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Betr Picks vs. PrizePicks: Which DFS App is Better?

Betr Picks and PrizePicks are two big names in the DFS industry. PrizePicks launched in 2015 and has built a strong following since. Betr Picks just popped up in 2023, so it's the new kid on the block, but it’s picking up steam fast.

Both platforms specialize in Pick’em games, so they might look pretty much the same on the surface. However, there are big differences to consider to help you decide which is better for you.

Both Betr and PrizePicks focus solely on Pick’em games where you predict an athlete's performance against a specific stat projection. You decide if the athlete will score “More” or “Less” than the set projection.

Both apps offer two game modes: one where you have to hit all of your picks to win and one where you can add insurance to give yourself a chance to win money even if one, two, or three of your picks don’t hit (depending on the entry size).

Even if you end up only using one long-term, it makes sense to sign up for both to take advantage of their welcome offers:

In the Betr Picks vs. PrizePicks matchup, Betr Picks wins in terms of promotions and player-friendliness of rules. Additionally, Betr Picks offers a 1,000x payout for certain 8-pick entries, which you won't find at PrizePicks since they cap entries at 6 picks.

PrizePicks edges out with broader stats coverage, a more comprehensive range of sports, and more banking options. They also provide live chat customer support and the ability to play on your computer, which Betr Picks doesn't have.

In my opinion, PrizePicks is a slightly better DFS app than Betr Picks overall, but Betr gives them a run for their money and is still worth giving a shot.

Here's a look at each of them to help you get an idea of what they look like:

Betr Picks vs. PrizePicks Overview

Betr Picks


Odds Assist Rating




Better payouts for 6-pick entries without insurance and 5-pick entries with insurance

Better payouts for 5-pick entries without insurance and 6-pick entries with insurance

Welcome bonus

100% Deposit Match Up to $250

100% deposit match up to $100

Promo code

ASSIST (claim here)

ODDS100 (claim here)

Available in

24 states

32 states + DC

Sports covered

32 states + DC

31+ markets


Pick’em games

Pick’em games

Minimum deposit



Mobile app

iOS, Android

iOS, Android

Customer Support

Email, submit ticket

Email, live chat

Betr Picks vs. PrizePicks State Availability – Winner: PrizePicks

PrizePicks has a broader reach than Betr Picks, serving 32 U.S. states plus Washington, D.C. In contrast, Betr Picks is available in 23 states and Washington D.C.

You can learn more about Betr Picks’ state availability here and PrizePicks’ state availability here.

Sign-Up Bonus – Winner: PrizePicks

Earlier, I mentioned that Betr Picks offers a larger welcome bonus than PrizePicks. However, a larger bonus doesn't always mean it's more valuable.

Betr gives you 100% deposit match up to $250—meaning you receive “Betr Bucks” (essentially just site credit) equivalent to your deposit, up to $250.

PrizePicks, on the other hand, matches your first deposit dollar-for-dollar up to $100.

The way Betr Picks structures its welcome bonus (with you only getting the bonus if your first entry loses) makes PrizePicks' offer arguably better since you receive it no matter what.

It’s worth noting that when you use Betr Bucks on an entry, the payout is reduced by one multiplier level. For example, a winning 3-pick entry that would normally have a 5x payout will only pay out 4x if you use Betr Bucks.

Promotions for Existing Players – Winner: Betr Picks (By a Hair)

First, both platforms knock it out of the park with their promotions for existing players, offering more perks for regular players than most others on my top DFS apps list.

But when it comes down to it, Betr Picks just edges ahead with more ongoing promos.

The ongoing promo lineup at PrizePicks includes “Airdrops,” which are random cash drops, discounts for more favorable stat lines, and payout boosts. They also offer Protected Play promotions, where you get a refund in bonus credits if your entry loses. Additionally, there's a referral bonus for bringing friends on board.

Over at Betr Picks, the promo roster is equally packed, if not more so. They feature insurance promos that refund your entry if you lose, multiplier boosts for certain entries, $1,000 social media giveaways, refer-a-friend bonuses, and reload bonuses. They also run various challenges.

Neither Betr Picks nor PrizePicks has a loyalty or VIP program, which isn't surprising since only a few DFS platforms do.

Pick’em Payouts – Winner: Tie

The payouts at Betr Picks and PrizePicks are pretty even, though there are some differences in specific entry sizes.

Betr Picks has better payouts for 6-pick entries without insurance and 5-pick entries with insurance. Specifically, they offer 30x for hitting 6/6 without insurance and 2.5x for hitting 4/5 with insurance, whereas PrizePicks offers 25x and 2x for those same entries, respectively.

