College Football Odds & Betting Lines

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Use our college football odds & lines comparison tool to find the best deals available today for the games you're interested in.

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How to Use Our College Football Odds & Lines Comparison Tool

You can use our college football odds and lines comparison tool above to shop around for the best odds and lines currently available for spread, total (Over/Under), and moneyline bets at major U.S. sportsbooks for upcoming NCAAF games.

Lines and odds refresh every minue, so you can be sure you're seeing the most recently available data.

Line Shopping

By comparing college football odds and lines, you can make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, giving you the best shot at becoming a profitable sports bettor over time. This is called line shopping.

To make sure you’re getting the best deal available, there are two things you should look for: the most favorable line and the most favorable odds.

When it comes to looking for the best college football lines, you want the highest positive point spread available (ex. +7.5 is better than +6.5) or the lowest negative number (ex. -2.5 is better than -3.5). In terms of totals, you want the lowest number if you want to bet the Over and the highest number if you want to bet the Under.

Odds Shopping

When it comes to shopping for the best college football odds, look for the highest number available assuming the lines are equal.

For example, if you want to bet Alabama -10.5, it would be better to get them at -105 than -110. Or, if you wanted to bet Georgia moneyline, you would be better off taking them at -180 than -200.

If you still don't understand, check out our guide to reading betting odds where we give a full breakdown.

Other Notes About our NCAAF Odds Comparison Tool

There are are few options our college football odds tool has that you can set based on what you're looking for:

  • Bet Type: Click Spead, Moneyline, or Total to see current odds for those types of bets.
  • State: Choose the state you're betting in to see only sportsbooks available there.
  • Leagues: Choose the league you want to see lines and odds for.
  • Sportsbooks: Choose which sportsbooks are included so you only see odds from the ones you use.

Types of College Football Betting Markets

College football isn't just a Saturday extravaganza; it's also a hotbed for betting action. Check out the various types of bets you can place on NCAA football games:

  • College Football Spread Bets. In a spread bet, you're picking the winner while accounting for a point spread. Let's say Alabama has a -10.5 spread against LSU at +10.5. That means Alabama needs to win by at least 11 points for you to cash in. LSU can lose by 10 or fewer or win outright for LSU +10.5 to be a winning bet.
  • College Football Total Bets (Over/Under). With total bets, you're wagering on the combined points scored. If the margin is set at 60.5, you'll need to decide if the teams will score 61 or more (Over) or 60 or less (Under).
  • College Football Moneyline Bets. Keep it simple with moneyline betting—just pick the team that'll come out on top, with no spreads involved.
  • College Football Parlays. Feeling brave? Try parlays, which bundle multiple bets into one. To win, each individual selection has to win, but you get a higher payout for the added complexity.
  • College Football Same Game Parlays. For the more adventurous, same game parlays let you combine different bets like totals, sides, and props all from the same game.
  • College Football Teasers. A close cousin to parlays, teasers also combine multiple bets but allow you to adjust the spread or totals in your favor. Popular options are 6, 6.5, and 7 points. For instance, if Clemson is -7, a 6-point teaser would give you Clemson -1.
  • College Football Game Props. Look beyond the scoreboard with game props. You can bet on the first team to score, total field goals, or even who'll win the coin toss.
  • College Football Round Robins. An interesting twist on parlays, round-robin bets combine your selections into smaller bets. For example, if you choose Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State, you'd get several mini-parlays: one with all three teams, then three two-team parlays.
  • College Football Futures. For the long-term strategists, futures bets let you predict season-ending outcomes. Who will win the National Championship? Who's bagging the Heisman Trophy? The choices are all yours!

College Football Odds & Lines FAQs

How Do I Read College Football Odds?

American odds are the name of the game in U.S. sportsbooks. A positive number like +200 signals what you'd rake in on a $100 bet. Conversely, a negative number like -200 shows you how much you'd need to wager to win $100. Craving more? Peruse our How to Read Betting Odds Guide or give the Betting Odds Payout Calculator a whirl.

How Are College Football Lines and Odds Determined?

Lines and odds in college football are shaped by various factors, including team performance, recent games, injuries, and even the weather. Sportsbooks are also swayed by betting patterns. For instance, if 80% of the money pours in on Alabama -9.5 at -110 odds, expect some adjustments, like Alabama -10 or new odds at -115.

Why Would You Bet on Negative Odds?

When you see negative odds, that means the team is the favorite in moneyline betting. Negative odds are also common in spread and total bets due to the sportsbooks' “vig” or “juice.” But fear not, negative odds don't guarantee a loss; you'd just win less than your initial stake.

What's the Difference Between College Football Spread and Moneyline?

For spread bets, you're looking at the team needing to win by a specified number of points if the line is negative. If it's positive, they can either lose by fewer points or win outright. Moneyline? Just pick the outright winner. No math needed!

What Are College Football Teasers?

Enter the world of teasers! The lines shift in your favor, but you'll have to settle for a smaller payout. Generally, bettors group multiple teams in a teaser. A popular college football teaser is the 6-point teaser. So if you had Clemson at -7.5, a teaser would offer them at -1.5.

What Are College Football Over/Under Bets?

In Over/Under or total bets, your mission is to predict if the final combined score will exceed or fall short of a set number. Simple, right?

Where Can I Find College Football Vegas Odds?

Although “Vegas” is often synonymous with odds-making, remember sports betting has spread its wings nationally since 2018. But sure, you can still find odds at numerous Las Vegas sportsbooks.

What's the Best Sportsbook for Betting on College Football?

One size doesn't fit all! Your ideal sportsbook hinges on various factors like sign-up bonuses, user experience, and app stability. To help you choose, take a peek at our Best College Football Betting Sites & Apps Guide.

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