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Golden Nugget will give you a free bet for the same amount as your first bet up to $250

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The Golden Nugget opened its first casino in Las Vegas all the way back in 1946. They are now one of the most popular hotel and casino chains in the nation with locations in Vegas, Atlantic City, Lake Charles, and elsewhere.

In 2017, Golden Nugget jumped into the online sports betting market with its first mobile casino and sportsbook app for Nevada. 

Since then, Golden Nugget expanded its online sportsbook to New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia, and West Virginia.

There's a lot to like with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook including some of the most competitive odds in the industry, easy deposits and withdrawals, many attractive promotions and odds boosts, and much more. 

This Golden Nugget Sportsbook review goes over pros and cons, the user experience of the app and website, promotions and odds boosts, the sign-up process, and much more to help you decide whether its the right book for you.

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Golden Nugget Sportsbook Quick Review

The Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a decent option for bettors that value competitive odds and attractive promotions and odds boosts. It also offers numerous deposit and withdrawal options as well as a variety of sports to bet on.

On the downside, the free bet of up to $250 for new customers and the user interface of the website and app leave a little to be desired. 

If you regularly bet in MI, NJ, NV, VA, or WV, Golden Nugget Sportsbook is worthy of your consideration—though we believe there are better options out there. 

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Golden Nugget Sportsbook Intro Promo

If you are a new user of the Golden Nugget Sportsbooks, you can receive a free bet equal to the amount of your first settled bet up to $250 after opting-in.

For example, if you sign up and your first settled bet is $250, you will receive a $250 free bet regardless of whether it wins or loses. If you bet $100 on your first settled bet, you will receive a free bet of $100.

One important stipulation is that your first settled bet must have odds of -200 or longer (-110, +150, +300, etc.).

Note that “settled” above means the first bet that either wins or loses. If the first bet you place is for a game that won't be over until tonight and your second bet is on a game that will be over in a few hours, for example, then the second bet would count as your first settled bet.

You should see the free bet come into your account within 48 hours of your first settled bet settling and you must use it within 14 days of it hitting your account. There are no minimum odds for using the free bet.

How it stacks up

While the $250 free bet falls short of what many competing sportsbooks are currently offering ($500, $1,000, or more), there are some benefits of it.

First, you receive it regardless of whether you win or lose your first settled bet. Some other sportsbooks only give you a free bet if you lose your first bet with actual money.

Another benefit is that there is only a 1x rollover on the free bet. This means that you only have to place the free bet one time before you can withdraw the money. Some other sportsbooks require 2x to 10x rollovers before you can withdraw the money.

Overall, while the Golden Nugget Sportsbook intro bonus isn't the best out there right now, it's definitely worth taking advantage of.

Ready to join the Golden Nugget Sportsbook? Sign up & access the intro promo here.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Odds Competitiveness

To figure out how competitive the Golden Nugget's odds are compared to other sportsbooks, we sampled a number of games for all major sports. 

Golden Nugget regularly offers the most competitive odds for all sports that we've analyzed.

You can expect to see the standard -110 odds on most spread and total bets as well as competitive moneyline odds. You can learn more about how to read betting odds here.

Still, it's always smart to use at least a few sportsbooks so you can shop around for the best odds. This doesn't take much time but is important to become a profitable sports bettor over time.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Odds Boosts & Promos

Aside from the intro bonus for new customers, the Golden Nugget regularly offers promotions and odds boosts to help users win even more money. We rated it a 4 out of 5 (above-average on our scale) for promotions and odds boosts.

Here is a look at each:

Odds Boosts

Golden Nugget typically offers anywhere from 10 to 30 odds boosts—called “Golden Lines”—every day on a variety of sports. This is much more than most other sportsbooks.

The odds boosts are usually for a mix of games happening the same day as well as futures bets such as teams to win a championship, MVP winners, etc.

I recommend signing up for and reading the Golden Nugget newsletter that can help you stay on top of all these odds boosts so you don't miss out.

Aside from the odds boosts, Golden Nugget offers parlay boosts that will be automatically added to qualifying parlays (3-leg parlays with -145 odds or longer) on football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and tennis.