PrizePicks has bigger payouts for 5-pick entries without insurance and 6-pick entries with insurance. They provide 22x for nailing all 5/5 picks without insurance and 25x for a perfect 6-pick entry with insurance. In contrast, PrizePicks gives 20x for both of those entries.

All other sizes have equal payouts for both non-insured and insured entries.

Note that PrizePicks limits you to 6 entries with a max payout 25x. Over at Betr Picks, you can score up to 1000x payouts for 8-pick entries with four multipliers.

Check out my comparison of payouts at Pick’em sites to get the full scoop on these payouts. It outlines the payout structures from various providers by entry size.

User Interface – Winner: Tie

With PrizePicks and Betr both primarily offering simple Pick’em games, the designs are fairly similar and equally good, in my opinion.

Not to knock PrizePicks—it's quick, looks slick, and features straightforward navigation. They use a horizontal sports listing that leads to games displayed below. Each stat category has its subsection, making finding what you're looking for easy.

On the flip side, Betr Picks is super easy to use. Finding leagues, players, and stats is a breeze thanks to helpful visuals like team logos and player photos. The app quickly loads, and I haven’t encountered any glitches while playing.

The biggest downside of Betr Picks is that you can’t play on your computer—only on the mobile app. While most people I know (myself included) exclusively use apps, I’ve come across people who prefer desktop sites so they can see more players and projections at once.

Both apps have dark interfaces, though PrizePicks adds a dash of purple for a bit of color.

Betr Picks has high ratings in app stores, with a 4.7 on iOS and 4.5 on Android. PrizePicks also performs well on iOS with a 4.8 but drops to 3.1 on Android.

Contest Variety – Winner: Tie

This part of the head-to-head comparison is simple because both platforms feature just one type of game: Pick’em.

In these games, you create entries with two or more picks, aiming to predict whether athletes will exceed or not meet the stat projection set by the DFS platform. Select “More” if you think an athlete will beat the projection or “Less” if you expect them to underperform.

At Betr Picks, there are two modes:

  • Perfect Play: You must hit all your picks to score a payout.
  • Dynamic Play: This game format includes a safety net. You can still win even if some of your picks miss.

PrizePicks offers two modes that mirror those at Betr Picks:

  • Power Play: You only win if all your picks are correct.
  • Flex Play: Players can still win even if some picks don’t hit.

Betr Picks has a slight advantage in contests because they avoid pushes by using only half-point projections. At PrizePicks, a pick might end in a push if it lands precisely on the stat projection, which can be slightly frustrating, though PrizePicks mostly uses half-point projections.

Sports Coverage – Winner: PrizePicks

Regarding the variety of sports you can bet on, PrizePicks leaves Betr Picks in the dust.

Here’s what you can play on at Betr Picks:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • UFC

PrizePicks goes way beyond that, covering all these sports plus over 25 other markets, including WNBA, lacrosse, and even unique events like hot dog eating contests.

Banking Options & Payout Speed – Winner: PrizePicks (By a Hair)

Both DFS apps have a good selection of banking methods, but PrizePicks offers a couple more, including ApplePay and credit cards.

PrizePicks’ deposit methods include:

  • Credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Instant Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • ApplePay

Betr Picks’ deposit methods include:

  • Credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal

The minimum deposit at Betr Picks is $5, compared to $10 at PrizePicks.

Also, Betr allows you to withdraw as little as $1, while the minimum at PrizePicks is $10.

Both platforms process payouts within 5 business days, though I’ve received my money in 2 days or less from both apps when requesting withdrawals.

You can withdraw your money using the same method you deposited unless you use a credit card.

You can learn more about PrizePicks banking here and Betr banking here.

Final Verdict – Winner: PrizePicks Comes Out Slightly on Top

Overall, I think PrizePicks is a slightly better app than Betr Picks, though I personally use both regularly.

Since each has unique stat projections, promotions, and payouts, I’m able to find value by checking both apps before placing entries. Plus, you can take advantage of both welcome bonuses while getting a feel for the app.

If you only want to use one of Betr or PrizePicks, I recommend reading my PrizePicks review and Betr Picks review to learn more about each.

If you want to see how Betr Picks and PrizePicks stack up to other top DFS sites, check out these guides:

Betr Picks Sign-Up Bonus

betr logo square

100% Deposit Match Up to $250

Promo code ASSIST

PrizePicks Sign-Up Bonus

prizepicks logo square

$100 Deposit Match Up

Promo code ASSIST