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In August 2023, WynnBET announced they were shutting down in the majority of states they operated in. See our guide to the Best Online Sportsbooks to find an alternative or check out one of the options below. We left our original article below if you want to learn more about what WynnBET offered.

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After your first bet of $100+ settles, you’ll receive your $100 bet credit within 72 hours of your qualifying wager settling.

Companies featured on this page may be our partners who compensate us if you sign up for one through our links. This doesn't affect our ratings or opinions in any way. Must be 21+. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. See full disclosure.

WynnBET is operated by WSI US—the online gaming division of the renowned Wynn Resorts.

After launching in New Jersey in July 2020, WynnBET quickly expanded to a number of other states including Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia.

In August 2023, however, WynnBET announced that they would be closing operations in all states except Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York.

Currently, WynnBET only operates in Michigan and New York, but we expect them to shutdown operations in those states soon as well.

Check out guide to the best online sportsbooks to find an alternative.

In this review

WynnBET Sportsbook Quick Review

WynnBET is a great option for sports bettors in the states where it operates. Overall, we rated WynnBET as 4.9 out of 5 stars—good for fifth overall in our ratings.

WynnBET offers better odds than most other books, a unique intro promo for new customers, many deposit and withdrawal options, and great customer service.

Unlike other sportsbooks, you only have to deposit $100 to max out the WynnBET intro promo. For example, FanDuel's promo of a $1,000 No Sweat First Bet requires you to deposit $1,000 to max it out. WynnBET, on the other hand, only requires $100 but gives you a $100 bet credit.

On the downside, WynnBET doesn't offer any educational resources or have any statistics available in the app or website. 

The WynnBET mobile app and website provide a decent user experience, and though the design isn't our favorite, they are easy enough to navigate and place bets on.

Overall, if you bet in one of the states where it operates, it's definitely worth considering WynnBET—especially if you don't want to deposit a lot of money to take advantage of the promo.

WynnBet State Availability & Rankings

WynnBet Sportsbook is currently available in Michigan and New York.

Ratings by category

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Odds Competitiveness


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Promos & Odds Boosts


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Pros & Cons

WynnBET Sportsbook Intro Promo

The WynnBET Sportsbook intro promo for new customers is pretty straightforward: you bet $100 on an event with -120 odds or longer (-110, +150, +300, etc.) and receive a $100 bet credit (you’ll receive your $100 bet credit within 72 hours of your qualifying wager settling.). 

Use WynnBET promo code WELCOME when signing up to receive the bonus.

Here's how it works:

  1. Place your first deposit of $100 or more.
  2. Place a wager of $100 or more on an event with odds of -120 or longer (-110, +150, +200, etc.)
  3. Within 72 hours of your first bet settling, you will receive your $100 bet credit, regardless of the outcome of your first bet.
  4. Use your bet credit within 10 days of it hitting your account. You must place the bet credit on a market with odds of -150 or longer.

Note that like with most sportsbooks, you will only receive the profits from your bet credit. For example, if you bet $100 on the Chiefs to win at +150 odds, you would receive $150 not $250 ($150 profit + $100 original amount wagered).

>> Read more: How to read sports betting odds

Since there is only a 1x rollover requirement, you only have to wager the bet credit one time before you can withdraw the winnings from them (if you win, that is).

Overall, the WynnBET intro promo is better than the bonus bets and deposit bonuses of many other sportsbooks. If you don't want to deposit a ton of money to take advantage of an intro promo (such as in the case of $1,000 second-chance bets or $1,000 deposit matches), the WynnBET's sign-up bonus gives a $100 bet credit after betting $100.

Be sure to pay attention to how long you have to place your bet credit so you don't lose them.

Ready to join WynnBET? Join & access intro promo here.

WynnBET Odds Boosts, Promotions, & Rewards Program

In addition to the intro promo for new customers, WynnBET offers ongoing odds boosts and promotions to help players win extra money.

Odds Boosts

To find WynnBET's odds boosts, just go to the homepage of the sportsbook and scroll down.