Your parlay winnings will be increased by the percentage equal to the number of legs of your parlay. For example, if you place a qualifying 3-leg parlay, your winnings will be increased by 3%.


While the Golden Nugget Sportsbook excels in odds boosts, it falls short at times in the Promotions department.

Outside of the intro bonus and odds/parlay boosts, I don't currently see any other promotions for the sportsbook. There are a number of promos for the casino, however.

Golden Rewards Club

Though sports betting is no longer a part of it, users of the Golden Nugget Casino can join the Golden Rewards Club to earn rewards for depositing money and placing wagers in the casino.

The rewards include cash, free bets, special offers, perks at Golden Nugget Atlantic City, enhanced customer support, and more.

Sports Golden Nugget Offers Bets On

Sports Offered

Sports Not Offered

Types of Bets the Golden Nugget Sportsbook Offers

Like most sportsbooks, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook offers all of the main types of sports bets, including:

It's worth noting that the Golden Nugget sportsbook has far fewer player props than competing books. While they generally offer the same categories of props (such as points, assists, tackles, etc.), lines are only offered for select players in each game. 

For example, in an NBA game as of the day of this writing, there are only total point player props for 4 players total, assist props for 2 players, and rebound props for 2 players.

Live betting

The Golden Nugget Sportsbook offers live betting on most sports including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and more.

From the homepage of the mobile app or website, simply click the “Live Now” button in the menu towards the top of the screen to see games currently in progress that you can bet on.

Unlike most sportsbooks that offer live betting, it doesn't seem that Golden Nugget lets you cash out of your bets early. While this isn't a huge deal, if you regularly live bet games and like having the option to cash out early, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Same game parlays

Same game parlays” have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years after sportsbooks like FanDuel started offering them. With these, you can parlay multiple wagers from a single, typically including sides, totals, player props, and game props.

Fortunately, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook DOES offer same game parlays.

Once you click into a game, look for the “BLDR” tab (next to the “Markets” tab) to build your same game parlay. From there, you can add sides, totals, player props, and game props.

While the Golden Nugget's BLDR parlay building system isn't as smooth as FanDuel's, it gets the job done and is something that most sportsbooks don't even offer in the first place.

Signing Up for the Golden Nugget Sportsbook

You don’t have to be a resident of Michigan, New Jersey, or Nevada to sign up for the Golden Nugget Sportsbook, but you must be located in one of the states to place bets. The only other restriction is that you must be at least 21 years old.

To sign up for an account, you’ll have to fill out some basic information including:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security number
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Security question answers

After filling out this information, you may be asked to upload a government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license or passport) to verify your identity. 

The whole process is quick and easy and should only take a few minutes. You can get an idea of what the registration screen looks like in the following mobile app screenshots (click to expand):

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Of all the sportsbooks I've reviewed, I think the Golden Nugget offers the most deposit and withdrawal options, and it also provides the most information about minimum/maximum amounts, timing, etc.

Note that you don't have to be physically located in a state where the Golden Nugget Sportsbook operates to deposit or withdraw money and they don't charge any fees to do so (though your bank might).

Golden Nugget Deposit Methods

Method Min/Max Deposit Deposit Time

Bank transfer



Debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)






Play+ Card



Cash (at physical sportsbook)



Cash (via PayNearMe)


30 mins

VIP Preferred



Wire Transfer


5-7 business days

Golden Nugget Withdrawal Methods

Method Min/Max Withdrawal Withdrawal Time

Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)



Cash (at physical sportsbook)





Up to 48 hours

Play+ Card



VIP Preferred


2 business days

Wire Transfer


5-7 business days



2-3 weeks

Golden Nugget Sportsbook App & Website Experience

You can bet with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook through its website or mobile apps (separate apps for MI, NJ, and NV).

The app or website will verify your location to ensure you are located in either MI, NJ, or NV. You may be required to download an application to your computer to help verify your location or grant the website/mobile app access to your location.

