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After a disappointing 7-10-1 record in 2022, the Tennessee Titans hope they can turn it around in 2023 after signing DeAndre Hopkins and bringing on a number of other new starters.

If you want to bet on the Titans, check out our Tennessee Titans Odds & Lines Comparison Tool below to find the sportsbook with the best lines and odds for the specific market you want to wager on.


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Sportsbooks with Tennessee Titans Odds & Lines

Check out sign-up bonuses from some of our favorite sportsbooks that offer Titans bets, including spreads, totals (Over/Under), futures, player props, same game parlays, and much more.

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Tennessee Titans Betting Partnership With BetMGM

Many professional sports teams—especially those in the NFL—sign partnerships with sportsbooks to promote them throughout the stadium, on the website, and in other ways.

Currently, the Titans' only official sports betting partner is BetMGM TN. The two parties inked an agreement in September 2020.

As the official partner of the Titans, BetMGM receives brand visibility across the Titans' several digital platforms and the sportsbook’s logo will appear in the key moments of the games, such as video board replays and field goal attempts.

BetMGM also received the naming rights to the Titans' TV studio at Saint Thomas Sports Park.

Types of Tennessee Titans Bets

Before you hit the sportsbooks to take advantage of the many Titans bonuses available, it’s important to understand the types of bets you may be using them on.

Here’s a brief overview of the types of bets you can make on the Titans:

Titans Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are the most straightforward type of bet as you simply pick who will win the game straight up. For example, you may pick the Titans to beat the Colts straight up.

Before placing moneyline bets, it's important to understand how to read betting odds. Since one team is typically favored over another, you won’t simply be paid out what you bet. By understanding the odds, you can determine if the percent chance you think the Titans have to win gives good value compared to the odds.

Titans Spread Bets

Spread bets are the most common type of Titans bet and are probably what you'll come across the most if you look for people giving out Titans picks.

With spread bets, each team is “handicapped” by a certain number of points to make the game more even. The underdog has points added to its score while the favorite has points taken away.

For example, if the Titans are -2.5 points against the Chargers (+2.5), then the Titans would have to win by 3 or more in order for the bet to win.

As another example, if the Titans are +6.5 against the Bills (-6.5), then the Titans would have to lose by 6 points or less, OR win the game in order to cover the spread.

Titans Total (Over/Under) Bets

Another popular type of sports bet is a total—often also called Over/Under bets.

With total bets, you decide whether the final score of the game will be higher or lower than a set number, aka the total. 

If you're predicting a defensive battle, for example, you may decide to take the Under.

Let’s illustrate with an example: Say the Titans are playing the Jaguars and the total is set at 42.5. If the final score is Titans 24 – Jaguars 21, then the Over would hit since the combined score would be 45. If the score was Titans 31 – Jaguars 10, then the Under would hit with a combined score of 41.

Titans Prop Bets

While they aren't as popular as the bet types listed above, there are countless prop bets available for each game and, because there are so many of them, they provide a chance to find good value.

With prop bets, you are betting on something other than the final score of the game. There are two types: game props and player props.

With game props, you bet on things like who will score first, how many turnovers there will be, and if there will be a safety.

With player props, you bet on the individual statistics of a player. For example, you may bet on Derrick Henry to have over 105 rushing yards or for him to run a TD. Alternatively, you may decide to bet on Jeffery Simmons to have a sack.

Titans Futures Bets

Futures bets are bets on things like season-end awards and who will win a division or the Super Bowl.

When it comes to the Titans, specifically, futures bets include them winning the AFC South, AFC Championship, or Super Bowl; how many wins they will have; and one of the players to win an individual award such as MVP or Rookie of the Year.

For example, if you think Treylon Burks is going to break out as a rookie, you may bet him to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. Or, if you think Bud Dupree is going to have a monster season, you may bet on him to lead the league in sacks or to win Defensive Player of the Year.

Tennessee Titans FAQs

Which sportsbook has the best Titans odds?
Sportsbooks constantly change their odds and lines based on the bets they receive, injuries, news, and much more. Because of this, you should compare the odds and lines for the market you’re interested in to find the best value when placing your Titans bet. Use our free Titans lines & odds comparison tool above to shop easily.

What promo code do I need to use to get the Titans sign-up bonuses?
Most sportsbooks don’t require special promo codes to access the sign-up bonus. If one is required, we indicate it in the promo cards above.

Which states have legal sports betting?
New states are constantly joining the U.S. sports betting market. Check out our guide to states with legal sports betting to see the most up-to-date information. Note that Tennessee does have legal sports betting (see our picks for the best TN sportsbooks here).

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