It's a little annoying that there is no section of the sportsbook specifically for displaying odds boosts—like DraftKings and FanDuel have—but there are usually no more than 8 at any given time so it's not very hard to get through on the homepage.

WynnBET most often boosts the odds on longshot parlays in major sports.


Aside from the sign-up bonus, WynnBET offers some ongoing promotions for customers. Here are some that I've seen in the past:

  • Wynn Wednesday: Receive a bonus bet of $20 each Wednesday if you bet at least $100 during the previous week (weeks go from Monday to Sunday).
  • Wynn Win Hour: Reduced juice on events every Thursday from 5 to 6 pm EST.
  • Spin the Wheel: Eligible customers can spin a wheel to receive odds boosts, insurance, bonus bets, and more.

Rewards program

WynnBET's rewards program is called Wynn Rewards.

As you bet in WynnBET Sportsbook, you'll earn FREECREDIT—which allows you to earn a bet credit—as well as COMPDOLLARS—which can be redeemed for hotel rooms, dining, and more.

The rewards are tiered, so the more you bet in the sportsbook and casino, the better the rewards you'll earn.

Sports WynnBET Offers Bets On

Sports Offered

Sports Not Offered

Types of Bets WynnBET Offers

Like most online sportsbooks, WynnBET offers all major types of sports betting, including:

Live betting

WynnBET offers live betting on all major sports including football, baseball, soccer, hockey, and more.

You can also cash out of certain bets early before the game finishes. For example, if you bet on the Eagles to win but halfway through the game have a feeling they won't, you may be able to cash out for a partial payout.

Same game parlays

In the last year or so, “same game parlays” have become very popular after major sportsbooks—such as FanDuel—started offering them. 

WynnBET currently offers same game parlays—which they call “Build Your Own Bet”—for some sports. 

Like other sportsbooks that offer same game parlays, WynnBET allows you to combine sides, totals, and prop bets from one game into a single parlay.

Signing Up for the WynnBET Sportsbook

You don’t have to be a resident of one of the states where WynnBET operates to sign up, but you must be physically located there to place bets. The only other restriction is that you must be at least 21 years old.

To sign up for an account, you’ll have to fill out some basic information including:

  • Desired username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security number
  • Address

After filling out this information, you may be asked to upload a government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license or passport) to verify your identity.

The whole process is quick and easy and should only take a few minutes. 

You can get an idea of what the registration screen looks like in the following mobile screenshots (click to expand):

WynnBET Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

There are a few methods to deposit and withdraw money into and out of your WynnBET account that are highlighted below. You can deposit and withdraw money from any location—even if you are outside of one of the states where WynnBET operates.

Note that WynnBET does not charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing money but your bank might.

Despite the estimated withdrawal wait times listed on the WynnBET site, there are many customer reviews complaining that the withdrawal process took a long time. In some cases, it took customers over a month to receive their funds.

WynnBET Deposit Methods


Min Deposit


Online bank transfer



Debit/credit card






WynnBET Play+ Card



Cash at Cage



ACH/eCheck (VIP Preferred)



WynnBET Withdrawal Methods


Min Withdrawal


Online bank transfer


Not disclosed



48 hours on average

WynnBET Play+ Card


Up to 48 hours

Cash at Cage



ACH/eCheck (VIP Preferred)


3 to 5 business days

WynnBET Sportsbook App & Website Experience

You can bet with WynnBET through its mobile apps (iOS & Android) or website. There is a different mobile app for each state, so be sure you download the correct one.

The app or website will verify your location to ensure you are located in the correct state. You may be required to download an application to your computer to help verify your location or grant the website/mobile app access to your location.

Note that you don't have to be a resident of one of the states where WynnBET operates to place bets; you just have to be physically located there to actually place the bets.

Overall, both the WynnBET mobile app and website provide a good user experience. They are similar to other sportsbooks with a few small differences.

We rated WynnBET Sportsbook as 4 out of 5—or “great”—when it comes to the user experience.

