Current 2024 MLB World Series Odds

Below you can see the current odds for the 2024 MLB World Series from BetRivers Sportsbook. You can bet on who will win the World Series at every major online sportsbook in the U.S.

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2024 MLB World Series Odds

Event time: 10.31.2024 08:00 PM ET Odds last updated: 04.18.2024 11:35 AM ET


Winner – Including Postseason


LA Dodgers


ATL Braves


HOU Astros


NY Yankees


BAL Orioles


TEX Rangers


PHI Phillies


SEA Mariners


Minnesota Twins


TOR Blue Jays


ARI Diamondbacks


STL Cardinals


TB Rays


CHI Cubs


CIN Reds


SF Giants


BOS Red Sox


CLE Guardians


DET Tigers


SD Padres


MIL Brewers


NY Mets


PIT Pirates


KC Royals


LA Angels


MIA Marlins


WAS Nationals


CHI White Sox


COL Rockies


OAK Athletics


How the MLB World Series Winner is Determined

The Major League Baseball playoffs are an exciting time of the year when the best teams from the regular season compete for the ultimate prize, the World Series. Let's break down how teams get into the playoffs and how the playoff system works, including the wild card games and the structure of each series.

The MLB is divided into two leagues: the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). Each league consists of three divisions: East, Central, and West.

At the end of the regular season, the teams with the best win-loss records in each division automatically qualify for the playoffs. That makes a total of six division winners, three from each league.

In addition to the division winners, two wild card teams from each league also make it to the playoffs. These are the two teams with the best win-loss records that didn't win their divisions. These wild card teams face off in a one-game, winner-take-all showdown known as the Wild Card Game. The winners of these games advance to the next round, called the Division Series.

Now, let's talk about the structure of the playoffs. There are four rounds in total:

  1. Wild Card Round: As mentioned earlier, it's a one-game playoff between the two wild card teams from each league. The winners move on to the Division Series.
  2. Division Series (ALDS and NLDS): The Division Series features four teams from each league. The top division winner faces the Wild Card Game winner, while the other two division winners face off against each other. This round is a best-of-five series, meaning the first team to win three games advances to the next round, the Championship Series.
  3. Championship Series (ALCS and NLCS): The winners of the Division Series in each league battle it out in a best-of-seven series. The first team to win four games in each league becomes the league champion and earns a spot in the World Series.
  4. World Series: This is the grand finale, where the AL and NL champions face off in a best-of-seven series. The first team to win four games is crowned the World Series champion!

Past MLB World Series Winners

Here is a list of past MLB World Series winners:

Here's a list of World Series winners from the beginning in 1903 up to 2023. Note that there was no World Series held in 1904 and 1994.

2023: Texas Rangers
2022: Houston Astros
2021: Atlanta Braves
2020: Los Angeles Dodgers
2019: Washington Nationals
2018: Boston Red Sox
2017: Houston Astros
2016: Chicago Cubs
2015: Kansas City Royals
2014: San Francisco Giants
2013: Boston Red Sox
2012: San Francisco Giants
2011: St. Louis Cardinals
2010: San Francisco Giants
2009: New York Yankees
2008: Philadelphia Phillies
2007: Boston Red Sox
2006: St. Louis Cardinals
2005: Chicago White Sox
2004: Boston Red Sox
2003: Florida Marlins
2002: Anaheim Angels
2001: Arizona Diamondbacks
2000: New York Yankees
1999: New York Yankees
1998: New York Yankees
1997: Florida Marlins
1996: New York Yankees
1995: Atlanta Braves
1994: No World Series (strike)
1993: Toronto Blue Jays
1992: Toronto Blue Jays
1991: Minnesota Twins
1990: Cincinnati Reds
1989: Oakland Athletics
1988: Los Angeles Dodgers
1987: Minnesota Twins
1986: New York Mets
1985: Kansas City Royals
1984: Detroit Tigers
1983: Baltimore Orioles
1982: St. Louis Cardinals
1981: Los Angeles Dodgers
1980: Philadelphia Phillies
1979: Pittsburgh Pirates
1978: New York Yankees
1977: New York Yankees
1976: Cincinnati Reds
1975: Cincinnati Reds
1974: Oakland Athletics
1973: Oakland Athletics
1972: Oakland Athletics
1971: Pittsburgh Pirates
1970: Baltimore Orioles
1969: New York Mets
1968: Detroit Tigers
1967: St. Louis Cardinals
1966: Baltimore Orioles
1965: Los Angeles Dodgers
1964: St. Louis Cardinals
1963: Los Angeles Dodgers
1962: New York Yankees
1961: New York Yankees
1960: Pittsburgh Pirates
1959: Los Angeles Dodgers
1958: New York Yankees
1957: Milwaukee Braves
1956: New York Yankees
1955: Brooklyn Dodgers
1954: New York Giants
1953: New York Yankees
1952: New York Yankees
1951: New York Yankees
1950: New York Yankees
1949: New York Yankees
1948: Cleveland Indians
1947: New York Yankees
1946: St. Louis Cardinals
1945: Detroit Tigers
1944: St. Louis Cardinals
1943: New York Yankees
1942: St. Louis Cardinals
1941: New York Yankees
1940: Cincinnati Reds
1939: New York Yankees
1938: New York Yankees
1937: New York Yankees
1936: New York Yankees
1935: Detroit Tigers
1934: St. Louis Cardinals
1933: New York Giants
1932: New York Yankees
1931: St. Louis Cardinals
1930: Philadelphia Athletics
1929: Philadelphia Athletics
1928: New York Yankees
1927: New York Yankees
1926: St. Louis Cardinals
1925: Pittsburgh Pirates
1924: Washington Senators
1923: New York Yankees
1922: New York Giants
1921: New York Giants
1920: Cleveland Indians
1919: Cincinnati Reds
1918: Boston Red Sox
1917: Chicago White Sox
1916: Boston Red Sox
1915: Boston Red Sox
1914: Boston Braves
1913: Philadelphia Athletics
1912: Boston Red Sox
1911: Philadelphia Athletics
1910: Philadelphia Athletics
1909: Pittsburgh Pirates
1908: Chicago Cubs
1907: Chicago Cubs
1906: Chicago White Sox
1905: New York Giants
1903: Boston Red Sox

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