You don't have to be a resident of MI, NJ, or NV to place bets; you just have to be physically located in one of the states.

User Experience

Overall, a decent user experience. I rated them a 3 out of 5—or average—compared to other sportsbooks. It's not my favorite but gets the job done.

The app and website look much like all the other sportsbooks in where the menus are placed and how games/sports are organized. Both are a bit slow, in my experience, and aren't designed as well as they could.

Here are some specific notes about the Golden Nugget Sportsbook's user experience on both the app and website:

Golden Nugget Mobile App

As mentioned, at first glance, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook app looks much like other sportsbooks.

It has a horizontal menu at the top with popular sports as well as an A-Z Sports menu at the bottom where you can find all sports. These make it easy to quickly navigate to the part of the sportsbook that you are interested in.

Once you choose a game, it's easy to switch between normal lines, alternative spreads and totals, player props, and more. Once you make a selection, the bet will go into the bet slip located at the bottom center of your screen. To place a bet, simply click on the bet slip, enter the amount you want to wager, and click “Place Bet.”

There are a few issues that stick out to me when using the Golden Nugget Sportsbook app.

First, it loads much slower than almost every other sportsbook app I've used. It seems that no matter what part of the app I click into, it takes a few seconds to load. This may not sound like a big deal, but when you are navigating through the app and placing multiple bets, it can get annoying fast.

My second issue is the red “Server Time” bar that takes up a portion of the bottom of the screen. Though this isn't overly distracting, it takes space away that could be used to clean up the design—which leads to my next problem.

The app, in general, is a bit cluttered and hard to read—especially once you click into a game to read the lines. Golden Nugget uses dark gray boxes to separate types of bets (money line, spread, etc.) and light gray boxes to display the actual lines. Both are roughly the same size, making it hard to distinguish the two.

With all that being said, once you get used to the app, it's fairly easy to use and the negatives aren't enough to completely avoid using the Golden Nugget Sportsbook, in my opinion.

Check out some of the screenshots below to get a better idea of what the app is like (click to expand):

Golden Nugget Website

Like most other sportsbooks, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook website looks very similar to the mobile app and shares most of the same benefits and downsides.

From the sportsbook homepage, you'll see banners of current promos, popular games, and live events that you can get on. 

No matter what page you're on, there is always a menu on the left side of the screen displaying popular sports and sections of the website such as odds boosts, as well as the bet slip on the right side of the screen with your current selections.

Like the mobile app, the full website is often slow to load, can be a bit cluttered, and features the red “Server Time” bar at the bottom of the page.

To add to the clutter, there is a “Featured Golden Lines” section that is always just to the left of the bet slip. I regularly mistake this for my bet slip since it's so close to it and features wager amount input boxes.

Like I said about the mobile app, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook website isn't my favorite but is good enough. Once you get used to it, you shouldn't have any major problems using it.

Here are some screenshots of the Golden Nugget Sportsbook website (click to expand):


In my experience, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook app and website are both generally stable with no major issues aside from the load time. 

I haven't experienced any trouble logging in, having my location verified, or with the app glitching out.

I also haven't found any complaints consistently come up in customer reviews in the app stores and online.


If you need help, you can contact Golden Nugget Support 24/7 via the following methods:

  • Live Chat:
    • Website: Click the chat icon on the bottom right side of the screen
    • App: Hit the “Menu” button on the top right of screen –> “My Support” –> “Chat with us”. Note that as of the time of this writing, the live chat on the mobile app doesn't work for me.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (855) 873-1010

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Background & Locations

  • Owner: Fertitta Entertainment Inc.
  • Sportsbooks launch dates:
    • Nevada – 2017
    • New Jersey – 2019
    • Michigan – 2021
    • Virginia – 2021
    • West Virginia – 2021
    • Arizona – 2022



Retail Partner



Hualapai Tribe



Ojibwa Casino



Golden Nugget Las Vegas

New Jersey


Golden Nugget Atlantic City




West Virginia


The Greenbrier

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Customer Reviews

As of the time of this writing, the Golden Nugget apps collectively have an average rating of 3.1 from 550 reviews.