Here are some specific notes about the mobile app and website:

WynnBET Sportsbook Mobile App Notes

Overall, the WynnBet mobile apps are responsive, have a clean design, and are easy to use. My biggest issue with them is that they have fewer menus than almost any other sportsbook—making it a bit harder to navigate the app.


Unlike most sportsbooks that have a few different menus to help you jump to different sections of the site, WynnBET offers somewhat limited navigation.

From the homepage, you can hit the Search bar to open up the A-Z sports menu, though this isn't intuitive at first since it's only labeled as “Search”. On the homepage, there is also a horizontally scrolling menu where you can jump to popular sports and events.

There is a footer menu on the app, but it only allows you to go to the homepage of the sportsbook or jump to the casino.

As I mentioned in the intro, the lack of menus makes it take a bit longer to jump to different sections of the site. You'll have to click back to the homepage to go to a new sport.

Choosing bets

Once you click into a sport, you'll typically see the spread, moneyline, and total for each game (depending on which sport it is). It's nice that all three are shown from this screen instead of making you click into a game or use a filter to switch between them.

WynnBET also displays team logos in addition to the names which is a nice touch that makes it much easier to find the game you are interested in.

Once you click into a specific game, you can switch between different categories of bets such as popular bets, game props, alternate lines, player props, and more.


Once you make a selection, a button for the betslip will pop up at the bottom right of the screen.

Hitting this will cause the betslip to slide in from the bottom side of the screen. If you're not ready to bet yet—such as if you want to build a parlay—then you can continue adding selections until you're ready.

Inside the betslip, you can switch between straight bets, parlays, and round robins quickly, but there is no way to easily turn a parlay into a teaser.


Here are some screenshots of the WynnBET mobile app (click to expand):

WynnBET Sportsbook Website Notes

Since the WynnBET sportsbook website is pretty much identical to the app, we'll keep this section short. 

The main differences are that the betslip is always visible on the right side of your screen and there are additional menus on the left side of your screen.

It's easy to get around and find what you're looking for on the WynnBET website, but it's still not our favorite user experience.


Here are some screenshots of the WynnBET Sportsbook website (click to expand):


In my experience and based on my research, the WynnBET mobile apps and website rarely have stability issues. Both run smoothly and I haven't run into any issues with them crashing.

WynnBET Customer Support

You can reach WynnBET customer support by clicking the paper icon on the top right of your app. From here you can easily contact WynnBET via email, live chat, or telephone. You can also access FAQs and verify your account from this page.

Many customer reviews noted the exceptional customer service that WynnBET provides. If you have trouble with anything, you're likely to be satisfied with the support you receive.

WynnBET Background & Locations

Owner: WSI US, LLC — the online gaming division of Wynn Resorts (Nasdaq: WYNN)

* Note that WynnBET is no longer available in the majority of these states. We left the information below so you can learn more about what they previously offered if you'd like. See the top of this page for current states.


Launch Date

Retail Casino Partner

New Jersey

July 2020

Caesars Atlantic City


December 2020

Bronco Billy's Casino & Hotel in Cripple Creek


January 2021

Sault Tribe Online Gaming

New York




March 2021



April 2021

Rising Star Casino


April 2021



September 2021

San Carlos Apache Tribal Gaming Enterprise


January 2022


New York

February 2022

Oneida and St. Regis Mohawk


January 2023

Encore Boston Harbor

West Virginia

June 2023


WynnBET Michigan

Availability: Online and retail
Launch date: January 2021
Retail partner: Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians
Licensed by: Michigan Gaming Control Board
WynnBET MI Promo: Bet $100, get a $50 Free Sportsbook Bet & $50 Casino Bonus. Access here.

Bettors in Michigan can access WynnBET both as an online and retail service and enjoy a wide range of sports betting options. The platform announced a deal with GAN in October 2020 and officially launched its operations in MI in January 2021. WynnBET also received access to five casinos operated by the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

WynnBET New York

Availability: Online
Launch date: February 2022
Retail partners: Oneida, New York Jets, and St. Regis Mohawk tribes
Licensed by: New York State Gaming Commission
WynnBET NY Promo: Bet $100, Win $5. Access here.

