a similar range of options. 

PrizePicks offers four banking options:

  • Credit/debit cards (Visa and Mastercard) 
  • PayPal 
  • Instant bank transfer 
  • ApplePay

Sleeper offers five banking options:  

  • Credit/debit cards (Visa and Mastercard) 
  • PayPal 
  • Instant bank transfer 
  • Apple Pay 
  • Venmo

The minimum deposit at both sites is $10. 

PrizePicks has the upper hand over Sleeper when it comes to payout speed. They usually process cashouts within a day, whereas Sleeper might take several days to handle withdrawal requests.

Sleeper vs. PrizePicks Final Verdict – No Clear Winner—I Recommend Using Both

PrizePicks’ sports variety and payouts are impressive and I consider them a great option for Pick’em games. 

Sleeper is also a great DFS app that's worth using—especially since you may be able to get a better payout on certain entries since payouts aren't fixed.

Remember, this comparison is just a head-to-head snapshot of each platform. At the end of the day, it's really about what works for you.

If you're on the fence between the two, you should give both a shot. They're free to join, so you've got nothing to lose by checking out each one.

If you want to check out some other options, see our other guides comparing Sleeper and PrizePicks to other apps:

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