I've found most of these reviews to be specific to the casino, however, and complaints about the casino aren't relevant to the sportsbook in most cases.

Here is what I've most commonly seen in negative reviews:

  • Trouble depositing and withdrawing money
  • Poor customer support
  • App freezing/closing out unexpectedly

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Educational & Responsible Gaming Resources

Like any form of gambling, there is always a risk of losing your money when sports betting—especially if you don't fully understand how it works. In addition, gambling addiction is a serious problem that is easier to fall into than most people realize.

For that reason, when rating sportsbooks, I considered what kind of educational resources they provide and what responsible gaming resources and limits they have in place.

Educational resources

The Golden Nugget doesn't offer much in the form of educational resources. I couldn't find any kind of “How to Bet” or “Betting 101” guide like many other sportsbooks offer.

They do provide an FAQ section that goes over how to place different kinds of bets, as well as a guide that goes over general and sport-specific rules, but that's pretty much it.

I was also not able to find any team or player statistics in the Golden Nugget Sportsbook.

Responsible gaming resources & limits

The Golden Nugget has a relatively short Responsible Gaming guide that goes over how to find help if you're struggling with a gambling problem, the limits they have available to help customers gamble responsibly, and other ways they protect customers.

Here is an overview of the limits they offer to customers:

  • Deposit limit. Limits how much you can deposit to your account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Loss limit. Stops you from betting more after you have lost a certain amount of money in a set period of time.
  • Time limit. Limits the total amount of time you can spend on the website or app during a day.
  • Self-exclusion. Block yourself from logging into your account for a certain amount of time or food good.
If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, you can also call 1-800-GAMBLER to get help

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Alternatives

There's a lot to like with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook including great odds, many ongoing odds boosts and promotions, and many deposit/withdrawal options.

There are, however, some Golden Nugget Sportsbook alternatives that may be a better fit for you depending on what you're looking for.

Here are some options to consider:

Want to compare Golden Nugget Sportsbook with other options? Use our free sportsbook comparison tool.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook FAQs

Is Golden Nugget legit?
Yes, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook is legal and legitimate in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. It has all the necessary gambling licenses or is partnered with a casino with a license in every state where they operate.

What states is the Golden Nugget Sportsbook legal in?
The Golden Nugget Sportsbook is legal in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Can I use cryptocurrency to bet with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook
No, currently you cannot use cryptocurrency to deposit or withdraw money into or from your Golden Nugget account.

How do I place bets with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook?
To place a bet, simply log in, make your selections, hit the bet slip button in the bottom center of your screen (mobile app) or right side of the website, enter the amount you want to wager, and click Place Bet.

Who can place bets with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook?
Anyone physically located in the states where Golden Nugget operates who is 21 or older with a valid account can place a bet with the Golden Nugget Sportsbook.

Can I deposit and withdraw money even if I'm not in a state where Golden Nugget operates?
Yes, you can deposit and withdraw money from anywhere. You only have to be in a valid state to place a bet.

Does the Golden Nugget Sportsbook offer live betting?
Yes, the Golden Nugget Sportsbook offers live betting on most major sports including football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and more.

Does the Golden Nugget Sportsbook offer live cashouts?
At this time, it does not appear that the Golden Nugget Sportsbook allows for cashing out of bets that aren't yet settled.

Does the Golden Nugget Sportsbook have a rewards program?
Golden Nugget offers a rewards program for its casino—called the Golden Rewards Club—but wagers on sports do not count towards it.

Does the Golden Nugget Sportsbook charge fees?
The Golden Nugget Sportsbook does not charge fees to play or deposit or withdraw money from your account.

How do I claim the Golden Nugget Sportsbook free bet?
To get the Golden Nugget Sportsbook intro bonus/free bet, simply sign up, deposit money, opt in to the new user promotion from the Promotions page, and place your first bet. Golden Nugget will then match the amount you wagered on your first settled bet via a free bet in your account within 48 hours.

Ready to join the Golden Nugget Sportsbook? Sign up & access the intro promo here.

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