WynnBET launched in New York in February 2022, shortly after the Empire State legalized online sports betting operations. It quickly made several strategic partnerships in the state, but it still doesn’t feature a retail sportsbook. New Yorkers can place wagers online legally thanks to a license from the New York State Gaming Commission, which ensured WynnBET could operate in the state.

WynnBET Customer Reviews

The WynnBET sportsbook has good customer reviews relative to most other sportsbooks. In the Apple App Store, the mobile apps have an average score of 4.3 from 2144 reviews as of the time of this writing.

Most of the sportsbook reviews are positive, with many customers applauding the simplicity of the app and how great the customer service is.

The most common complaint is long withdrawal wait times, with some customers saying it took over a month. While this likely isn't common, it's something to be aware of.

WynnBET Educational & Responsible Gaming Resources

Like any form of gambling, there is always a risk of losing your money when sports betting—especially if you don't fully understand how it works. In addition, gambling addiction is a serious problem that is easier to fall into than most people realize.

For that reason, when rating sportsbooks, I considered what kind of educational resources they provide and what responsible gambling resources and limits they have in place.

Educational resources

Almost every sportsbook we've reviewed offers at least a few informational guides on how sports betting works. While often basic, these at least provide a bit of information for new bettors.

It appears that WynnBET breaks this trend by not (as far as I can tell) offering a single educational resource. The sportsbook also doesn't provide any team or players statistics like some others do.

This isn't a huge deal as this information is readily available on other sites, but it's always nice to see companies putting at least some resources towards educating their customers.

Responsible gaming resources & limits

WynnBET offers a variety of things to help customers gamble responsibly, including:

  • Player limits. Limits how much you can deposit, how much you can spend, or how much time you can spend on the app in a certain time period.
  • Self-exclusion. Block yourself from betting for a period of 1 year, 5 years, or permanently.
  • Timeout. Blocks yourself from betting for a shorter period of time.
If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, you can also call 1-800-GAMBLER to get help.

WynnBET Sportsbook Alternatives

While WynnBET is definitely worthy of your consideration, there are some alternative sportsbooks that may be a better fit depending on what you're looking for.

Here are some WynnBET sportsbook alternatives to consider:

  • A better overall sportsbook: FanDuel
  • If you want a better intro promo: Caesars
  • Another great option: BetMGM
You can also check out our BetMGM comparison articles to see how it stacks up to some popular competitors:

Want to compare WynnBET Sportsbook with other options? Use our free sportsbook comparison tool.

WynnBET Sportsbook FAQs

Is WynnBET legal?
Yes, WynnBET is legal and licensed in Michigan and New York.

Can I use cryptocurrency to bet with WynnBET?
No, currently you cannot use cryptocurrency to deposit or withdraw money into or from your WynnBET account.

How do I place a bet with WynnBET?
To place a bet, simply log in, make your selections, hit the betslip button in the bottom right of your screen, enter the amount you want to wager, and click “Place Bet”.

Who can place bets with WynnBET?
Anyone physically located in the states that WynnBET operates in that is at least 21 years old with a valid account can wager with WynnBET.

Can I deposit and withdraw money outside of a state where WynnBET operates?
Yes, you can deposit and withdraw money from anywhere. You only have to be in one of the states to actually place a bet.

Does WynnBET offer live betting?
Yes, WynnBET offers live betting on all major sports.

Does WynnBET offer early cash outs?
Yes, WynnBET allows you to cash out of bets early.

Does WynnBET have a rewards program?
At this time, it does not appear that WynnBET has a rewards program.

How do I claim the WynnBET intro bonus?
Once you register for an account and make your first bet of at least $100 on a market with -120 odds or longer, you will automatically receive a $100 bet credit within 72 hours after your qualifying bet has been settled and you have 10 days to use it.

>> Ready to join the WynnBET Sportsbook? Join & access intro promo here.

WynnBET Sportsbook

Bet $100, Get $100 Bet Credit

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